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The Principality of Monaco or Monaco (French: Principaute de Monaco) is a microstate, located in Southern Europe on the Mediterranean Sea, and on the land borders with France. Monaco is one of the smallest and most densely populated countries in the world. The average person would need only 56 minutes to go through the whole country. The name of the country comes from the ancient Greek "monoikos" that means "a hermit." The Principality is widely known by the casino in Monte Carlo and the championship of Formula 1held there - the "Grand Prix of Monaco." The country is a member of such international organizations like the United Nations (since 1993), the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, the Council of Europe (since 2004), Interpol, UNESCO, and the World Health Organization. The head office of the International Hydrographic Organization is in Monaco. Monaco has 10 diplomatic missions in Western Europe and the Permanent Representatives in the United Nations and the Council of Europe. 106 cities in 45 countries have honorary consulates of Monaco. Monaco has consulates, general consulates and honorary consulates of 66 countries.

As for the form of government, Monaco is a constitutional monarchy, with some secondary features of dualism. The head of the state is the Prince. The political system of the country is regulated by the Constitution, adopted on December 17, 1962. The Constitution, in particular, though establishes the principle of separation of powers, the power of the Prince is absolute (can’t be limited by nothing and no one). In 2002, the Constitution of the principality was revised. Officially, the powers of the legislative body (the National Council) were somewhat expanded. Executive power is represented by the Minister of State (the head of the government) and the State Council (the Government) consisting of four persons led by him. The Minister of State is a French national who is confirmed by the Prince for a period of 3 years to submit the French government. Legislative power is divided between the Prince and the unicameral National Council (the Parliament) of 24 members elected every five years by universal suffrage. In 2002, the Parliament received the right of legislative initiative (previously it belonged only to the Prince). The Council may make amendments to government projects and confirm the imposition of taxes. It also ratifies international treaties, changing existing domestic legislation. The judicial branch is also headed by the Prince; various juridical instances work on his behalf. The main political organizations include the Union for the Principality, the National Union for the Future of Monaco, the Association for the Development of Monaco’s society, and the National Democratic Alliance. The Federation of Trade Unions of Monaco has about 5000 members.

Monaco is located in Southern Europe on the Mediterranean coast near the French Côte d'Azur, 20 km north-east of Nice. On land, the principality is bordered by France, Alpes-Maritimes. The country occupies an area of 2.02 square kilometers (which is almost half the area of ​​the Central Park in New York). The length of the coastline is 4.1 km, the length of the land border - 4.4 km. Over the past 20 years, the territory of the country has increased by almost 40 hectares by draining marine areas.

Some facts about Monaco

Population of country 32,965 people
Area of Monaco 2 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Europe (EU)
Capital of Monaco Monaco
Currency at Monaco Euro (EUR)
Domain Zone .mc
Phone country code 377
FIPS code of Monaco MN

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More information about Monaco

Climate of Monaco:
  • Mediterranean with mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers
Terrain of Monaco:
  • hilly, rugged, rocky
Monaco also has such useful resources as: none.

Top cities of Monaco

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Monaco 32,965 people 43.73333 x 7.41667
2 Monte-Carlo 16,012 people Commune de Monaco 43.74965 x 7.43701
3 La Condamine 12,167 people Commune de Monaco 43.73333 x 7.41667
4 Fontvieille 3,880 people Commune de Monaco 43.73333 x 7.41667
5 Saint-Roman 3,000 people 43.7489 x 7.43423
6 Moneghetti 3,000 people Commune de Monaco 43.7375 x 7.41528

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