Description of Mauritius

Mauritius Island is a small island in Indian ocean which is just a bit east of Madagascar, south of Seychelles and North of Reunion. Mauritius also has the complete control over Rodrigues Island.

History, Map, and Language

Mauritius was uninhabited until 1598, and had much exceptional natural life and vegetation. There were Dutch pioneers from 1638 until 1710. The French took formal ownership in 1715 and sent pilgrims from 1721; the French East India Company represented the island, called Île de France, from around 1767. Slaves were acquired from Madagascar, Mozambique and different parts of Africa. The autonomy development had its roots in the work development which, in the late 1940s, crusaded for the exchange of political energy to Mauritians. In 1947 the establishment was reached out to each educated grown-up. A measure of just self-government took after, with a general race in 1948 and the first administrative committee. All inclusive grown-up suffrage was presented in 1959. Another constitution allowing inner self-government was then presented. Mauritius and Maldives turned into a free state and joined the Commonwealth on 12 March 1968.

Culture and Holidays

Mauritian society is in light of the assorted qualities of the populace, that is the reason there is no "official religion" in Mauritius. The familial mixture that is Mauritian society permits diverse confidence groups to live together in shared admiration. Mauritius is an island of sanctuaries, houses of worship and mosques.

Climate and Weather

Mauritius appreciates a gentle tropical sea atmosphere as the year progressed. The atmosphere is subtropical. There is generally minimal regular variety in temperature. The climate is by and large lovely and sunny. The nation has two seasons: a warm moist summer reaching out from November to April and a moderately cool dry winter from June to September. The month of October and May are normally known as the move months.

The hottest months are January and February with normal day most extreme temperature coming to 29.2 degrees Celsius and the coolest months are July and August when normal night least temperatures drops down to 16.4 degrees Celsius.

Travelling and Tourism

The Nationals of numerous nations, including Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, and most Western nations needn't bother with a visa ahead of time. 

In the event that you oblige a visa to enter Mauritius, you may have the capacity to apply for one at a British international safe haven, high commission or department in the nation where you legitimately live if there is no strategic post of Mauritius.

Vacations and Destinations

Mauritius has earned the notoriety of a top Honeymoon destination, yet just few of the island guests realize that Mauritius is one of the main destinations on the planet while alluding to the expansive mixed bag of the exercises it offers in correlation to its size. At the point when going to Mauritius you are certain to profit by a stunning choice of just about 200 exercises, attractions and spots of intrigued all holding up to found. Mauritius Port is also very famous amongst the locals.

From more customary galleries, stops, and stores, to great exercises, ocean travels, island trips and some more, you will think that its all.

Some facts about Mauritius

Population of country 1,294,104 people
Area of Mauritius 2,040 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Africa (AF)
Capital of Mauritius Port Louis
Currency at Mauritius Rupee (MUR)
Domain Zone .mu
Phone country code 230
FIPS code of Mauritius MP

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Mauritius video guide

More information about Mauritius

Climate of Mauritius:
  • tropical, modified by southeast trade winds
  • warm, dry winter (May to November)
  • hot, wet, humid summer (November to May)
Terrain of Mauritius:
Mauritius also has such useful resources as: small coastal plain rising to discontinuous mountains encircling central plateau.

Top cities of Mauritius

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Port Louis 155,226 people Port Louis District -20.16194 x 57.49889
2 Vacoas 110,000 people Plaines Wilhems District -20.29806 x 57.47833
3 Curepipe 84,200 people Plaines Wilhems District -20.31472 x 57.52028
4 Quatre Bornes 80,961 people Plaines Wilhems District -20.26444 x 57.47194
5 Triolet 23,269 people Pamplemousses District -20.05472 x 57.54528
6 Goodlands 20,910 people Riviere du Rempart District -20.035 x 57.64306
7 Centre de Flacq 17,710 people Flacq District -20.18972 x 57.71444
8 Bel Air 17,671 people Flacq District -20.25417 x 57.74528
9 Mahebourg 17,042 people Grand Port District -20.40806 x 57.7
10 Saint Pierre 16,414 people Moka District -20.2175 x 57.52083
11 Le Hochet 15,197 people Pamplemousses District -20.135 x 57.52111
12 Rose Belle 12,619 people Grand Port District -20.40028 x 57.59667
13 Chemin Grenier 12,457 people Savanne District -20.48722 x 57.46556
14 Riviere du Rempart 11,675 people Riviere du Rempart District -20.10306 x 57.68472
15 Grand Baie 11,512 people Riviere du Rempart District -20.01816 x 57.58015
16 Plaine Magnien 10,778 people Grand Port District -20.42861 x 57.65306
17 Pailles 10,622 people Moka District -20.19271 x 57.48826
18 Surinam 10,621 people Savanne District -20.50972 x 57.50528
19 Lalmatie 10,404 people Flacq District -20.18972 x 57.66111
20 New Grove 9,935 people Grand Port District -20.40861 x 57.61361
21 Riviere des Anguilles 9,927 people Savanne District -20.48528 x 57.55083
22 Terre Rouge 9,566 people Pamplemousses District -20.12611 x 57.52444
23 Petit Raffray 9,117 people Riviere du Rempart District -20.01333 x 57.61194
24 Moka 8,842 people Moka District -20.21889 x 57.49583
25 Pamplemousses 8,836 people Pamplemousses District -20.10389 x 57.57028
26 Montagne Blanche 8,661 people -20.28278 x 57.65444
27 Grand Bois 7,804 people Savanne District -20.41889 x 57.54417
28 Long Mountain 7,775 people Pamplemousses District -20.14306 x 57.56222
29 Plaine des Papayes 7,617 people Pamplemousses District -20.065 x 57.5725
30 Grande Pointe aux Piments 7,556 people Pamplemousses District -20.06278 x 57.51306

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