Description of Hungary

The Republic of Hungary is located in Central Europe, and is bordered by Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine and Slovakia. Its climate is temperate, and the country is mostly flat. The Lake Balaton, the largest lake in Central Europe, is the main place of interest of the country.

There are acts of civil law in Hungary, based on the written laws adopted in accordance with the Constitution, which was rewritten in 1989. All the main duties and rights of citizens and companies are based on laws passed by the Parliament. Multi-party Parliamentary elections are held every four years; the following are expected in 2014.


Hungary is a well-known country of central Europe, surrounded by the countries like Siberia, Romania, etc. It is among the top 15 tourist destinations.

History, Map and Language

Hungary was founded by King Stephen I in 1000. For over 200 hundred years the empire flourished. But in the Mongolian invasion of 1241-1242, large scale destruction was caused. However, the empire was still able to defend itself. The King ordered the construction of stone castles for protection against any such attack in the future. There was not much disturbance till 1526 when Turks invaded and the country got divided into three parts. The first part was under the Hungarian empire, second under the Turkish dominion and the third under Habsburg dominion. It took the Hungarians 150 years, but they were finally able to drive the Turks out. Before they could reestablish, Habsburg took over the whole Hungary. In 1867, after a long struggle, Austria-Hungary compromise came into effect and peace was restored again. If you take a look at the map, you will see Romania in the East, Siberia in the South, Austria in the west and Slovakia in the North. The country occupies a total of 93000 km2. The total population is more than 10 million. The capital city is Budapest. During the 19th century, Hungarian was adopted as the official language. And most of the people here speak it.

Culture and Holidays

Architecture is the main part of Hungarian culture. There are numerous astonishing historic buildings here. Music and literature have also been promoted. There are a lot of interesting dishes here. You will not find a lot of diversity here, as about 90% of the population is native Hungarian. Water sports have always been a major part of the culture and are still promoted.

Climate and Weather

The climate of Hungary is quite uncertain. The temperature here can vary from -20oC to 39oC between winters and summers. As soon as the summer ends, heavy storms are common. The amount of rainfall cannot be predicted, but most of rain occurs during autumn. Great Plains of the country experience harsh weather. Conditions in the capital are much better. Humidity is the only thing to worry about.

Travel and Tourism

Tourism is one of the major sources of income here. Hungary is well connected with the neighboring countries as well as the rest of the world. Reaching here is no problem at all. You can travel by plane, train, bus or anything else. Transporting within the country is also very easy. There are a lot of options. If you have the Hungarian currency forint, your trip here should be very convenient.

Vacation and Destinations

You can have a very relaxing and knowledgeable vacation here. Roaming around and seeing the amazing historic monuments and finding interesting facts about Hungary are the most common tasks of tourists. The most popular destination is the capital Budapest. The Buda Castle is a must watch monument. Besides that, there are many national parks that should be visited and enjoyed to the fullest.

Some facts about Hungary

Population of country 9,930,000 people
Area of Hungary 93,030 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Europe (EU)
Capital of Hungary Budapest
Currency at Hungary Forint (HUF)
Domain Zone .hu
Phone country code 36
FIPS code of Hungary HU

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Hungary video guide

More information about Hungary

Climate of Hungary:
  • temperate
  • cold, cloudy, humid winters
  • warm summers
Terrain of Hungary:
  • mostly flat to rolling plains
  • hills and low mountains on the Slovakian border
Hungary also has such useful resources as: bauxite, coal, natural gas, fertile soils, arable land.

Top cities of Hungary

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Budapest 1,696,128 people Budapest fovaros 47.49801 x 19.03991
2 Debrecen 204,124 people Hajdu-Bihar 47.53333 x 21.63333
3 Nagyvarad 201,000 people 47.06053 x 21.92734
4 Miskolc 172,637 people Borsod-Abauj-Zemplen 48.1 x 20.78333
5 Szeged 164,883 people Csongrad megye 46.253 x 20.14824
6 Pecs 156,649 people Baranya megye 46.08333 x 18.23333
7 Budapest XI. keruelet 139,049 people Budapest fovaros 47.47603 x 19.03605
8 Gyor 128,265 people Gyor-Moson-Sopron 47.68333 x 17.63512
9 Budapest III. keruelet 123,723 people Budapest fovaros 47.54157 x 19.04501
10 Budapest XIV. keruelet 120,148 people Budapest fovaros 47.5183 x 19.10789
11 Nyiregyhaza 116,298 people Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg 47.95539 x 21.71671
12 Budapest XIII. keruelet 113,531 people Budapest fovaros 47.52978 x 19.08068
13 Kecskemet 109,847 people Bacs-Kiskun 46.90618 x 19.69128
14 Szekesfehervar 101,600 people Fejer 47.18995 x 18.41034
15 Budapest IV. keruelet 98,374 people Budapest fovaros 47.56182 x 19.08909
16 Budapest XVIII. keruelet 93,225 people Budapest fovaros 47.44417 x 19.17595
17 Budapest II. keruelet 88,729 people Budapest fovaros 47.51291 x 19.03184
18 Budapest VIII. keruelet 82,222 people Budapest fovaros 47.48919 x 19.07012
19 Budapest XV. keruelet 80,218 people Budapest fovaros 47.56263 x 19.11681
20 Szombathely 79,534 people Vas 47.23088 x 16.62155
21 Budapest X. keruelet 79,270 people Budapest fovaros 47.4791 x 19.15835
22 Budapest XVII. keruelet 78,250 people Budapest fovaros 47.47997 x 19.25388
23 Budapest XXI. keruelet 76,339 people Budapest fovaros 47.43047 x 19.07098
24 Paradsasvar 76,000 people Heves megye 47.9126 x 19.97709
25 Szolnok 75,474 people Jasz-Nagykun-Szolnok 47.18333 x 20.2
26 Tatabanya 70,541 people Komarom-Esztergom 47.58494 x 18.39325
27 Budapest XVI. keruelet 68,484 people Budapest fovaros 47.51482 x 19.17028
28 Kaposvar 67,746 people Somogy megye 46.36667 x 17.8
29 Bekescsaba 65,206 people Bekes megye 46.68333 x 21.1
30 Budapest XX. keruelet 63,371 people Budapest fovaros 47.43674 x 19.10093

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