Hotel-rock in Barcelona - a dream for fans of extreme

Hotel-rock in Barcelona - a dream for fans of extreme

Barcelona Rock is an extraordinary hotel, resembling a huge hundred-meter cliff, designed by the architects of the company UGO under the leadership of Hagon Kowalski. It were they who once won a competition, sponsored by city hall, for the design of the hotel, which would be not just a place of tourist accommodation, but also a recreation area, where most of the shops and cafes would be located. The most important thing is that the building was to be a new landmark of Barcelona.

Actually, the architects managed to combine all these qualities in Barcelona Rock. There are 50 rooms, a cinema, spa, cafe, pool, gym, bar, shops, and a climbing wall in the building. The external design of the building was decorated with four-meter blocks of rock, which are mounted on ferroconcrete piles. Thanks to this, both beginners and advanced climbers with equipment for rock climbing can get to the top of the hotel, or stay in one of the projections, which have enough place even for an overnight stay.

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