Description of Myanmar

The Republic of the Union of Myanmar

The Republic of the Union of Myanmar, previously known as Burma, is the second biggest nation in Southeast Asia and brags a populace of more than 50 million. Myanmar Bbc rose up out of British pioneer manage in 1948 and has stayed under military control since General Ne Win toppled the regular citizen government in a 1968 overthrow.

History, Map, and Language

Voa Myanmar has been a nexus of social and material trade for a huge number of years. The nation's coasts and stream valleys have been possessed following ancient times, and amid the greater part of the first thousand years CE the overland exchange course in the middle of China and India went through Myanmar Travel. Customary Majesties and other neighborhood governments that developed among Burma's people groups over numerous hundreds of years were to a great extent stripped of their power after Britain's nineteenth-century victory of Burma. Pilgrim organization proceeded with restricted nearby self-government until the Union of Burma accomplished freedom in 1948.

Culture and Holidays

As a rule, Myanmar society (Burmese society) implies Buddhist culture and is not indistinguishable with the cutting edge topographical solidarity. The Buddhist society of old Burma, however wide its general impact may have spread, was initially a result of the boundless stream bowl of the Ayeyarwady, with an augmentation south-eastwards along the coast to the delta of the Salween waterway. Open showcases of unnecessary feeling, whether provoked by outrage or by affection, are scowled on. Older folks and others of a higher status, for example, friars, ought to be tended to and treated with affability. It is viewed as discourteous, for the occasion, to disregard things the heads of situated seniors. Citizens of Myanmar are very famous for their Myanmar movie, Myanmar song and are crazy for Myanmar Celebrity.

Climate and Weather

On the off chance that you are arranging a trek to Myanmar, you may ponder about the best time to travel general or in every locale. Myanmar has a tropical atmosphere with three seasons in Myanmar (Burma): hot season (March through April), stormy season May through October and the cool season November-through February. On the other hand, it is, for the most part, hot as the year progressed, despite the fact that the rugged and inside areas can be truly cool and lovely amid the dry season.

Travelling and Tourism

Amid the audit period, Myanmar invited more universal visitors from everywhere throughout the world. Asian visitors represent the best number of outings because of closer separations and minimal effort transporters though American and European sightseers are quick to investigate new societies and destinations. The quantity of settlement choices has expanded emphatically and room rates are ascending, with activity in downtown areas turning out to be more congested. To be sure, Myanmar is presently confronting expanding interest which current visitor base is not able to meet.

Vacations and Destinations

Myanmar's attractions lie to a great extent in the range of the otherworldly. Sanctuaries, pagodas, and verifiable destinations swarm with a few zones, for example, Bagan bragging such a variety of attractions that it is difficult to take them in amid a solitary visit. Burmese and are also very popular in the area. With scenes, a tropical atmosphere, shorelines, shabby transportation and really magnificent sights, Myanmar is a captivating and entrancing destination.Yangon, the business capital, is the fundamental portal to Myanmar. Evergreen and cool with lavish tropical trees, shady parks, and wonderful lakes, Yangon has earned the name of "The Garden City of the East". 

Some facts about Myanmar

Population of country 53,414,374 people
Area of Myanmar 678,500 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Southeast Asia (AS)
Capital of Myanmar Nay Pyi Taw
Currency at Myanmar Kyat (MMK)
Domain Zone .mm
Phone country code 95
FIPS code of Myanmar BM

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More information about Myanmar

Climate of Myanmar:
  • tropical monsoon
  • cloudy, rainy, hot, humid summers (southwest monsoon, June to September)
  • less cloudy, scant rainfall, mild temperatures, lower humidity during winter (northeast monsoon, December to April)
Terrain of Myanmar:
  • central lowlands ringed by steep, rugged highlands
Myanmar also has such useful resources as: petroleum, timber, tin, antimony, zinc, copper, tungsten, lead, coal, marble, limestone, precious stones, natural gas, hydropower.

Top cities of Myanmar

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Rangoon 4,477,638 people Yangon Division 16.80528 x 96.15611
2 Mandalay 1,208,099 people Mandalay Division 21.97473 x 96.08359
3 Nay Pyi Taw 925,000 people Mandalay Division 19.745 x 96.12972
4 Mawlamyine 438,861 people Mon State 16.49139 x 97.62556
5 Bago 244,376 people Bago Division 17.33667 x 96.47972
6 Pathein 237,089 people Ayeyarwady Division 16.78333 x 94.73333
7 Monywa 182,011 people Sagaing Division 22.11667 x 95.13333
8 Akyab 177,743 people Rakhine State 20.15 x 92.9
9 Meiktila 177,442 people Mandalay Division 20.86667 x 95.86667
10 Myeik 173,298 people Tanintharyi Division 12.43333 x 98.6
11 Taunggyi 160,115 people Shan State 20.78333 x 97.03333
12 Myingyan 141,713 people Mandalay Division 21.46667 x 95.38333
13 Dawei 136,783 people Tanintharyi Division 14.08333 x 98.2
14 Prome 135,308 people Bago Division 18.81667 x 95.21667
15 Hinthada 134,947 people Ayeyarwady Division 17.63333 x 95.46667
16 Lashio 131,016 people Shan State 22.93333 x 97.75
17 Pakokku 126,938 people Magway Division 21.33333 x 95.1
18 Thaton 123,727 people Mon State 16.92056 x 97.37139
19 Maymyo 117,303 people Mandalay Division 22.03333 x 96.46667
20 Yenangyaung 110,553 people Magway Division 20.46667 x 94.88333
21 Taungoo 106,945 people Bago Division 18.93333 x 96.43333
22 Thayetmyo 98,185 people Magway Division 19.31667 x 95.18333
23 Pyinmana 97,409 people Mandalay Division 19.73333 x 96.21667
24 Magway 96,954 people Magway Division 20.15 x 94.91667
25 Myitkyina 90,894 people Kachin State 25.38333 x 97.4
26 Chauk 90,870 people Magway Division 20.88333 x 94.81667
27 Mogok 90,843 people Sagaing Division 22.91667 x 96.5
28 Nyaunglebin 89,626 people Bago Division 17.95 x 96.73333
29 Mudon 89,123 people Mon State 16.25778 x 97.71639
30 Shwebo 88,914 people Sagaing Division 22.56667 x 95.7

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