Description of Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is a landlocked country that lies on the east of River Rhine, between Austria and Switzerland and is south of Lake Constance. Its capital city is Vaduz. 


The natives of this country are the descendants of Alemanni tribe that came into the region around 500 A.D. it was founded back in 1719. The country was a member of the German confederation from the year 1815 to the year 1866 when it then became an independent principality. The government of the country is hereditary constitutional monarchy.Prince of Liechtenstein is known as Hans Adam II.

Map and language

Liechtenstein has a geographical co-ordinates of 47 8 29 N and 9 31 17 E.The official language is German. However, Alemannic German, English and French are also spoken among other languages.

Culture and holidays

Liechtenstein has a great tradition in music. It has a great cultural treasure is the art collection of its prince, which dates back to the early 1600s. Housed in the capital city of Vaduz, it is the second-largest private art collection in the world. It is surpassed in size only by that of Britain's royal family. It is also one of the finest art collections (public or private) in the world. Its many masterpieces cover a wide range of periods and schools of art. It includes sculptures, tapestries, silver, and porcelain, as well as paintings by Breughel the Elder, Botticelli, Rembrandt, Rubens, and other masters of Renaissance art.

Climate and weather

The country’s climate lies between wet and cool climate which is influenced by the Atlantic and warm inner Alpine climate which is experienced around the Swiss town of Chur. Little precipitation is received and people enjoy high average temperatures which is as a result of the influence of Fohn wind. Fohn wind is dry but warm katabatic wind that blows across the country. The country has a chain of mountains that create a climate typical of inner Alpine areas. Little snow is also experienced in the country. Summers have sunny periods that lasts for several weeks.

Travelling and Tourism

Despite the small size of the country, it has a wide variety of tourist attraction sites. The eastern and western Alps offers a beautiful scenery for both the local and the foreign tourists. The country also has ancient castles and museums which attracts tourists. Through the museums, tourists are able to have an insight what the country’s culture look like and the various tools and equipments the natives used long time ago. Modern architecture of the country has also acted as a tourist attraction site too. There are a variety of different wild animal species found in the country, rare types of rocks, beautiful mountain flowers among others.

Vacation and destination

Liechtensteinoffers a wide variety of prestigious hotels and self-contained rooms for accommodation e.g. Parkhotel Sonnenhof, Hotel Schatzmann, Hotel Linde and Turna Wellnesshotel. Triesenberg is another popular destination in the country. Zurich Airport offers transport services to those visiting the country at a fair price.

Some facts about Liechtenstein

Population of country 35,000 people
Area of Liechtenstein 160 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Europe (EU)
Capital of Liechtenstein Vaduz
Currency at Liechtenstein Franc (CHF)
Domain Zone .li
Phone country code 423
FIPS code of Liechtenstein LS

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More information about Liechtenstein

Climate of Liechtenstein:
  • continental
  • cold, cloudy winters with frequent snow or rain
  • cool to moderately warm, cloudy, humid summers
Terrain of Liechtenstein:
  • mostly mountainous (Alps) with Rhine Valley in western third
Liechtenstein also has such useful resources as: hydroelectric potential, arable land.

Top cities of Liechtenstein

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Schaan 5,748 people Gemeinde Schaan 47.16498 x 9.50867
2 Vaduz 5,197 people Gemeinde Vaduz 47.14151 x 9.52154
3 Triesen 4,701 people Gemeinde Triesen 47.1 x 9.53333
4 Balzers 4,447 people Gemeinde Balzers 47.06667 x 9.5
5 Eschen 4,008 people Gemeinde Eschen 47.21071 x 9.52223
6 Mauren 3,626 people Gemeinde Mauren 47.21805 x 9.5442
7 Triesenberg 2,689 people Gemeinde Triesenberg 47.11815 x 9.54197
8 Ruggell 1,862 people Gemeinde Ruggell 47.23333 x 9.51667
9 Gamprin 1,268 people Gemeinde Gamprin 47.22038 x 9.50935
10 Schellenberg 1,004 people Gemeinde Schellenberg 47.23123 x 9.54678
11 Planken 377 people Gemeinde Planken 47.18516 x 9.54437

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