The enormous "Thousandths" fair will be held in Aoste

The enormous

The fair got its name not without reason: according to tradition, it is held from 1000; and from 30 to 31 January, again expects hundreds of thousands of visitors who want to look at and purchase the best products of artisans and to be absorbed in the warm-hearted friendly atmosphere that prevails in Aoste during all the festival.

The main part of the fair will be located on the territory from the square della Repubblica to the square Piazza Arco d'Augusto, and there will be represented the products of local artisans. Furthermore, tastings will be held in the fair, after which you could buy your favorite delicacies.

From 30 to 31 January at night, the festivities «Veilla» will take place: music, songs, entertainment will be waiting for the locals and tourists on the exultant festive streets of the historic center of the city. And also everyone will have a wonderful opportunity to visit the ancient wine cellars, which will be opened for visitors by the locals as for the festival. This night and until down guests will be welcomed with traditional local snacks and a glass of flavored alpine wine in a fun, friendly atmosphere.

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