Moscow - description of the city:

Moscow is the capital of Russia, the rest of the epithets fade in comparison with this. No matter how blandly it sounds, Moscow is a city of contrasts. It is a "third Rome" as well as a "big village", or an "isn’t big enough", and a place for the elite and for everybody. Moscow is Sodom and Gomorrah in one; and decorous silence of almost village side streets of the Zamoskvorechye District, surrounded with sharp glass edges of the Moscow City; and preserved wooden izbas with casings in the blind alleys of the China-Town District; an advance booking of "Bentley", and the poor at the gate of the Novodevichy Convent, unusually cold winters and hot summers, "our response to Chamberlain" – an ultramodern innovation center “Skolkovo” and protected forests only a few dozen kilometers from the Kremlin: in short, for every reality of Moscow life will be certainly found a notorious contrast.

As for the sights of Moscow, its exact list cannot be recollected by any rather patriotic Muscovite or art historian. The number of local museums and monuments is just shocking, and a whole life will not be enough to see them all. To this should be added the numerous exhibitions of masters of tempera and marble, regularly arriving from the world's leading stores, theaters and concert halls with the best singers, dancers, musicians and actors of the planet on its scenes, and massive festivals of everything - from bell ringing to beer.

Climate in Moscow:

The climate in Moscow is temperate, continental: there are no severe frosts or excessive heat in the capital; however, the departures from the norm are common. In December, occur lasting thaws, and the summer heat can turn into sudden cold and heavy rains. The average above zero temperature in Moscow lasts for 194 days, below zero one - 103 days, which can be a result of an optimistic conclusion that the weather in the capital is mostly favorable. The average temperature in January during recent 30 years is of 6.5 ° C, the average temperature in July - +19.2 ° C. The absolute heat record was registered in 2010: +38.2 ° C; but the capital hasn’t seen severe frosts for a long time - since 1940, when the temperature dropped to -42.2 ° C. There are probably no any characteristics of the Moscow climate – except that the summer heat is absolutely unbearable within the Garden Ring (due to vehicle emissions and the burning rays reflected from the asphalt and buildings), but there are also no strong winds and rawness. As winter approaches we recall: Beware of ice-slick and icicles!

Entertainment, excursions and places of interest in Moscow:

We have already said that, but it is impossible to make a more or less complete list of noteworthy sights of Moscow even for most enthusiastic Moscow historian. Here is just the tip of the iceberg (in order of attractiveness for foreign tourists): the Moscow Kremlin and all the historical, religious and cultural monuments on its territory, including the famous treasuries – the Kremlin Armory and the Diamond Fund, dazzling even accustomed to luxury metropolitan residents, the Red Square, the St. Basil's Cathedral, the Historical Museum, the Mausoleum and the GUM, the Alexander Garden, the brilliant Bolshoi Theatre, Tverskaya Street, its squares and monuments, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the Pushkin Museum and the Tretyakov gallery, the Old and New Arbat, the Boulevard Ring and the most beautiful Moscow subway.

Moscow monasteries deserve a special notion: the Novodevichy, the Donskoy, the Danilov, the Zaikonospassky, the Pokrovsky, the Marfo-Mariinsky Convent and numerous provincial beautiful churches and temples. The capital city of Moscow land is known for magnificent ancient parks, well-groomed gardens and quiet homesteads, stunningly beautiful palaces, splendid fountains and monuments to the glory of the geniuses of the world. In Moscow, there are also museum reserves with an impressive area of several tens of hectares; the most popular are Kolomenskoye, Tsaritsyno and Kuskovo. Finally, even the bathhouses of the capital are more than only bathhouses: who has not heard of the Bicentennial Sanduny on marble lofts of which sweated “best minds” of Russia.

To see the most of the above, we recommend joining an organized tour; travel agencies offer a variety of programs, with duration from several hours (a sightseeing bus tour of the city center) to several days (Moscow and outskirts).

Country Russia
International title Moscow
Population 10,381,222 people
Timezone Europe/Moscow
State Moscow
Geographic coordinates Latitude: 55.75222 x Longitude: 37.61556

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