Description of Lesotho

Lesotho is a country that is located in the southern part of Africa. Its capital city is Maseru. 


The country was constituted as a native state under British protection by a treaty which was signed by their leader, chief Moshoeshoe back in 1843. Initially it was referred to as Basutoland but later became independent nation of Lesotho in October 4, 1996 with King Moshoeshoe II as sovereign.

Map and language

Its geographical co-ordinates are 29 30 S and 28 30 E. The country is surrounded by a mountain range that is the only thing that separates it from South Africa that surrounds it. It has two official languages; Sotho and English.


The Sotho people combine both the traditional and the modern way of living. Traditional authority is still practiced despite the fact that it is undermined by political development since independence way back in 1966. Local chiefs play a major role in the distribution of land. Traditional crafts and goods added to the modern lifestyle.


Lesotho has various holidays in their annual calendar.These holidays are New Year’s Day on January 1, Moshoeshoe Day on March 29, Good Friday and Easter Friday, Workers Day on May 1, Ascension on May 9, Africa Day (Heroes’ Day) on May 25, King Letsie III's Birthday on July 17, Independence Day on October 4, Christmas Day on December 25 and Boxing Day on December 26

Climate and weather

Rainfall is brought about by prevailing winds. The rainfall falls mostly between October and April and it varies from year to year. The average rainfall per annum is 710mm and the amount reduces from east towards the west.Temperatures in lowlands rise as high as 32 degrees centigrade. In the highlands, the temperature range is much wider and readings that falls below freezing point are not unusual. Frost occurs widely in the winter, when the Maloti Mountains are usually snowcapped. Hail is common and frequent summer hazard in the country.

Travelling and Tourism

Travel and tourism industry in Lesotho forms the basis of the country’s economic development which results from the inflow of foreign exchange. The industry have helped significantly in driving the nation’s growing economy. Cable cars in the mountainous regions have also created a prime attraction of tourists in the country. With existence of cable cars, existence of hotels, tours and other tourist attractions have increased. The country has a variety of natural feature which form a major tourist attraction platform. Such physical features include the mountains, the country’s climate among others.

Vacation and destination

Lesotho has a wide range of vacation destinations which meet every traveler’s needs during his/her stay in the country. There are many different hotels that are prestigious and offer high quality services to their customers. Kick4Life Hotel and Conference center is a wonderful place to be in Lesotho that is friendly and safe for visitors. Lancer’s Inn is among the best places to stay in Lesotho due to its great accommodations and its sunny gardens. Palace Hotel which is located in Maseru is a place where visitors are treated like kings and queens.


Some facts about Lesotho

Population of country 1,919,552 people
Area of Lesotho 30,355 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Africa (AF)
Capital of Lesotho Maseru
Currency at Lesotho Loti (LSL)
Domain Zone .ls
Phone country code 266
FIPS code of Lesotho LT

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Lesotho video guide

More information about Lesotho

Climate of Lesotho:
  • temperate
  • cool to cold, dry winters
  • hot, wet summers
Terrain of Lesotho:
  • mostly highland with plateaus, hills, and mountains
Lesotho also has such useful resources as: water, agricultural and grazing land, diamonds, sand, clay, building stone.

Top cities of Lesotho

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Maseru 118,355 people Maseru District -29.31667 x 27.48333
2 Mafeteng 57,059 people Mafeteng District -29.823 x 27.23744
3 Leribe 47,675 people Leribe -28.87185 x 28.04501
4 Maputsoe 32,117 people Leribe -28.88333 x 27.9
5 Mohale's Hoek 28,310 people Mohale's Hoek District -30.15137 x 27.47691
6 Qacha's Nek 25,573 people Qacha's Nek District -30.11537 x 28.68936
7 Quthing 24,130 people Quthing -30.40001 x 27.70027
8 Butha-Buthe 16,330 people Butha-Buthe -28.76659 x 28.24936
9 Mokhotlong 8,809 people Mokhotlong District -29.28939 x 29.06751
10 Thaba-Tseka 5,423 people Thaba-Tseka -29.52204 x 28.6084
11 Teyateyaneng 5,115 people Berea -29.14719 x 27.74895

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