Description of Macedonia

The sacred name of the nation is the Republic of Macedonia and it is generally called Macedonia essentially. Macedonia Greece is a landlocked nation in the Balkans. While effortlessly open from all focuses abroad, and bragging every one of the luxuries of the Western world, the Republic of Macedonia stays one of Europe's last unfamiliar nations: a characteristic heaven of mountains, lakes and waterways, where life moves to an alternate cadence, in the midst of the sprawling loftiness of rich verifiable vestiges and pure towns that have remained for all intents and purposes unaltered for a considerable length of time.

History, Map and Language

The region of the Republic of Macedonia contains a glad history. Macedonia is dabbed with pretty Orthodox holy places, cloisters, and Ottoman mosques. Worldwide acknowledgment of Macedonia's freedom from Yugoslavia in 1991 was deferred by Balkan state's grievance to the new state's utilization of what Balkan state thought of a Hellenic name and pictures Greece is presently the largest monetary specialist within the Republic of Macedonia.

Culture and Holidays

Normal Macedonian sustenance took when the nourishment of the southern Balkans, significance tons of flame-grilled meat. Aspect dishes a lot of typically than not got to be requested severally. The Republic of Macedonia is, also, renowned for its blended plate of mixed greens of tomatoes along with cucumber and ground meat. It's a white cheese like feta cheese. Usually, Macedonians can create Associate in the Nursing interpretation of nation cheese to Skopje. Another near Forte is ajwar , a red glue created victimization simmered tomatoes and peppers, that is used as a canapé or entremots. Another run of the mill neighborhood dish is the tractor that is much just like the tzatziki og Greek. It's a product of yoghurt, cucumbers, Associate in Nursing garlic and it's served as an icy soup. One in every of the best winter celebrations in Japanese Europe that happens toward the top of November and begin of the Gregorian calendar month.

Climate and Weather

Macedonia has heat, dry summers and pre-winters, and customarily stable winters with heat temperatures.

Travelling and Tourism

Macedonia is honored with outstanding common excellence. Strive to not miss a trek to at least one of the immense lakes, Pelister Mountains, within the West, and also the intriguing moving slopes and tons of the East with its rice fields. Macedonia Church is secured by rocky domain sealed by profound bowls and valleys loaded with fruity goodness. There square measure 3 large lakes, Ohrid lake, Prespa lake and Dojran lake, every separated by a geographical region line, and also the nation chop up by the Vardar watercourse. Remote national, holder of considerable travel report of a 3rd nation, why ought to required have a visa for the section within the Republic of Macedonia, might enter the region with no need to secure Macedonian visa.

Vacations and Destinations

Macedonia may be a very little nation nevertheless there ar} a substantial measure places that can seek out in it. The capital city of Skopje is that the greatest town and up and returning European town, which also has a river of The Vardar running directly through it. It's a large variety of sights value seeing: Kale defence is slightly a town image. Directly under that shadow of the recent Bazaar with various cafeterias and eateries. It's conceivable to walk up and produce the cable car withdraw, paying the passage upon landing. Ohrid is widely known for its pearls and there square measure several gem specialists within the recent city which will supply nice things at respectable prices.

Some facts about Macedonia

Population of country 2,061,000 people
Area of Macedonia 25,333 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Europe (EU)
Capital of Macedonia Skopje
Currency at Macedonia Denar (MKD)
Domain Zone .mk
Phone country code 389
FIPS code of Macedonia MK

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More information about Macedonia

Climate of Macedonia:
  • warm, dry summers and autumns
  • relatively cold winters with heavy snowfall
Terrain of Macedonia:
  • mountainous territory covered with deep basins and valleys
  • three large lakes, each divided by a frontier line
  • country bisected by the Vardar River
Macedonia also has such useful resources as: low-grade iron ore, copper, lead, zinc, chromite, manganese, nickel, tungsten, gold, silver, asbestos, gypsum, timber, arable land.

Top cities of Macedonia

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Skopje 474,889 people Opstina Karpos 42 x 21.43333
2 Kumanovo 108,471 people Opstina Kumanovo 42.13222 x 21.71444
3 Bitola 86,528 people Opstina Bitola 41.03111 x 21.34028
4 Prilep 73,814 people Opstina Prilep 41.34639 x 21.55444
5 Tetovo 72,944 people Opstina Tetovo 42.01056 x 20.97139
6 Veles 57,873 people 41.71556 x 21.77556
7 Ohrid 54,908 people Opstina Ohrid 41.11722 x 20.80194
8 Gostivar 50,974 people Opstina Gostivar 41.79722 x 20.90833
9 Shtip 48,279 people Opstina Stip 41.74583 x 22.19583
10 Strumica 45,508 people Opstina Strumica 41.4375 x 22.64333
11 Kavadarci 38,799 people 41.43306 x 22.01194
12 Struga 37,387 people Opstina Struga 41.17806 x 20.67611
13 Kochani 34,258 people Opstina Kocani 41.91639 x 22.41278
14 Kicevo 31,123 people Opstina Kicevo 41.51444 x 20.96333
15 Lipkovo 28,102 people Opstina Lipkovo 42.15639 x 21.58528
16 Zhelino 25,422 people Opstina Zelino 41.98028 x 21.06417
17 Saraj 25,379 people Opstina Saraj 42 x 21.32778
18 Radovish 24,984 people Opstina Radovis 41.63833 x 22.46472
19 Tearce 23,096 people Opstina Tearce 42.07444 x 21.0525
20 Kriva Palanka 20,820 people Opstina Kriva Palanka 42.20194 x 22.33194
21 Gevgelija 20,664 people Opstina Gevgelija 41.13917 x 22.5025
22 Negotino 19,515 people Opstina Negotino 41.48389 x 22.08917
23 Studenichani 18,219 people Opstina Studenicani 41.91583 x 21.53056
24 Vinica 18,218 people 41.88278 x 22.50917
25 Debar 18,074 people Opstina Debar 41.525 x 20.5275
26 Vinica 17,914 people Opstina Vinica 41.86667 x 22.5
27 Negotino 17,518 people 41.87861 x 20.88389
28 Delchevo 17,415 people Opstina Delcevo 41.96722 x 22.76944
29 Resen 16,539 people Opstina Resen 41.08889 x 21.01222
30 Ilinden 16,406 people Opstina Ilinden 41.99611 x 21.58222

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