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Bad Ragaz is located in the Wahlkreis of Sarganserland, and it is a municipality in the St. Gallen Canton of Switzerland. 

It is where a well known natural spring is located, and it is a popular health health spa and resort. One of the biggest spa hotels in the world is located there, the Grand Hotel Quellenhof. The area has a population of 5,590.


Bad Ragaz is first written about more than 1,200 years ago, and it is referred to as Ragaces in the account.


Bad Ragaz has an area of roughly 9.8 square miles. Out of this area, nearly 45% is used for agricultural activities, and nearly 35% of the land is covered in forest. Out of the remainder of the land, nearly 10% is settled (roads or buildings) and the rest of it (10%) is non-useful or non-productive (lakes or rivers). 

This municipality is located in the Whalkreis in Sarganserland. The recreational spa and health resort village is in the southeastern part of the canton toward the edge of the valley of Tamnia. It is located on the north-south and east-west routes across the Graubunden Alps. Bad Ragaz was just known as Ragaz until 1937.


The municipality has a population of roughly 5,600. Nearly 25% of the population was composed of foreign nationals. Out of the foreign national population, the least are from Germany, more are from Italy, the most are from the former Yugoslavia, and there are about 300 from another country. Over the last decade the population has grown at a rate of about 8%. 

The majority of the population speaks German, and the 2nd most common language is Serbo-Croatian. The 3rd most common language is Italian. 

The whole Swiss population is very well educated. Nearly 69% of the population from the ages of 25 to 65 have finished their upper secondary education or some other form of higher education.


About 58% of the population is Roman Catholic, over 22% are members of the Swiss Reformed Church, and about 5% are members of the Orthodox Church.

Swiss Heritage Sites of National Significance 

The castle ruins at Freudenberg, the St. Leonhard chapel, and the water cure rooms at the Village Baths are all Swiss Heritage Sites of National Significance.


Bad Ragaz had an unemployment rate of roughly 1.6% in 2007, which is really low.

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