Description of Mongolia

Mongolia is a landlocked nation situated in East and Central Asia flanked by Russia and China. The geology of Mongolia is shifted with the Gobi Desert toward the south and precipitous districts toward the north and west. The administration framework is a parliamentary. The head of state is the President and the head of government is the Prime Minister. Having already had a state-run economy, Mongolia is a free-showcase economy in which the costs of products and administrations are resolved in a free value framework.

History, Map, and Language

Facts about Mongolia are that The name "Bator Mongol" first shows up in verifiable records in the tenth century C.E. Until the late twelfth century, the Mongols were a divided gathering of warring families. The unparalleled triumphs of the Mongols under Genghis Khan empowered them to extend their realm a long ways past their own particular regions in Asia, to the extent focal Europe.

The Mongol Empire kept going pretty nearly 175 years, until interior clashes brought on its energy to fade. In the seventeenth century, the previous realm lost its freedom and was governed by the Manchus for a long time. 10 years of political and military battles prompted the Mongolian-Soviet arrangement of 1921, which perceived Mongolia's autonomy.

Culture and Holidays

Fast urbanization and industrialization went with broad Soviet help taking after World War II and in the 1950s, the nation received another monetary technique that included modern exercises and more broad cultivating to its backbone of animals creation.

More or less a quarter century head of animals supply the staples of the eating routine; meat and dairy items include unmistakably in this food. Mongolian cooking is for the most part extremely straightforward and does not utilize numerous flavors, flavorings or sauces. Cordiality has dependably been critical in Mongolian society. Since the Mongols were dependably profoundly versatile, most works of art that got to be prevalent were convenient and included next to zero gear, for example, epic verse, writing, music, and move. Mongolia Tour can be done from China Travel.

Climate and Weather

A dry atmosphere with short, mellow summers and long, serious winters (November to February). In the profundities of the winter (December and January), temperatures can stay beneath zero degrees for a few weeks. Frosty spells can convey the temperature to less 30°C (86°F). Spring (March-May) brings unsettled climate, solid winds and wild changes in temperature. Summers (June-August) are warm the nation over, especially in the Gobi Desert where temperatures can achieve 40°C (104°F). Electrical storms are basic in late summer. September and October are cool in the north yet truly wonderful in Gobi ranges. July and August are by and large the greatest months for travel.

Travelling and Tourism

For other remote nationals, the procedure for acquiring a thirty day visa or vacationer visa is generally easy, obliging a visa application frame, a little expense at your neighborhood Mongolian international safe haven and a welcome letter that is organized through visit organizations. There are a couple places with flights into the capital, Ulaanbaatar. There are likewise choices of transports and trains to get in.

Vacations and Destination

The tough magnificence of Bayan-Olgii aimag with its pointedmountain focuses going after the sky and endless valleys confounded withmeandering streams has dependably emerged of the western aimags of Inner Mongolia. There are three highmountain extends in Mongolia called Altayn range, Hangayn extent and Khenteynrange. Khenteyn and Hangayn extent lie oncentral and northern Mongolia. 

Some facts about Mongolia

Population of country 3,086,918 people
Area of Mongolia 1,565,000 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Asia (AS)
Capital of Mongolia Ulan Bator
Currency at Mongolia Tugrik (MNT)
Domain Zone .mn
Phone country code 976
FIPS code of Mongolia MG

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More information about Mongolia

Climate of Mongolia:
  • desert
  • continental (large daily and seasonal temperature ranges)
Terrain of Mongolia:
  • vast semidesert and desert plains, grassy steppe, mountains in west and southwest
  • Gobi Desert in south-central
Mongolia also has such useful resources as: oil, coal, copper, molybdenum, tungsten, phosphates, tin, nickel, zinc, fluorspar, gold, silver, iron.

Top cities of Mongolia

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Ulaanbaatar 844,818 people Ulaanbaatar Hot 47.90771 x 106.88324
2 Erdenet 79,647 people Orhon Aymag 49.03333 x 104.08333
3 Darhan 74,300 people Darhan-Uul Aymag 49.48667 x 105.92278
4 Hovd 30,500 people Hovd Aymag 48.00556 x 91.64194
5 Oelgy 28,400 people Bayan-Olgiy Aymag 48.96833 x 89.9625
6 Ulaangom 28,085 people Uvs Aymag 49.98111 x 92.06667
7 Hovd 27,924 people OEvoerhangay 44.67024 x 102.17491
8 Murun-kuren 27,690 people Hovsgol Aymag 49.63417 x 100.1625
9 Suhbaatar 24,235 people Selenge Aymag 50.23139 x 106.20778
10 Bayanhongor 23,234 people Bayanhongor Aymag 46.71667 x 100.11667
11 Saynshand 19,891 people East Govi 44.88239 x 110.11631
12 Dzuunharaa 18,830 people Selenge Aymag 48.85229 x 106.45786
13 Zuunmod 17,630 people Central Aimak 47.70693 x 106.95276
14 Bulgan 17,348 people Bulgan Aymag 48.8125 x 103.53472
15 Baruun-Urt 15,805 people Suhbaatar Aymag 46.68056 x 113.27917
16 Mandalgovi 15,430 people Middle Govi 45.7625 x 106.27083
17 Dalandzadgad 15,093 people South Govi 43.57083 x 104.425
18 Zezen Khana 14,723 people Hentiy Aymag 47.31944 x 110.65556
19 Choyr 9,895 people Govi-Sumber 46.36111 x 108.36111
20 Tosontsengel 9,526 people Dzavhan Aymag 48.75667 x 98.28389
21 Harhorin 9,000 people OEvoerhangay 47.19753 x 102.82379
22 Kharkhorin 8,977 people OEvoerhangay 47.19245 x 102.81349
23 Tsetserleg 5,876 people Arhangay Aymag 47.475 x 101.45417
24 Ulaanhudag 1,500 people Central Aimak 47.33333 x 104.5
25 Ereencav 23 people East Aimak 49.8807 x 115.72526
26 Choybalsan 23 people East Aimak 48.06667 x 114.5

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