Description of Nepal

Nepal, home to Mount Everest, is overwhelmed by the world's most forcing mountains. In spite of the fact that the nation is generally little, 80 percent of its domain is possessed by the emotional crests of the Himalayas Nepal was shut to outside guests until1951, a circumstance which contributed incredibly to its persona in the west. This little, accommodating nation has subsequent to turn into an outstandingly well-known destination for voyagers, whether they are looking for climbing difficulties or profound edification.

History, Map, and Language

Some of the facts about Nepal are while proof Nepal was occupied in ancient times, there has been minimal archeological research on ahead of schedule indigenous people groups. In the eighth century BC, transients from India settled in the locale of Kathmandu. Indian impact in the area was further combined by the Licchavi Dynasty, who presented Hindu conventions and society. By the thirteenth century, three kingdoms, all under the control of the Malla Dynasty, overwhelmed the Kathmandu Valley. In the year of 2014 Nepal was stuck by Nepal Earthquake, which devastated many lives and property. Volunteer In Nepal helped people who were stuck by the quake. 

Culture and Holidays

Buddhism is honed in the Theravada structure. There are two essential Buddhist customs: the Buddhism of Tibetan outcasts and high-elevation ethnic gatherings with social establishes in Tibet and the Tantric structure honed by Newars.

The standard welcome is to squeeze one's palms together before the midsection and say namaste ("I welcome the god inside of you"). Men in urban regions have received the custom of shaking hands. In the standard society, physical contact between the genders is not proper out in the open. In spite of the fact that men may transparently love with men and ladies with ladies, even wedded couples don't show physical warmth in broad daylight. Some ethnic gatherings allow more open contact between the genders.

Climate and Weather

Nepal's atmosphere differs with its geography and elevation. It extends from the tropical to the ice. The marsh Terai area with its most extreme elevation to more or less 305m, which lies in the tropical southern piece of the nation, for example, has a hot and moist atmosphere that can transcend 45 Degree Celsius (113 Degree Fahrenheit) amid summer. The mid-land locales are wonderful all the year round, in spite of the fact that winter evenings are cool.

Travelling and Tourism

There was certain development crosswise over travel and tourism in 2012, determined by expanded entries. Indian sightseers stayed on top, as they could without much of a stretch entering Nepal by both air and area. Kathmandu remained the key traveler destination and the area of the main global air terminal, serving more than 30 worldwide and 18 local carriers in 2012. Local players commanded auto rental, travel retail, and travel convenience. Trekking in Nepal, climbing, rafting, and mountaineering are among the most well-known exercises delighted in by universal voyagers.

Vacations and Destinations

Kathmandu is thought as Kantipur, the dominion of Nepal. Here you may visit the sanctuary of the living deity, United Nations agency acknowledges the welcome of her enthusiasts from the overhang of her sanctuary organization, Kathmandap-the wellspring of the name capital of Nepal. Lying six kilometres from the focal capital of Nepal, along with Pashupatinath sanctuary is one among the holiest Hindu sanctuaries dedicated to Lord Shiva. This stupa, organized eleven kilometres. From the put concentration of capital of Nepal, is one among the best within the realm of its kind.

Some facts about Nepal

Population of country 28,951,852 people
Area of Nepal 140,800 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Asia (AS)
Capital of Nepal Kathmandu
Currency at Nepal Rupee (NPR)
Domain Zone .np
Phone country code 977
FIPS code of Nepal NP

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More information about Nepal

Climate of Nepal:
  • varies from cool summers and severe winters in north to subtropical summers and mild winters in south
Terrain of Nepal:
  • Tarai or flat river plain of the Ganges in south, central hill region, rugged Himalayas in north
Nepal also has such useful resources as: quartz, water, timber, hydropower, scenic beauty, small deposits of lignite, copper, cobalt, iron ore.

Top cities of Nepal

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Kathmandu 1,442,271 people Central Region 27.70169 x 85.3206
2 Pokhara 200,000 people Western Region 28.26689 x 83.96851
3 Patan 183,310 people 27.67658 x 85.31417
4 Biratnagar 182,324 people Eastern Region 26.4831 x 87.28337
5 Birganj 133,238 people 27.01043 x 84.87735
6 Dharan Bazar 108,600 people 26.81248 x 87.28355
7 Bharatpur 107,157 people 27.68333 x 84.43333
8 Janakpur 93,767 people 26.71828 x 85.90646
9 Dhangarhi 92,294 people 28.70792 x 80.59611
10 Butwal 91,733 people 27.70055 x 83.44836
11 Mahendranagar 88,381 people 28.91667 x 80.33333
12 Hitura 84,775 people 27.42839 x 85.03219
13 Nepalgunj 64,400 people Mid Western Region 28.05 x 81.61667
14 Bhairahawa 63,367 people 27.5 x 83.45
15 Gulariya 53,107 people 28.23333 x 81.33333
16 Ithari 47,984 people 26.66667 x 87.28333
17 Tikapur 44,758 people 28.5 x 81.13333
18 Kirtipur 44,632 people 27.67988 x 85.27544
19 Tulsipur 39,058 people 28.13099 x 82.29726
20 Rajbiraj 33,061 people 26.53333 x 86.75
21 Lahan 31,495 people 26.72958 x 86.49515
22 Birendranagar 31,381 people Mid Western Region 28.60194 x 81.63389
23 Panaoti 27,602 people 27.58138 x 85.5124
24 Gaur 27,325 people 26.76667 x 85.26667
25 Siraha 24,657 people 26.65411 x 86.2087
26 Tansen 23,693 people 27.86731 x 83.5467
27 Jaleswar 23,573 people 26.64711 x 85.80081
28 Baglung 23,296 people 28.27189 x 83.58976
29 Khandbari 22,903 people 27.37469 x 87.2039
30 Dhankuta 22,084 people Eastern Region 26.98333 x 87.33333

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