Description of Israel

Israel is a country situated in the south-west Asia. This small country is washed by four seas - in the west by the Mediterranean Sea, in the east by the Salt (Dead) Sea; close to the north of the country is a freshwater lake Kinneret (in biblical times, it was known as the Sea of ​​Galilee); and in the south by the Sinai Bay of the Red Sea, with its amazing underwater world.

The country's territory is a narrow belt extending in length. From north to south, the Judean Mountains are stretched. In the north-east there are the Golan Heights and the snow-covered Mount Hermon, on the slopes of which (from December to April) you can enjoy skiing, if you're lucky with the snow. In the south of the country are two deserts: the Negev and the Arava, which occupy the main territory of Israel. This sandy part of the country is in stark contrast to the northern part, where the vast fruit plantations are situated. The main river of Israel is the Jordan River. It originates on the Mount Hermon, near the Lebanese-Syrian border, than flows through the Sea of ​​Galilee and falls into the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is 395 m below sea level, which is the lowest point of the Earth.

Israel has two official languages ​​- Hebrew and Arabic. In schools, in addition to these two languages, English is also studied. Furthermore, Russian, Yiddish (spoken mostly by elderly people), German, French, Polish and Hungarian are widespread.

Israel is a parliamentary republic. Creation of the country was proclaimed on May 14, 1948 in accordance with the plan of partition of Palestine adopted by the UN. The head of the state is the president, who is elected by the Knesset for five years by secret ballot.

Some facts about Israel

Population of country 7,353,985 people
Area of Israel 20,770 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Middle East (AS)
Capital of Israel Jerusalem
Currency at Israel Shekel (ILS)
Domain Zone .il
Phone country code 972
FIPS code of Israel IS

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More information about Israel

Climate of Israel:
  • temperate
  • hot and dry in southern and eastern desert areas
Terrain of Israel:
  • Negev desert in the south
  • low coastal plain
  • central mountains
  • Jordan Rift Valley
Israel also has such useful resources as: timber, potash, copper ore, natural gas, phosphate rock, magnesium bromide, clays, sand.

Top cities of Israel

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Jerusalem 714,000 people Jerusalem District 31.77902 x 35.2253
2 West Jerusalem 400,000 people Jerusalem District 31.78199 x 35.21961
3 Haifa 267,300 people Haifa District 32.81556 x 34.98917
4 Tel Aviv 250,000 people Tel Aviv 32.06667 x 34.76667
5 Ashdod 224,656 people Southern District 31.81667 x 34.65
6 Rishon LeZiyyon 220,492 people Central District 31.96417 x 34.80444
7 Petah Tikva 188,900 people Central District 32.09174 x 34.88503
8 Beersheba 186,600 people Southern District 31.25181 x 34.7913
9 Netanya 171,676 people Central District 32.33361 x 34.85778
10 Holon 165,787 people Tel Aviv 32.01139 x 34.77222
11 Bene Beraq 144,663 people Tel Aviv 32.09028 x 34.83972
12 Bat Yam 128,979 people Tel Aviv 32.02306 x 34.75028
13 Ramat Gan 128,095 people Tel Aviv 32.08056 x 34.81417
14 Ashqelon 105,995 people Southern District 31.66667 x 34.58333
15 Yafo 100,000 people Tel Aviv 32.05043 x 34.75224
16 Herzliyya 83,600 people Tel Aviv 32.16583 x 34.83667
17 Kfar Saba 80,773 people Central District 32.175 x 34.90694
18 Hadera 75,854 people Haifa District 32.43528 x 34.9175
19 Bet Shemesh 67,100 people Jerusalem District 31.75 x 35
20 Lod 66,589 people Central District 31.95139 x 34.89528
21 Nazareth 64,800 people Northern District 32.70361 x 35.29556
22 Ramla 63,860 people Central District 31.92528 x 34.86694
23 Nahariyya 50,273 people Northern District 33.00583 x 35.09472
24 Qiryat Ata 48,966 people Haifa District 32.80056 x 35.10639
25 Giv`atayim 48,000 people Tel Aviv 32.06972 x 34.81167
26 Qiryat Gat 47,450 people Southern District 31.6 x 34.76667
27 `Akko 45,603 people Northern District 32.92361 x 35.07278
28 Eilat 45,588 people Southern District 29.56111 x 34.95167
29 Karmi'el 44,382 people Northern District 32.91722 x 35.30417
30 Hod HaSharon 43,185 people Central District 32.15083 x 34.88833

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