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Altdorf is the capital city of the Uri Canton, in the country of Switzerland. The municipality has coverage over an area of nearly four square miles, and it is situated at a height of 1,516 feet above sea level, on the right side of the river Reuss.


Altdorf is roughly 34 miles from Lucerne if someone goes over the Gotthard railway, and it is 1 miles from Goschenen. It has a port on Lucerne Lake is two miles from there. There is a little parish church, and above the little village is the most ancient Capuchin convent in the country of Switzerland. It was built in 1581.

The municipality is situated to the south of Lake Lucerne, and on the eastern edge of the Reuss River. Moreover, is situated on the important transportation line along the Gotthard rail line and through the Pass of Gotthard.


Altdorf not only consists of the town in the valley of Reuss. It has the little Eggberge hamlets as well. They are on a high terrace over the town. It is near Attinghausen und Seedorf, Fluelen, Burglen, and Schattdorf.

The whole municipality has an area of roughly four square miles. Out of that total area, about 36% is put to use for agricultural activities, while 39% is covered in forests. Out of the remainder of the land, 23% is settled (roads or buildings) and the rest of the land (about 2%) is non-productive (mountains, glaciers, or rivers). Of the land used for agricultural things, about 35% put to use for vine crops and orchards. Of the areas that are settled, about 11% has buildings, 2.5% is industrial, less than 1% is for special developments, 1.5% is for greenbelts and parks, and nearly 7% is infrastructure for transportation. Of the areas of land that are unproductive, about 1% is unproductive flowing water (rivers), there is a little over a half a percent that is too rocky to grow vegetation on, and a very small minority (less than 1%) is land that is unproductive.


The first evidence of a settlement in the area are lots of ax-heads and tools from more than 23 cenutires ago. The people that came to this region first settled in the forested area, and they then expanded toward the Reuss River banks. When the Reuss would flood on a periodic basis, the low-lying settlements were ruined and the residents were pushed back.

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