Description of Montenegro

Montenegro is a jumbled mass of mountains having a small coastline along the Adriatic. It borders Albania, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The first inhabitants on the Balkan Peninsula were the ancient people known as the Illyrians. The Slavic people followed in the 6th and 7th centuries. What is now Montenegro was the Serbian principality of Zeta in the 14th Century.

Map and language

Its geographical co-ordinates are 42.7833° north and 19.4667° east. The Republic was formally part of Serbia but gained independence on June 3, 2006. It has an area of 14,026 square kilometers. The official language is Montenegrin. However, Serbian, Albanian and Serbo-Croat languages among others are spoken.

Culture and holidays

Montenegrins culture has drawn influences mainly from Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Christianity, Islam, and Serbian Empire among other places. Montenegrins' long-standing history of the struggle for freedom and independence is invariably linked with strong traditions of oral epic poetry.Montenegrins are traditional and patriarchal and the society has a deep ingrained aversion to homosexuality. Cheap holiday packages are offered in Montenegro. Rental holiday villas are available in Montenegro for holidays.

Climate and weather

Montenegro has Mediterranean climate due to its location on the southern Europe between Adriatic Sea and Serbia.It experiences hot dry summers and autumns and relatively cold winters with heavy snowfalls inland. It experiences an average daytime temperatures of 27°C during summer which can drop as low as 12°C during the night. Day time temperatures during winter falls to 7°C which facilitates ski activities.

Travelling and Tourism

Montenegro has a variety of tourist attraction destinations. Perast is one of the most beautiful little places in Boka Bay a few kilometers from Kotor. It has a wonderful old architecture that attracts many tourists all over the world. Amazing mountains surrounds the bay with a magnificent natural beauty of the southernmost fjord offering an amazing scenery. A beautiful scene is created by Skadarsko Lake, which is located in the Zeta-Skadar valley. This is the largest lake on the Balkan Peninsula. The lake is only 20 minutes drive away from the Adriatic Sea when driving through the newly built Sozina tunnel. However, not all lake belongs to the Montenegrin. One-third belongs to the Republic of Albania. Part of the Montenegrin Lake whose size is 40000 hectares was declared a national park in 1983. It is a very attractive destination because of its natural richness, ease of access both from land and sea.

Vacation and destination

Montenegro offers some of the best tours and tourist guides in the world. Accommodation suiting tourist’s taste and preferences are offered. A wide variety of meals both local and international are offered at various hotels. Transport to various vacation centers can be carried out on roads, railway, by sea or by air. This makes it possible to experience various modes of transports offered in the country. Montenegro has a several restaurant like Ulcinj, Tivat and Niksic Restaurants.

Some facts about Montenegro

Population of country 666,730 people
Area of Montenegro 14,026 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Europe (EU)
Capital of Montenegro Podgorica
Currency at Montenegro Euro (EUR)
Domain Zone .me
Phone country code 382
FIPS code of Montenegro MJ

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More information about Montenegro

Climate of Montenegro:
  • Mediterranean climate, hot dry summers and autumns and relatively cold winters with heavy snowfalls inland
Terrain of Montenegro:
  • highly indented coastline with narrow coastal plain backed by rugged high limestone mountains and plateaus
Montenegro also has such useful resources as: bauxite, hydroelectricity.

Top cities of Montenegro

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Podgorica 136,473 people Opstina Podgorica 42.44111 x 19.26361
2 Niksic 58,212 people Opstina Niksic 42.7731 x 18.94446
3 Cetinje 15,137 people Opstina Cetinje 42.39063 x 18.91417
4 Bar 13,719 people Opstina Bar 42.09306 x 19.10028
5 Herceg-Novi 12,739 people Opstina Herceg Novi 42.45306 x 18.5375
6 Ulcinj 9,140 people Opstina Ulcinj 41.92936 x 19.22436
7 Tivat 6,280 people Opstina Tivat 42.43639 x 18.69611
8 Dobrota 5,435 people 42.45417 x 18.76833
9 Kotor 5,345 people Opstina Kotor 42.42067 x 18.76825
10 Budva 4,684 people Opstina Budva 42.28639 x 18.84
11 Mojkovac 4,120 people Opstina Mojkovac 42.96044 x 19.5833
12 Tuzi 3,789 people 42.36556 x 19.33139
13 Igalo 3,754 people 42.46007 x 18.50647
14 Danilovgrad 3,664 people Opstina Danilovgrad 42.55384 x 19.14608
15 Kolasin 2,989 people Opstina Kolasin 42.82229 x 19.51653
16 Susanj 2,521 people 42.11556 x 19.08833
17 Bijela 2,395 people 42.45333 x 18.65556
18 Risan 2,083 people 42.515 x 18.69556
19 Sutomore 1,827 people Opstina Bar 42.14278 x 19.04667
20 Stari Bar 1,514 people 42.09 x 19.13306
21 Petrovac na Moru 1,485 people 42.20556 x 18.9425
22 Zabljak 1,379 people Opstina Zabljak 43.15423 x 19.12325
23 Spuz 1,241 people 42.5075 x 19.19417
24 Mojanovici 1,203 people 42.34167 x 19.22139
25 Lipci 1,200 people 42.49722 x 18.65806
26 Mataguzi 1,132 people 42.32361 x 19.27278

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