Description of Nauru

Nauru an island country a part of Micronesia is situated in the Central Pacific between island Guam and Fiji. It is Officially recognized as the Republic of Nauru but it is mostly known for another popular name as “pleasant island” coined by a British ship captain John Fearn.


Nauru islands were occupied by the Micronesian and Polynesian people from 3,000 years. After being discovered by the British Captain John Fearn, they started trading their fresh water to the European countries for wine and firearms. Later the Nauru islands were under the captive of Germany in 1888 for three decades.

During 1900, phosphate was found by an explorer named Albert Fuller Ellis on these islands and Germany Started exporting it to their country. Around World War I again the Nauru islands has been held by the power of Australian troops. After a long struggle, Nauru has got it independence on January 1966 and rights over the exporting of phosphate to their republic government which was under the British ruling.

Map and language

The Geography of Nauru is such that it is situated at Southwest Pacific Ocean located at 42 km from the equator. It is an oval-shaped island of 42 sq km in size surrounded by coral reef. It has the highest point at the central plateau called the commanding ridge which 233 ft above the sea.

There are two languages which are speaking in this place first is Nauruan which is their native English being widely used.

Culture and Holidays

Nauruan is seafarers and their livelihood mostly depend on it and fishing is still done in their own traditional way. Men usually wear light clothes and trousers their traditional music and dance ranks one of the popular. Christianity is followed by most of the people with few followers of Buddhism and Muslims.

January 31st is observed as the independence day of the Republic of Nauru and declared as their official holiday. And on 26th October known as the Angam day is celebrated on account of their increase in population which was in the verge of depletion.


Since it is nearer to the equator, the climate in Nauru is hot and humid and the temperature ranges between 26 and 35 degrees during the day 22 -34 degrees at night. The rainfall mostly falls between November and February, but being an island it has never experienced any cyclones.

Travelling and Tourism

During 2005, the Island faced an economic crisis making it a failed state with uncertain future depending upon the other countries cash for its survival so tourism place an important role in Nauru for its growth and awareness. It is one of the islands which speaks the beauty of nature and welcomes their tourists with great respect and care.

Vacations and Destinations

To get Nauru Airways is the best option and it has only one international airport. It has some finest reefs and tourist can enjoy various activities like fishing diving and various other water sports. It has attractive beaches and jungles and most widely known places which should be visited are Any bare Bay, Nauru Tower,Nauru Pacific,yarn etc.

Accommodation and food are easily available with delicious cuisine shopping and much unforgettable experience. Shopping in Nauru comprises of Island made such as straw hats, ornaments made of shell which makes for perfect for gifting


Some facts about Nauru

Population of country 10,065 people
Area of Nauru 21 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Oceania (OC)
Capital of Nauru Yaren
Currency at Nauru Dollar (AUD)
Domain Zone .nr
Phone country code 674
FIPS code of Nauru NR

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More information about Nauru

Climate of Nauru:
  • tropical with a monsoonal pattern
  • rainy season (November to February)
Terrain of Nauru:
  • sandy beach rises to fertile ring around raised coral reefs with phosphate plateau in center
Nauru also has such useful resources as: phosphates, fish.

Top cities of Nauru

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 The Location mostly abandoned 2,381 people -0.52545 x 166.91247

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