New Caledonia

Description of New Caledonia

New Caledonia part of French territory are the famous islands which are situated in the southwest of the Pacific Ocean. But Kanak is used by the natives present there.


New Caledonia shows the living of ancient tribal people called Lapita, which were known to be the ancestors of the Micronesian and Polynesian people. They are known highly skilled in agriculture and fishing. It was first discovered by a British explorer named, James Cook and the man who named it New Caledonia as it reminded him of Scotland.

Trades of sandalwood were agreed between Caledonia and European countries but it was cancelled and people were taken as slaves for working on the Fiji islands. It was also used as an army base during the World War I by the US government. On 24 September 1853 it was evaded by the French government under its rule till now.

Map and Language

New Caledonia has a land area of 18,576 km2 (7,172 sq mi). Its population of 268,767 consists of Kanak people (the original inhabitants of New Caledonia), people of European descent, Polynesian people, and Southeast Asian people.

It is divided in length by a central mountain range, whose highest peak is Mont Panié, 1,629 metres, in the north and Mt. Humboldt, 1,618 meters, in the southeast. The east coast is covered by vegetation. The west coast, with its large savannahs and plains suitable for farming, is a drier area. Noumea is the capital city of the New caledonia,which has many inhabitants. Noumea caledonia has the chief port of the island.

There are 28 kanak languages in New Caledonia out of which four are mostly spoken which are Drehu, Nengone, price and laai which are taught from the kindergarten. French is also widely used by the influence of their evasion.

Culture and holidays

Kanak culture which is a part of tribal society is still part of their tradition such as wood carving especially of houp and totems, masks chambranles, women indulge in making baskets and objects for daily use. Half of the population is Roman Catholic.


As Caledonia is influenced by European countries new year celebrated vastly thirteen public holidays are observed in Caledonia some of their public holidays are Easter Monday on 6th April, Labor day on 1st may , victory day on 8th may including All saints day and Christmas.

Climate and weather

The climate is tropical, with  hot and humid season from November to March with temperatures between 27 °C and 30 °C, and a cooler, dry season from June to August with temperatures between 20 °C and 23 °C. The tropical climate is strongly due to the oceanic influence and the winds that attenuates humidity, which can be close to 80%. The average temperature is of 2.3 °C and 39.1 °C.

Travel and Tourism

New Caledonia is a nature lover’s paradise. It has seen a wide increase in tourists by Asian people by the influence of Korean series, Boys over Flowers, which has been shot here. Travel guides show it is the best destination for the honeymooners. Now available for those who come here for travel purposes. There are several small markets where you can buy cheap souvenirs to remember your trip. The people here are also very warm and welcoming. The government raises the awareness for its natural vegetation and not harming any animal or plants on the island which is to be practiced strictly.

Vacation and Destinations

If you are visiting the New Caledonia the places you should visit are the Botanical and zoological gardens which are home to over 700 species of animals. Hire a kayak or canoe to explore New Caledonia's network of rivers, streams and lakes. Don't miss a trip out onto, and to go swimming and scuba-diving in, the lagoon, which is the biggest in the world. Tour the pure white sand beaches, rainforest and offshore atolls of the west coast. You can also indulge in various activities such as whale watching, horse riding, Windsurfing, Wreck diving, hiking trip.

Some facts about New Caledonia

Population of country 216,494 people
Area of New Caledonia 19,060 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Oceania (OC)
Capital of New Caledonia Noumea
Currency at New Caledonia Franc (XPF)
Domain Zone .nc
Phone country code 687
FIPS code of New Caledonia NC

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More information about New Caledonia

Climate of New Caledonia:
  • tropical
  • modified by southeast trade winds
  • hot, humid
Terrain of New Caledonia:
  • coastal plains with interior mountains
New Caledonia also has such useful resources as: nickel, chrome, iron, cobalt, manganese, silver, gold, lead, copper.

Top cities of New Caledonia

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Noumea 93,060 people Province Sud -22.27631 x 166.4572
2 Mont-Dore 24,680 people -22.28333 x 166.58333
3 Dumbea 19,346 people Province Sud -22.15 x 166.45
4 Paita 12,617 people Province Sud -22.13333 x 166.36667
5 We 10,375 people Province des iles Loyaute -20.91687 x 167.26461
6 Tadine 7,492 people -21.55 x 167.88333
7 Poindimie 4,885 people Province Nord -20.93333 x 165.33333
8 Bourail 4,826 people Province Sud -21.56667 x 165.48333
9 Kone 4,572 people Province Nord -21.05951 x 164.86582
10 Houailou 4,562 people Province Nord -21.28333 x 165.61667
11 Fayaoue 4,411 people -20.65 x 166.53333
12 Canala 3,538 people Province Nord -21.53333 x 165.95
13 Koumac 3,060 people Province Nord -20.56667 x 164.28333
14 La Foa 2,947 people Province Sud -21.71079 x 165.82764
15 Thio 2,748 people Province Sud -21.61667 x 166.21667
16 Ponerihouen 2,739 people Province Nord -21.08333 x 165.4
17 Hienghene 2,668 people Province Nord -20.68333 x 164.93333
18 Poya 2,617 people Province Nord -21.35 x 165.15
19 Pouebo 2,391 people Province Nord -20.4 x 164.56667
20 Touho 2,283 people Province Nord -20.78333 x 165.23333
21 Voh 2,272 people Province Nord -20.96667 x 164.7
22 Bouloupari 2,146 people Province Sud -21.86667 x 166.05
23 Ouegoa 2,127 people Province Nord -20.35 x 164.43333
24 Kaala-Gomen 1,897 people Province Nord -20.66667 x 164.4
25 Yate-Barrage 1,871 people -22.15 x 166.88333
26 Vao 1,862 people -22.66667 x 167.48333
27 Pouembout 1,511 people Province Nord -21.13333 x 164.9
28 Poum 1,405 people Province Nord -20.23333 x 164.01667

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