Description of Liberia

The nation Liberia is arranged in West Africa. Liberia is a nation with verifiable binds to the United States. It was established by dark liberated slaves amid the pre-Civil War prior to the war time of the nineteenth century. The capital, Monrivia, was named after James Monroe. Liberia's banner nearly takes after the American banner, mirroring the recorded binds of Liberia to the United States.

History, Map and Language

Anthropological examination demonstrates the area of Liberia was occupied at any rate as far back as the twelfth century, maybe prior. Somewhere around 1461 and the late seventeenth century, Portuguese, Dutch and British merchants had contacts and exchanging posts in Liberia.

This development of dark individuals by the A.C.S. had wide backing across the country among white individuals in America. On July 26, 1847, Americo-Liberian pioneers announced autonomy of the Republic of Liberia. Liberia Population is not very dense and it even population growth rate is not very high.

Culture and Holidays

The religious practices, social traditions and social benchmarks of the Americo-Liberians had their roots in the prior to the war American South. The pioneers wore top caps and tails and demonstrated their homes on those of Southern slave proprietors. Liberia has a long, rich history in material expressions and knitting, as the pilgrims carried with them their sewing and sewing aptitudes. Taylor Liberia facilitated National Fairs in 1857 and 1858 in which prizes were recompensed for different needle expressions. A standout amongst the most surely understood Liberian quilters was Martha Ann Ricks, who exhibited a bedcover highlighting the acclaimed Liberian espresso tree to Queen Victoria in 1892 A rich scholarly custom has existed in Liberia for more than a century.

Climate and whether

The central atmosphere is hot year-round with overwhelming precipitation from May to October with a short break in mid-July to August. Amid the winter months of November to March dry dust-loaded harmattan winds blow inland bringing on numerous issues for occupants.

Travelling and Tourism

A letter of welcome and a yellow fever immunization Testament are important to apply for a Liberian visa. The Embassy of Liberia in Conakry has been moved away to the town of Kipe. At the Freetown international safe haven administration is following day and no bother. They will stamp the term of your stay in your identification when voyaging overland so make sure not to give excessively couple of days when they ask or else you will need to go to movement office in Broad Street in Monrovia to broaden your visa for USD20. You can reach Monrovia Liberia by flight, train, transport, auto or pontoon. The closest global airplane terminal is Roberts International Airport.

Vacation and Destination

There are a lot of shorelines around Monrovia and Firestone Liberia. Out towards the airplane terminal after ELWA intersection is ELWA shoreline, set inside a compound there are a stamped safe swimming zone, clean shoreline and a lot of families at the weekends. No offices, however. Further on is Thinkers (claimed Tinkers) with a sustenance and beverages administration, however, the waves are somewhat harsh here, and it is not protected to stroll up or down the shoreline too far. CE shoreline out the other route, over the extension out to Hotel Africa, is extremely all around situated up with palm umbrellas, beverages administration and a smorgasbord, and an all around ensured swimming zone.

Some facts about Liberia

Population of country 3,685,076 people
Area of Liberia 111,370 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent
Africa (AF)
Capital of Liberia Monrovia
Currency at Liberia Dollar (LRD)
Domain Zone .lr
Phone country code 231
FIPS code of Liberia LI

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More information about Liberia

Climate of Liberia:

  • tropical
  • hot, humid
  • dry winters with hot days and cool to cold nights
  • wet, cloudy summers with frequent heavy showers
Terrain of Liberia:

  • mostly flat to rolling coastal plains rising to rolling plateau and low mountains in northeast
Liberia also has such useful resources as: iron ore, timber, diamonds, gold, hydropower.

Top cities of Liberia

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Monrovia 939,524 people Montserrado County 6.30054 x -10.7969
2 Gbarnga 45,835 people Bong County 6.99556 x -9.47222
3 Kakata 33,945 people Margibi County 6.53 x -10.35167
4 Bensonville 33,188 people Montserrado County 6.44611 x -10.6125
5 Harper 32,661 people Maryland County 4.375 x -7.71694
6 Voinjama 26,594 people Lofa County 8.42194 x -9.74778
7 Buchanan 25,731 people Grand Bassa County 5.88083 x -10.04667
8 Zwedru 25,678 people Grand Gedeh County 6.06667 x -8.12806
9 New Yekepa 24,695 people Nimba County 7.57944 x -8.53778
10 Greenville 16,434 people Sinoe County 5.01111 x -9.03889
11 Ganta 13,802 people Nimba County 7.30222 x -8.53083
12 Robertsport 11,969 people Grand Cape Mount County 6.75333 x -11.36861
13 Sanniquellie 11,415 people Nimba County 7.36222 x -8.70611
14 Fish Town 3,328 people River Gee County 5.19639 x -7.87556
15 Tubmanburg 3,155 people Bomi County 6.87083 x -10.81722
16 Bopolu 2,908 people Gbarpolu County 7.06667 x -10.4875
17 Barclayville 2,733 people Grand Kru County 4.67972 x -8.23389

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