Description of Moldova

Moldova or the Republic of Moldova is a former Soviet republic, bordering on Romania and the Ukraine. The Republic of Moldova is considered to be the poorest country in Europe.


Moldova was created in 1940 from parts of Bessarabia, which were separated from Romania by the "Hitler-Stalin Pact" and annexed by the Soviet Union. The resulting Soviet Republic of Moldova included the area of Transnistria with a population consisting mainly of Russians and Ukrainians.

Map and language

Moldova capital city is Chisinau. The population of Chisinau is more than 700 000 inhabitants.The official language is Moldovan which is very similar to Romanian. Russian is the most widely spoken language and serves as a language of inter-ethnic communication for business and commercial transactions. Ukrainian and Gagauz are also spoken.

Culture and holidays

The culture of Moldova is a combination of Romanian culture and Soviet culture and the traditional Latin origins of Romanian culture. Moldovans depend mainly on traditional European foods, such as beef, pork, potatoes, cabbage, cheese, and a variety of cereal grains. Moldovans use popular alcoholic beverages such as beer, and local wine.Public holidays in the Republic of Moldova are the celebrated non-working days established by the Government of the Republic of Moldova and valid for the whole territory of the country. They include;New Year's Day(January 1),Capital's Day(October 14),South Capital's Day Cahul(November 21), Labour Day (May 1),Craciun pe stilNou (Western Christmas)(December 25). Very popular dishes include manti, ciorbă, pelmeni, borscht, and sarma and mămăligă.

Climate and weather

Moldova’s climate is temperate continental with the four seasons of the year are clearly defined. It has short mild winters and long hot summers with a lot of sunny days. The atmospheric air circulation is characterized by the prevalence of the Western warm and sometimes very humid air masses from the Atlantic. The precipitation ranges between 370 and 560 mm/year and more than 10% falls as snow, which can melt several times during winter.Occasionally, air masses from other regions come to Moldova as well, such as the warm and humid air from the Mediterranean which brings with it abundant rainfall. 

Travelling and Tourism

Moldova is a minor tourism destinationstatus at the end of the review period yet. However, Moldova is well known for its rich traditions in wine making. Wine tours are offered to tourists in Chişinau. Vineyards include Cricova, Purcari, Ciumai, Romanesti, Cojuşna, MilestiiMici and others. Other attractions include: National History Museum of Moldova, MuzeulMemorieiNeamulu, Căpriana monastery,MilestiiMici (winery) and Noul NeamţMonaster.The country's international airport in Chisinau is served by flights from European airports for instance operated by Turkish airlines.Interesting cities are; Balti, Soroca, Cahul, Tiraspol, Tighina, Ribnita, Calarasi and Slobozia.Tourists from neighbouring Ukraine and Romania are the most active visitors. From 2012 Moldova allows Turkish citizens to visit the country without having to obtain a visa.

Vacation and destination

Moldova has one of the world’s prestigious hotels which offer a variety of world-wide meals and local meals too. Accommodation is well catered for in Moldova giving tourists the best experiences for their vacations.Jolly Alon, Nobil Luxury Boutique, Jumbo, Regency and Hotel Vispas are among the famous hotels in Moldova.

Some facts about Moldova

Population of country 4,324,000 people
Area of Moldova 33,843 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Europe (EU)
Capital of Moldova Chisinau
Currency at Moldova Leu (MDL)
Domain Zone .md
Phone country code 373
FIPS code of Moldova MD

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More information about Moldova

Climate of Moldova:
  • moderate winters, warm summers
Terrain of Moldova:
  • rolling steppe, gradual slope south to Black Sea
Moldova also has such useful resources as: lignite, phosphorites, gypsum, arable land, limestone.

Top cities of Moldova

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Chisinau 635,994 people Municipiul Chisinau 47.00556 x 28.8575
2 Tiraspol 157,000 people Unitatea Teritoriala din Stinga Nistrului 46.84028 x 29.64333
3 Balti 125,000 people Municipul Balti 47.76167 x 27.92889
4 Tighina 110,175 people Municipiul Bender 46.83056 x 29.47111
5 Ribnita 55,455 people Unitatea Teritoriala din Stinga Nistrului 47.76639 x 29.00111
6 Cahul 34,492 people Raionul Cahul 45.9075 x 28.19444
7 Ungheni 34,422 people Raionul Ungheni 47.20417 x 27.79583
8 Soroca 27,423 people Raionul Soroca 48.15583 x 28.2975
9 Orhei 24,918 people Raionul Orhei 47.38306 x 28.82306
10 Dubasari 23,254 people Unitatea Teritoriala din Stinga Nistrului 47.26306 x 29.16083
11 Comrat 22,911 people Unitate Teritoriala Autonoma Gagauzia 46.30028 x 28.65722
12 Edinet 22,872 people Raionul Edinet 48.16806 x 27.305
13 Ceadir-Lunga 22,700 people Unitate Teritoriala Autonoma Gagauzia 46.055 x 28.83028
14 Causeni 21,690 people Raionul Causeni 46.64417 x 29.41389
15 Straseni 19,225 people Raionul Straseni 47.14139 x 28.61028
16 Floresti 16,759 people Raionul Floresti 47.89333 x 28.30139
17 Drochia 16,080 people Raionul Drochia 48.035 x 27.81611
18 Bilicenii Vechi 15,479 people Raionul Singerei 47.65639 x 28.04722
19 Slobozia 15,356 people Unitatea Teritoriala din Stinga Nistrului 46.72806 x 29.70778
20 Ialoveni 14,915 people Raionul Ialoveni 46.94306 x 28.77778
21 Singerei 14,600 people Raionul Singerei 47.64056 x 28.14194
22 Falesti 14,377 people Raionul Falesti 47.57361 x 27.70917
23 Vulcanesti 14,352 people Unitate Teritoriala Autonoma Gagauzia 45.68417 x 28.40278
24 Leova 14,301 people Raionul Leova 46.47861 x 28.25528
25 Briceni 14,132 people Raionul Donduseni 48.35722 x 27.70361
26 Calarasi 14,066 people Raionul Calarasi 47.25444 x 28.30806
27 Taraclia 13,512 people Raionul Taraclia 45.9 x 28.66889
28 Riscani 12,893 people Raionul Riscani 47.95722 x 27.55389
29 Cimislia 12,464 people Raionul Cimislia 46.52 x 28.78417
30 Nisporeni 11,718 people Raionul Nisporeni 47.08139 x 28.17833

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