Bogstad Herregard

Bogstad Herregard is located on a promontory which is on the east side of the Bogstad Lake, located in Sokerdalen. It is a farming estate that dates back to the Middle Ages. Bogstad Herregard was first owned by the Cistercian Monastery. The monastery was located on an island that was on the inner part of Oslofjorden. The estate was then given to the crown. The farm was then sold to Morten Lauritzen, an alderman. 

The manor house that sits there today was constructed in the late part of the 18th century. It was built by Peder Anker who would later become the prime minister. The majority of the contents as well as the huge art collection date back to this time frame.

Baron Herman Wedel Jarlsberg took over the estate next. The Oslo Municipality took over the arable land and the forests in the year 1954. It was at this time that the building along with all of its contents as well as the parkland that surrounded it all became a part of the Norsk Folkemuseum. The public can visit the manor house during the summer months. In the month of December the house is a venue for a number of Christmas events. 

The woodshed and the wagon house burned down in 1978. These were then replaced. In 1999, there was a major reconstruction of the area and the barn was turned into a banquet facility. The park that surrounds the home was created in 1785. It was designed by Johan Grauer. Anker sent Grauer to England in order to study English landscapes for inspiration. This park is the first example of English landscape style in Norway. 

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Bogstad Herregard
Bogstad Herregard: 01 photo Bogstad Herregard Bogstad Herregard: 01 photo
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