Disney introduces universal electronic bracelets

Disney introduces universal electronic bracelets

Disney lands decided to join the world of high technology and make the stay of tourists, who decide to visit their fabulous world, even more attractive. For this purpose, theme parks launched a special program MyMagic +, whose main goal is the adoption of new technologies.

The main aspect of the new program is the introduction of RFID-bracelets Magic Band. For the present, they are tested in Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, and they are given only to hotel guests of Walt Disney World Resort, if necessary.

But what kind of bracelets are? Thanks to a special chip embedded in them, they will play the role of a hotel’s room key, an entrance ticket to the park, FastPass and the credit card with which one could pay for food and souvenirs. In this case, the bracelets will contain no personal information except the identification code of the owner.

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