Description of Mexico

Mexico is a country in North America. Its capital is Mexico City. The country area is about 1,972,550 square kilometers. It borders with Guatemala and Belize in the south and with United States of America in the east and north. The west of the country is washed by the Pacific Ocean and the east with the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. Mexico also includes the islands in the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea: Cozumel (Caribbean Sea), Socorro (Pacific Ocean), Maria Island (Pacific Ocean), Jacques Cousteau Island (Gulf of California in the Pacific Ocean), Guadalupe (Pacific Ocean), Revilla Hihedo (Pacific Ocean), Isla Del Carmen (Gulf of Mexico), and Tiburon (Pacific Ocean).

Most of the country is a vast plateau surrounded by mountain ranges, which pass into the small coastal plains on the east and west. Mexico's central plateau is a continuation of the USA valleys. The Eastern mountain range Sierra Madre Oriental and the Western Sierra Madre Occidental meet in the south-eastern region of La Junta and form a labyrinth of volcanoes - the Sierra Madre del Sol, which include the highest points of Mexico, rising up to 5700 meters (Orizaba, Popocatepetl and others). In the north, the height of the highland ranges from 1070 to 1230 meters above sea level, in the south from 1830 to 2450 m. There are two valleys on the territory of the plateau: Anahuac and Bol son de Mapimi.

Coastal regions of Mexico are mostly sandy beaches. Some area of the Pacific Coast is occupied by mountains. The northern part of the Yucatan Peninsula belongs to Mexico; the Mexican states of Campeche, Yucatan, Quintana Roo are situated there. The average height of the peninsula above sea level is about 30 meters. Mexico has few large rivers and most of them are unnavigable. The longest river, the Rio Grande, flows along the US-Mexican border; the other important rivers of the country are Grihalva, Salinas, Bal-Sas-Panuco, Rio Salado, Usumakinta, Sacramento, Conchos. The largest freshwater lake of Mexico is located in the west of the country at an altitude of 1,524 meters above sea level; it has a name of Chapala, and Lerma River, Rio Sula, Rio Douro and Rio Guaracha fall into it. The Mexican valley Anahuac has several small lakes.

In the north, the country's climate is subtropical, and is tropical in the south. In the area of the highland is usually much cooler (from +2 C in winter to +15 C in summer) than on the coast, where the temperature does not drop below +20 C, even in winter. Is much warmer on the coast (temperature does not fall below +20 C) than in the area of ​​the Mexican Plateau (from +2 to +15). In the northern part of the country and in the mountains sometimes falls little snow in wintertime that usually melts quickly. In resort areas (Cancun, Mazatlan, Acapulco, Los Cabos, Cozumel, Puerto Vallarta, Playa del Carmen) the temperature ranges from +22 in winter to +35 in summer. Due to the nature of the relief a range of high-altitude areas is clearly expressed.

Some facts about Mexico

Population of country 112,468,855 people
Area of Mexico 1,972,550 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent North America (NA)
Capital of Mexico Mexico City
Currency at Mexico Peso (MXN)
Domain Zone .mx
Phone country code 52
FIPS code of Mexico MX

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More information about Mexico

Climate of Mexico:
  • varies from tropical to desert
Terrain of Mexico:
  • high, rugged mountains
  • low coastal plains
  • high plateaus
  • desert
Mexico also has such useful resources as: petroleum, silver, copper, gold, lead, zinc, natural gas, timber.

Top cities of Mexico

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Mexico City 12,294,193 people The Federal District 19.42847 x -99.12766
2 Iztapalapa 1,820,888 people The Federal District 19.35111 x -99.05194
3 Ecatepec 1,806,226 people Estado de Mexico 19.60111 x -99.0525
4 Guadalajara 1,640,589 people Jalisco 20.66667 x -103.33333
5 Puebla de Zaragoza 1,590,256 people Puebla 19.05 x -98.2
6 Ciudad Juarez 1,512,354 people Chihuahua 31.73333 x -106.48333
7 Tijuana 1,376,457 people Estado de Baja California 32.53333 x -117.01667
8 Ciudad Nezahualcoyotl 1,232,220 people Estado de Mexico 19.41361 x -99.03306
9 Gustavo A. Madero 1,193,161 people The Federal District 19.47861 x -99.09583
10 Monterrey 1,122,874 people Nuevo Leon 25.66667 x -100.31667
11 Leon 1,114,626 people Guanajuato 21.11667 x -101.66667
12 Zapopan 987,516 people Jalisco 20.71667 x -103.4
13 Naucalpan de Juarez 846,185 people Estado de Mexico 19.47851 x -99.23963
14 Guadalupe 724,921 people Nuevo Leon 25.68333 x -100.25
15 Merida 717,175 people Yucatan 20.96667 x -89.61667
16 Tlalnepantla 715,767 people Estado de Mexico 19.52694 x -99.22167
17 Chihuahua 708,267 people Chihuahua 28.63333 x -106.08333
18 Alvaro Obregon 706,567 people The Federal District 19.37333 x -99.225
19 San Luis Potosi 677,704 people San Luis Potosi 22.15 x -100.98333
20 Aguascalientes 658,179 people Aguascalientes 21.88333 x -102.3
21 Acapulco de Juarez 652,136 people Guerrero 16.86336 x -99.8901
22 Coyoacan 628,063 people The Federal District 19.32889 x -99.16028
23 Saltillo 621,250 people Coahuila 25.41667 x -101
24 Queretaro 611,785 people Queretaro 20.6 x -100.38333
25 Tlalpan 607,545 people The Federal District 19.28333 x -99.16667
26 Mexicali 597,099 people Estado de Baja California 32.65194 x -115.46833
27 Hermosillo 595,811 people Sonora 29.06667 x -110.96667
28 Morelia 592,797 people Michoacan 19.70078 x -101.18443
29 Culiacan 582,469 people Sinaloa 24.79944 x -107.38972
30 Veracruz 568,313 people Estado de Veracruz-Llave 19.2 x -96.13333

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