Description of Mauritania

Formally the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, is a nation in the Maghreb area of western North Africa. It is the eleventh biggest nation in Africa. More or less 90% of Mauritania's property is inside of the Sahara desert. The capital and biggest city of Mauritania is Nouakchott, situated on the Atlantic coast, which is home to around 33% of the nation's 3.5 million individuals.

History, Map, and Language

Mauritania has an immense history as it was administered by numerous rulers. Mauritania slavery is very common in these areas. French Tenet brought lawful disallowances against subjection and an end to between faction fighting. Amid the pilgrim period, 90% of the populace stayed traveling. Numerous inactive people groups, whose precursors had been ousted hundreds of years before, started to stream once more into Mauritania. As the nation picked up freedom in 1960, the capital city Nouakchott was established at the site of a little provincial town. In the wake of picking up autonomy, bigger quantities of indigenous people groups entered Mauritania Educated in French dialect and traditions, huge numbers of these late landings got to be representatives, officers, and chairmen in the new state. This happened as the French militarily stifled the most uncompromising Hassane tribes of the Moorish North.

Culture and Holidays

The food of Mauritania incorporates the culinary practices of the West African country of Mauritania. Truly, what is currently Mauritania, has been impacted by Arab and African people groups who have lived in and crossed the "stark" scene checked with Sahara Desert ridges in convoys. French pioneer impact likewise assumed a part in affecting the cooking of the generally separated area. Liquor is denied in the Muslim confidence and its deal is to a great extent restricted to inns. Relations between the Muslim group and the little non-Muslim group are for the most part neighborly.

Climate and Weather

If one wonders, where is Mauritania? Then answer to that question is is it is located in African regions. The atmosphere is described by extremes in temperature and by pitiful and unpredictable precipitation. The greater part of Mauritania is situated in the tropics, and the climate is frequently extremely hot, despite the fact that evening temperatures can plunge underneath 7°C and as low as the point of solidification in the Sahara amid the early morning.

Travel and tourism

Residents of every Western country require a visa to enter. Holders of West African visas don't oblige a visa. Visas are accessible on the following day for individuals of most nationalities. You can reach Mauritania by numerous ways. There is additionally a universal airplane terminal at Nouakchott City. You can likewise achieve there via train, transport, taxi, auto.


The Adrar massif in the north is brimming with a shocking desert view. Take a 4x4 off-piste crosswise over rough territory and through limited gulleys to investigate the lavish, concealed desert springs which have given water and shelter to dealers crossing the Sahara for a considerable length of time. The Adrar contains two of the nations grand authentic urban communities. Chinguettiwas once an exchanging focus and middle of Islamic grant whose structural planning stays unaltered in almost a millennium. Alongside Ouadane and a couple of other residential areas, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Furthermore, bear in mind not to miss the world's longest prepare either only for an impression or to bounce into an iron metal auto loaded with Mauritanians for the 12-hour ride from the Adrar to the coast. The remaining parts of the Almoravid capital Azoughui and also rock depictions are additionally drawn of the Adrar.

Some facts about Mauritania

Population of country 3,205,060 people
Area of Mauritania 1,030,700 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Africa (AF)
Capital of Mauritania Nouakchott
Currency at Mauritania Ouguiya (MRO)
Domain Zone .mr
Phone country code 222
FIPS code of Mauritania MR

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More information about Mauritania

Climate of Mauritania:
  • desert
  • constantly hot, dry, dusty
Terrain of Mauritania:
  • mostly barren, flat plains of the Sahara
  • some central hills
Mauritania also has such useful resources as: iron ore, gypsum, copper, phosphate, diamonds, gold, oil, fish.

Top cities of Mauritania

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Nouakchott 661,400 people District de Nouakchott 18.10033 x -15.94975
2 Nouadhibou 72,337 people Wilaya de Dakhlet Nouadhibou 20.93098 x -17.03465
3 Tidjikja 6,000 people Wilaya du Tagant 18.55644 x -11.42715
4 Chinguetti 4,711 people Wilaya de l'Adrar 20.44036 x -12.2622
5 Barkewol 1,100 people Wilaya de l'Assaba 16.64039 x -12.49849

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