Description of Pitcairn

The Pitcairn Islands is essentially a gathering of four volcanic islands. They are arranged in the southern Pacific sea. Pitcairn Island is maybe best known as the home of the relatives of the notorious HMS Bounty double-crossers.


The islands of the Pitcairn gathering have dependably had a nearby association with Mangareva in the Gambier Archipelago, and at one time a Polynesian exchanging triangle worked between Mangareva, Pitcairn, and Henderson. Mangareva's tidal pond had rich supplies of dark lipped pearl clam shells, which made fine scrubbers or scoops and could be slice to make fish snares. Pitcairn had the main quarry in this a piece of Polynesia where drops could be chipped off the sharp-edged stones to make adzes and different devices. Unwelcoming Henderson Island's little populace supplied red tropicbird plumes, green turtles and other "extravagance" products.

Culture and Holidays

While, from multiple points of view intelligent of the impact of both Polynesian and Western societies, Pitcairn keeps up its own character through things, for example, praising its own particular occasions, particularly Bounty Day.

Following the time when the group was established, work and reasonableness assumed a substantial part in the ordinary life of the individuals. One sample is angling, subsequent to the waters around Pitcairn have given an abundance of distinctive fish. Consequently, practically everybody on Pitcairn eats fish, which have been made into an assortment of extraordinary dishes. Getting fish is done both off the stones and in pontoons, and additionally through jumping.

Climate and Weather

The best time to visit the Pitcairn Islands keeps running from January to March, being the hottest and sunniest. Amid this period, you can likewise swim in the ocean. Here and there, be that as it may, in this period tropical tornados may pass, or rather their remaining parts. You can then come in alternate months, especially in September and October, when, however, the climate is a touch cool for swimming.

The Pitcairn Islands can be touched, however seldom, by tropical typhoons, typically not serious in light of the fact that the waters in which they are found are not sufficiently warm and consequently don't give a considerable measure of vitality. This happens from November to April.

Travelling and Tourism

You can go to the islands on the Pitcairn People government sanctioned traveler shipping vessel the Claymore II which leaves Mangareva for Pitcairn, in upwards of 4 pivots, 4 times each year. The group of the Claymore will meet you at the wharf in Rikitea and exchange you to the boat. After 32 hours you'll be at Pitcairn. You can stay either 4 or 11 days on Pitcairn before retreating to Mangareva and there will likewise be an 18-day stay choice beginning in 2014.

Vacations and Destinations 

It is one of only a handful few islands on the planet that comprises of a raised coral atoll. The Pitcairn Island Museum houses an accumulation of antiquities from the Bounty, and numerous intriguing things from the Bounty double-crossers and the Polynesian pilgrims. Different things of incorporate interest stamps and even issues of National Geographic including the islands. It is situated in the focal point of Adamstown. The Bounty Bible is presently situated in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The remaining parts of the Bounty, which was blazed in 1790 untruth in the range of 3 meters submerged in Bounty Bay.

Some facts about Pitcairn

Population of country 46 people
Area of Pitcairn 47 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Oceania (OC)
Capital of Pitcairn Adamstown
Currency at Pitcairn Dollar (NZD)
Domain Zone .pn
Phone country code 870
FIPS code of Pitcairn PC

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More information about Pitcairn

Climate of Pitcairn:
  • tropical
  • hot and humid
  • modified by southeast trade winds
  • rainy season (November to March)
Terrain of Pitcairn:
  • rugged volcanic formation
  • rocky coastline with cliffs
Pitcairn also has such useful resources as: miro trees (used for handicrafts), fish.

Top cities of Pitcairn

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Adamstown 46 people -25.06597 x -130.10147

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