The Day of the cakes will take place in Iceland

The Day of the cakes will take place in Iceland

Many years ago the Day of the cakes in Iceland came to replace the lavish feasts, which were held across the country before Lent, and since then it is celebrated annually across the country on Monday, two days before Ash Wednesday. Traditionally on this day, everybody eat special cream cakes that are baked exclusively for the feast. This year the celebration fell on February 11.

There is an unusual tradition associated with the feast day: early in the morning the children, armed with a clownish fancy whip, wake his parents up, shouting the name of the pastry: «Bollur, bollur!». The number of times they manage to cry it out, so many cakes they will receive. During the day, children usually went marching through the streets, singing songs and begging bakers for the cakes. Now bakeries start to sell the festive delicacy even a few days before the Day of the cakes.

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