Description of Laos

Laos is a country situated in Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. Its delicacy and beauty lie in the Lao people, century-old traditions, heritage, lush and pristine landscape but it still untouched by modern demands, stress and peace of life. Lao is the only country without a candid approach to the sea. It’s ranked 133 with a total of 236,800 square kilometres. The capital city of Laos is Vientiane and its currency is Lao Kip.


  • In the year 1945, Laos gained its independence after Japanese occupation but rebound to French law until it was granted freedom in 1949.
  • 1950 – Lao government in Viang Chan was instable fuelled with an economic boom and high inflation. Also, Lao was semi-autonomy as it was on combined state with the French Union.
  • 1953 – It becomes fully independent with a constituted monarchy under Sisanang Vond.
  • 1973 – Laos divided between the communists and royalists as over Vientiane armistice agreement. Communists took over Lao in 1975.
  • In the year, 1992, Laos becomes the member of Association of Southeast Asian Nations(ASEAN) and the Lao currency, the kip was also decimated.
  • In the early 20’s a string of bomb blast hits the capital. International Monetary Fund (IMF) approves 3-year loan worth $40million and UN World Food Programme (WPF) casts 3-year action to feed 70,000 malnourished children.
  • 2008 – In January Laos became a full member of World Trade Organisation.

Map and Language

Laos is based in the northwest portion of the Indochinese Peninsula encompassed by sharing its border with China to the north, Cambodia to the South, Vietnam to the east, Thailand to the west and Myanmar to the north-west. The total land of Laos, three-quarter are of mountains and plateaux. Also, Lao is criss-crossed by many rivers and streams.

Lao or Laotian is the official language of the Laos. Lao is related to Thai. They also understand Thai firmly. English is also spoken by some of the educated people and some working in major cities. Also, many other languages are spoken in Laos by the ethnic group.


Leo is officially Buddhist. People of Lao are friendly, open, frank and they carry a developed and energetic sense of respect and courtesy. People always receive a warm welcome from them.

Among Lao people, the commonly accepted form of greeting as “the nop”. It is used as a term of thanks, regret or saying good bye.

Despite all this, the women in Lao wears the distinctive “phaa sin”, which is a long sarong feasible in many local patterns. Also, the Vietnamese-style hat is conical and has a typical sight. On ceremonial occasion, men dress western style only.

Climate and Weather

Generally the climate in Laos is tropical with two distinct seasons. Most of the years are hot and humid mainly from March to May and from May to the edge of September slightly cooler wet season is there.

The season during November to March is dry led by low rainfall. A minimum of 19 degrees and a maximum of 40 degrees Celsius is expected yearly. The best time to visit climate-wise is November to March.

Travelling and Tourism

Main attractions in Lao for people around the globe are the diversity of its people and culture. Lao has architecture forming, distinctive monuments and has a rich cultural heritage with much religious art and also natural features considering rivers, mountains, waterfalls and wild life. The most notable structure is That Luang and the Great Sacred Stupa.

Moreover, Laos’s traditional food is dry, spicy and very richly based on fish, meat, pork, poultry and notably herbs. Also, extensive limestone cave system is found in Laos and Kayaking allows seeing the natural beauty of Laos.

Some of the world heritages in Lao are Luang Prabanof, The Plain of Jars and Wat Phon complex. Thus, it will be a unique, rare and interesting experience to visit Lao.

Vacation and Destination

Lao is an alluring and inviting country. Going for a Lao tour on a fixed holiday vacation period will be marvellous and wondrous. The charm of Laos is irresistible with beautiful temples, fascinating mountain scenery and many more.

The country offers a great choice of restaurant, pavement cafes and accommodation. Laos entry points are by air, boat, train and by land you can access through road from Vietnam, China, Cambodia and Thailand.

Some facts about Laos

Population of country 6,368,162 people
Area of Laos 236,800 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Southeast Asia (AS)
Capital of Laos Vientiane
Currency at Laos Kip (LAK)
Domain Zone .la
Phone country code 856
FIPS code of Laos LA

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Laos video guide

More information about Laos

Climate of Laos:
  • tropical monsoon
  • rainy season (May to November)
  • dry season (December to April)
Terrain of Laos:
  • mostly rugged mountains
  • some plains and plateaus
Laos also has such useful resources as: timber, hydropower, gypsum, tin, gold, gemstones.

Top cities of Laos

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Vientiane 196,731 people Kampheng Nakhon Viangchan 17.96667 x 102.6
2 Pakxe 88,332 people Khoueng Champasak 15.11667 x 105.78333
3 Savannakhet 66,553 people Khoueng Savannakhet 16.55 x 104.75
4 Louangphrabang 47,378 people Luang Prabang Province 19.88556 x 102.13472
5 Xam Nua 38,992 people Khoueng Houaphan 20.41972 x 104.04389
6 Ban Phonsavan 37,507 people Khoueng Xiangkhoang 19.45907 x 103.17999
7 Thakhek 26,200 people Khoueng Khammouan 17.41027 x 104.83068
8 Muang Xai 25,000 people Khoueng Oudomxai 20.7 x 101.98333
9 Muang Vangviang 25,000 people Khoueng Viangchan 18.93333 x 102.45
10 Muang Pakxan 21,967 people Khoueng Bolikhamxai 18.37778 x 103.66007
11 Ban Houakhoua 15,500 people 20.24528 x 100.45472
12 Khong 15,000 people Khoueng Champasak 14.11667 x 105.85
13 Phongsali 13,500 people Khoueng Phongsali 21.68333 x 102.10583
14 Xaignabouli 13,500 people Khoueng Xaignabouli 19.25 x 101.75
15 Champasak 12,994 people Khoueng Champasak 14.88333 x 105.86667
16 Ban Houayxay 12,500 people Khoueng Bokeo 20.2775 x 100.41278
17 Muang Phon-Hong 10,112 people Khoueng Viangchan 18.49278 x 102.41722
18 Salavan 5,521 people Khoueng Salavan 15.71667 x 106.41667
19 Lamam 4,463 people Khoueng Xekong 15.41667 x 106.7
20 Attapu 4,297 people Khoueng Attapu 14.8 x 106.83333
21 Ban Nahin 3,466 people Khoueng Bolikhamxai 18.24175 x 104.21221
22 Louang Namtha 3,225 people Khoueng Louangnamtha 20.94972 x 101.40111
23 Phou Pialong 1,705 people Khoueng Phongsali 21.41889 x 102.18278

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