Description of Namibia

Namibia is a nation situated in southern Africa. It has a coast on the Atlantic Ocean and fringes Angola, Botswana, South Africa, and Zambia. The topography of Namibia incorporates the Namib Desert along the coast and the Kalahari Desert in the east. The administration framework is a republic. The head of state is the President and the head of government is the Prime Minister. Namibia has a blended monetary framework in which the economy incorporates a mixed bag of private flexibility, joined with unified financial arranging and government regulation. Namibia is an individual from the African Union (AU) and African Economic Community (AEC). Official dialect of Namibia is English.

History, Map, and Language

African Namibia was initially possessed by roaming seekers, gatherers, and pastoralists (domesticated animals herders), the precursors of today's Bushman and Khoispeaking individuals. In the eighteenth and nineteenth hundreds of years, Nama-and Afrikaans-talking pastoralists, underweight from white pilgrims in South Africa, moved into southern and focal Namibia. The diverse gatherings clashed over access to arrive and different assets, yet they were connected in terms of professional career relationships. European dealers, evangelists, and pilgrims started touching base in critical numbers in the mid-1800s. Since work was short, huge quantities of men from the far north, a thickly populated zone not subject to white settlement, were brought south as contract workers. Development outside one's own country was entirely controlled.

Culture and Holidays

The greater part of focal and southern Namibia, a zone once in the past known as the Police Zone, was appropriated for white settlement. Today it comprises of expansive business homesteads and generally scattered towns with Western-style structures, some unmistakably German. For agriculturalists, the staple sustenances are millet and sorghum; for pastoralists, dairy items. Namibia has a parliamentary government with two houses a president, head administrator, and bureau. Numerous craftspeople produce objects for neighborhood use and the traveler exchange; wood carvings from the Kavango and basketry from Owambo are the best known samples. African Tour often takes place in the region.

Climate and Weather

With a normal of 300 days of daylight yearly Namibia Travel is one of the sunniest nations in around the world. The atmosphere is for the most part parched which implies that the potential vanishing is higher than the precipitation, which again brings about a low moistness. As a rule Namibia's atmosphere can be portrayed as hot and dry, generous changes amid the seasons or even inside of one day are run of the mill. The distinctive locales show significant climatic contrasts in regards to precipitation and temperature however.

Travelling and Tourism

Sightseers may enter Namibia for up to 90 days. In the event that you oblige a visa to enter Namibia, you may have the capacity to apply for one at a British government office, high commission or office in the nation where you legitimately live if there is no Namibian political post. All guests oblige an international ID substantial for no less than 6 months after date of section into Namibia. Regardless of the immeasurable separations in Namibia, the vast majority get around via land, and not air. There are two air terminals. Furthermore a customary train administration.

Vacations and Destination

Namibia Safaris is a place where there is much normal magnificence. To really welcome the nation, you have to get out in the field see the deserts, the mountains, the towns and all that Namibia brings to the table. African Safari is one of its most prevailing components, and the one for which the nation is named, is the Namib Desert that extends for about a 1000 km along the Atlantic coast. Touching creatures like gemsbok, ostrich, Windhoek and Botswana are additionally basic. Namibia's national parks are an astounding spot to begin. The recreation center encompasses the Etosha salt dish, which pulls in creatures, especially in the drier winter months, in light of the fact that it is a wellspring of water in an extremely dry area.

Some facts about Namibia

Population of country 2,128,471 people
Area of Namibia 825,418 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Africa (AF)
Capital of Namibia Windhoek
Currency at Namibia Dollar (NAD)
Domain Zone .na
Phone country code 264
FIPS code of Namibia WA

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More information about Namibia

Climate of Namibia:
  • desert
  • hot, dry
  • rainfall sparse and erratic
Terrain of Namibia:
  • mostly high plateau
  • Namib Desert along coast
  • Kalahari Desert in east
Namibia also has such useful resources as: diamonds, copper, uranium, gold, silver, lead, tin, lithium, cadmium, tungsten, zinc, salt, hydropower, fish.

Top cities of Namibia

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Windhoek 268,132 people Khomas -22.55941 x 17.08323
2 Rundu 58,172 people Okavango -17.93333 x 19.76667
3 Walvis Bay 52,058 people Erongo -22.9575 x 14.50528
4 Oshakati 33,618 people Oshana -17.78333 x 15.68333
5 Swakopmund 25,047 people Erongo -22.68333 x 14.53333
6 Katima Mulilo 25,027 people Caprivi -17.5 x 24.26667
7 Grootfontein 24,099 people Otjozondjupa -19.56667 x 18.11667
8 Rehoboth 21,377 people Hardap -23.31667 x 17.08333
9 Otjiwarongo 21,224 people -20.46369 x 16.64772
10 Okahandja 20,879 people Otjozondjupa -21.98333 x 16.91667
11 Gobabis 16,321 people Omaheke -22.45 x 18.96667
12 Keetmanshoop 15,608 people Karas -26.58333 x 18.13333
13 Luderitz 15,137 people Karas -26.64806 x 15.15944
14 Mariental 13,380 people Hardap -24.63333 x 17.96667
15 Tsumeb 12,190 people Oshikoto -19.23333 x 17.71667
16 Khorixas 12,021 people Kunene -20.36667 x 14.96667
17 Omaruru 11,547 people Erongo -21.43333 x 15.93333
18 Bethanie 10,363 people Karas -26.48333 x 17.15
19 Ongwediva 9,654 people Oshana -17.78333 x 15.76667
20 Usakos 9,147 people Erongo -22 x 15.6
21 Ondangwa 9,124 people Oshana -17.91667 x 15.95
22 Oranjemund 8,496 people Karas -28.55 x 16.43333
23 Otjimbingwe 7,677 people Erongo -22.35 x 16.13333
24 Karibib 6,898 people Erongo -21.93333 x 15.83333
25 Warmbad 6,700 people Karas -28.45 x 18.73333
26 Outjo 6,557 people Kunene -20.11667 x 16.15
27 Karasburg 6,054 people Karas -28.01667 x 18.75
28 Okakarara 5,255 people Otjozondjupa -20.58333 x 17.43333
29 Opuwo 4,857 people -18.06068 x 13.83998
30 Otavi 4,562 people Otjozondjupa -19.65 x 17.33333

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