Description of Jordan

Jordan is a kingdom in the Middle East. Neighboring nations incorporate Iraq, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and the area West Bank. Quite a bit of Jordan is secured by the Arabian Desert. In any case, the north-western piece of Jordan is a piece of the Fertile Crescent. The administration framework is an established government. The head of state is the King and the head of government is the Prime Minister. Jordan has a blended financial framework in which the economy incorporates a mixture of private flexibility, consolidated with brought together monetary arranging and government regulation. Jordan is an individual from the Council of Arab Economic Unity (CAEU). Arabic is Jordan's official dialect.

History, Map, and Language

The Nabateans constructed the capital of their old Arab kingdom, Petra, in what is currently Jordan between 400 B.C.E. what's more, 160 C.E. From Mount Nebo in western Jordan, numerous individuals accept that Moses saw the Promised Land. At the point when the Ottoman Empire broken down following four hundred years of Tenet, Britain isolated up the Fertile Crescent, and present-day Jordan was conceived. In deserts with little vegetation and water, Bedouin families have lived in the customary route for a great many years. Jordan women are very conservative and do not have liberties like mens. They wander unreservedly and give careful consideration to outskirts. Bedouins structure the center of the armed force, involving key positions, despite the fact that their political impact is lessening. Jordanians who no more uphold the Bedu migrant way of life are step by step tolerating the principles of the present day Arab world.

Culture and Holidays

At the point when individuals visit family and companions, tea, Turkish-style or Arabic-style espresso, or organic product juice is served. Frequently this supper incorporates desserts, particularly on siestas. The state religion is Muslim, as showed in the constitution. Ninety percent of the populace sticks to the Sunni branch. Around 6 percent of the individuals are Christian. The administration advances social celebrations, energizes the restoration of painstaking work, and makes moves to protect the nation's archeological and verifiable legacy. Society craftsmanship gets by in woven artworks, cowhide specialties, stoneware, and pottery. Fleece and goat hair mats with beautiful tribal plans are fabricated.

Climate and weather

With around 90% of Jordan secured by desert, summers are searing. Then again, dependably be mindful of frosty evenings - Wadi Rum's sands dive to 4°C in winter. The northwest is bumpy and rich, and sacks the majority of the nation's yearly precipitation, particularly in January. Amman achieves an agreeable 32°C in the middle of June and September while evenings can drop beneath solidifying from December to February. The shorelines of Aqaba and the salty Dead Sea touch 40°C in July.

Travelling and Tourism

A visa is obliged to enter in Jordan Flight. The administration offers a onetime visa for one month. Authentic Jordan is served by day by day direct flights from London and simple one-prevent associations from around the UK, and also relentless routings from major European, North American and Southeast Asian center points. For some explorers, Visa on entry for nothing is conceivable when entering Jordan and Israel. However all voyagers must pay a way out expense when leaving these nations. Administration taxis are unquestionably more lavish than minibusses, yet a great deal quicker and more helpful.

Vacations and Destinations

Jordan's prime fascination is Petra, a remarkably sensational 2000-year-old city cut from sandstone precipices in the south of the nation. Its unprecedented structural engineering and capable environment engrave themselves permanently on most guests' creative energies. Jordan is a piece of the "Heavenly Land": its religious destinations incorporate the Baptism Site of Jesus on the banks of the River Jordan, and Mount Nebo, from where Moses looked over the Promised Land. You can likewise encounter dead see for skimming without the apprehension of drowning.

Some facts about Jordan

Population of country 6,407,085 people
Area of Jordan 92,300 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Middle East (AS)
Capital of Jordan Amman
Currency at Jordan Dinar (JOD)
Domain Zone .jo
Phone country code 962
FIPS code of Jordan JO

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More information about Jordan

Climate of Jordan:
  • mostly arid desert
  • rainy season in west (November to April)
Terrain of Jordan:
  • mostly desert plateau in east, highland area in west
  • Great Rift Valley separates East and West Banks of the Jordan River
Jordan also has such useful resources as: phosphates, potash, shale oil.

Top cities of Jordan

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Amman 1,275,857 people Amman 31.95522 x 35.94503
2 Az Zarqa' 792,665 people Zarqa 32.07275 x 36.08796
3 Irbid 307,480 people Irbid 32.55556 x 35.85
4 Russeifa 268,237 people Zarqa 32.01778 x 36.04639
5 Wadi as Sir 181,212 people Amman 31.95126 x 35.81979
6 `Ajlun 125,557 people Irbid 32.33385 x 35.75238
7 Aqaba 95,048 people Aqaba 29.52667 x 35.00778
8 Madaba 82,335 people Madaba 31.71667 x 35.8
9 As Salt 80,189 people Balqa 32.03917 x 35.72722
10 Ar Ramtha 74,901 people Irbid 32.55917 x 36.00694
11 Al Mafraq 57,118 people Mafraq 32.34289 x 36.20804
12 Al Jubayhah 46,834 people Amman 32.02581 x 35.86458
13 Sahab 40,241 people Amman 31.87207 x 36.00501
14 Al Quwaysimah 32,396 people Amman 31.9167 x 35.95
15 Jarash 27,046 people Irbid 32.28082 x 35.89929
16 At Tafilah 25,429 people Tafielah 30.83752 x 35.60442
17 `Izra 22,756 people Karak 31.15889 x 35.69278
18 Qir Moav 22,581 people Ma'an 31.18248 x 35.69999
19 Karak City 21,678 people Karak 31.16368 x 35.76204
20 Aydun 18,376 people Irbid 32.50722 x 35.8575
21 Umm as Summaq 18,274 people Amman 31.88542 x 35.8543
22 Kurayyimah 17,837 people Irbid 32.27639 x 35.59938
23 `Anjarah 17,634 people Irbid 32.3063 x 35.75653
24 At Turrah 14,619 people Irbid 32.64139 x 35.99194
25 Petra 14,000 people Ma'an 30.32221 x 35.47933
26 Suf 12,942 people Irbid 32.31372 x 35.83713
27 At Tayyibah 12,615 people Irbid 32.54167 x 35.71694
28 Judayta 12,069 people Irbid 32.40792 x 35.70802
29 Ash Shajarah 11,243 people Irbid 32.64456 x 35.94097
30 Jawa 10,628 people Amman 31.85247 x 35.93928

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