Description of Libya

Libya is a nation which is located in North Africa. It is neat the Mediterranean Sea and has, Egypt, Chad, Sudan, Niger, and Algeria as its neighbors. 

History, Map, and language

Lybia facts are that the primary occupants of Libya were Berber tribes. In the seventh century B.C., Phoenicians colonized the eastern segment of Libya, called Cyrenaica, and Greeks colonized the western segment, called Tripolitania. Tripolitania was for a period under Carthaginian control. It turned out to be a piece of the Roman Empire from 46 B.C. to A.D. 436, after which it was sacked by the Vandals. Cyrenaica fit in with the Roman Empire from the first century B.C. until its decrease, after which it was attacked by Arab compels in 642. Starting in the sixteenth century, both Tripolitania and Cyrenaica ostensibly turned out to be a piece of the Ottoman Empire. There was a big war in Libya which resulted in lots of damages.  

Culture and Weather

Despite the fact that the Libyan individuals are in society, dialect, and religion generally homogeneous, there have been and still are huge social minorities. Nourishment in the ordinary day by day life mirrors the straightforwardness of laborer and roaming ways of life. Libyan cooking styles are comparable whether rustic or urban, inactive or migrant. Fundamental courses are quite often one–pot dishes. Most customary Libyans are ardent Muslims and practice a basic and profoundly individual religion. A courteous outsider, when drawing nearer a camp, will delay around one hundred yards from the line of tents. Gaddafi was one of the most famous leaders of the nation.

Climate and Weather

Inside Libya five distinctive climatic zones have been perceived, yet the prevailing climatic impacts are Mediterranean and Saharan. Both the Mediterranean Sea and the desert influence Libya's atmosphere. In the winter, the climate is cool with some downpour on the coast and in the drier the desert temperature can drop to sub-solidifying at night.The Sahara is extremely dry and hot in the late spring and cool and dry in the winter. Under 2 percent of the national domain gets enough precipitation for settled farming. Temperatures in the mid-year can achieve 50 degrees celcius amid the day yet all the more usually are around 40°C.

Travelling and Tourism

Travel permits and visas are needed for section into Libya for all nationalities Libyan migration prerequisites as often as possible change all of a sudden. As indicated by the U.S. State Department, a necessity of an affirmed Arabic interpretation of the organic information page of your identification is obligatory for acquiring a visa and entering the nation. The plane is the most secure choice to get in Libya. There are no trains accessible. Because of the common war the street voyage is not viewed as much safe.

Vacations and Destinations

Libya's lineation is dotted with most likely the foremost fantastic previous destroys within the bigger a part of the Mediterranean. Abundant of the time, the locales area unit all around protected and better of all, you will expertise not terribly several travelers - that was the case even before the rising. Leptis Magna, a brief commute from Tripoli Libya, is that the most bright of all; its cobbled boulevards, Severan Arch (raised out of appreciation for Emperor Septimus Severus), marble-and rock lined Hadrianic Baths, purpose by purpose basilica and substantial amphitheater area unit effectively even in spite of on a daily basis of some time.

Some facts about Libya

Population of country 6,461,454 people
Area of Libya 1,759,540 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Africa (AF)
Capital of Libya Tripolis
Currency at Libya Dinar (LYD)
Domain Zone .ly
Phone country code 218
FIPS code of Libya LY

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Libya video guide

More information about Libya

Climate of Libya:
  • Mediterranean along coast
  • dry, extreme desert interior
Terrain of Libya:
  • mostly barren, flat to undulating plains, plateaus, depressions
Libya also has such useful resources as: petroleum, natural gas, gypsum.

Top cities of Libya

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Tripoli 1,150,989 people Sha`biyat Tarabulus 32.87519 x 13.18746
2 Benghazi 650,629 people Sha`biyat Banghazi 32.11667 x 20.06667
3 Misratah 386,120 people Sha`biyat Misratah 32.37535 x 15.09254
4 Tarhunah 210,697 people 32.43502 x 13.6332
5 Al Bayda' 206,180 people Sha'biyat al Jabal al Akhdar 32.76272 x 21.75506
6 Al Khums 201,943 people Sha`biyat al Marqab 32.64861 x 14.26191
7 Harat az Zawiyah 186,123 people 32.76306 x 12.715
8 Ajdabiya 134,358 people Sha'biyat al Wahat 30.75545 x 20.22626
9 Sabha 130,000 people Sha`biyat Sabha 27.03766 x 14.42832
10 Surt 128,123 people Sha`biyat Surt 31.20892 x 16.58866
11 Al Jadid 126,386 people 27.05 x 14.4
12 Tobruk 121,052 people Sha`biyat al Butnan 32.08361 x 23.97639
13 Zlitan 109,972 people 32.46738 x 14.56874
14 Sabratah 102,038 people Sha`biyat az Zawiyah 32.79335 x 12.48845
15 Tagiura 100,000 people 32.88167 x 13.35056
16 Al Marj 85,315 people Sha`biyat al Marj 32.48798 x 20.83174
17 Gharyan 85,219 people Sha`biyat al Jabal al Gharbi 32.17222 x 13.02028
18 Darnah 78,782 people Sha`biyat Darnah 32.76704 x 22.63669
19 Yafran 67,638 people 32.06329 x 12.52859
20 Al Qubbah 53,064 people 32.76162 x 22.24237
21 Bani Walid 46,350 people 31.75662 x 13.99422
22 At Taj 46,050 people 24.20487 x 23.2857
23 Zuwarah 45,000 people Sha`biyat an Nuqat al Khams 32.9312 x 12.08199
24 Murzuq 43,732 people Sha`biyat Murzuq 25.91552 x 13.91839
25 Awbari 42,975 people Sha'biyat Wadi al Hayat 26.59206 x 12.78049
26 Birak 39,444 people 27.54956 x 14.27138
27 Az Zintan 33,000 people 31.92231 x 12.25195
28 Al Abyar 32,563 people 32.19 x 20.59653
29 Waddan 27,590 people 29.1614 x 16.13904
30 Nalut 26,256 people Sha`biyat Nalut 31.86848 x 10.9812

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