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Description of Hong Kong

Hong Kong City is an exceptional managerial district (SAR) of the People's Republic of China. It is contained 200 islands situated in Eastern Asia bordering the South China Sea and China. Quite a bit of Hong Kong's landscape is bumpy to uneven with steep inclines. The administration framework is a restricted majority rule government. The head of state is the President of China and the head of government is the Chief Executive of Hong Kong. Hong Kong has a free market economy in which the costs of merchandise and administrations are resolved in a free value framework. Hong Kong is an individual from Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). Chinese and English are the official dialects goodness Hong Kong.

History, Map, and Language

From its most punctual days as a British settlement, Hong Kong served as a focal point of global exchange. In the turbulent years of the mid-twentieth century, the city's populace was reinforced by displaced people, for the most part from China. The entry of outsiders in huge numbers helped dispatch another part for Hong Kong as a noteworthy assembling center. It likewise conveyed financially invigorating vitality and industry to the city's character. In late decades, as the economy of Mainland China has experienced a procedure of opening up, Hong Kong has changed once more – this time into an administration based economy and a vital entryway to the world's biggest business.

Culture and Holidays

The solace with which these dialects and tongues exist together mirrors the abnormal state of social resilience in Hong Kong Islander, where different categories of Christian chapels offer space with Chinese joss houses; Buddhist, Taoist and Sikh sanctuaries; mosques and synagogues. In addition, the vicinity of persevering and antiquated societies in a general public that has needed to continually adjust to change has made an one of a kind contemporary culture that is a genuine blend of convention and development.

Climate and Weather

Hong Kong has a sub-tropical atmosphere with unmistakable seasons. The main unsurprising climate occasions that could have a critical effect on your touring arrangements are storms. The tropical storm season starts in May and closures in November. At the point when a tropical storm is drawing nearer, notices are shown on TV and radio. There are different degrees of caution signs issued by the Hong Kong Observatory, yet when the no. 8 sign is set up, most organizations and shops close down and flights may be wiped out. There is a different cautioning framework for a substantial downpour.

Travelling and Tourism

Movement and traditions forms in Kong Airport are clear and proficient. Cheap Hong tickets are also available.  You simply need to apply for a visa and convey all the key reports while arriving Hong Kong. Kong University is globally acclaimed for its protected, moderate and dependable, open transport framework that keeps the city moving at its trademark lightning rate. In the event that lightning is too quick, you can switch by jumping on an unhurried cable car or ship and flavor the city at an old-world pace.

Vacation and Destinations

Victoria Peak has around 7 million guests a year. It is the most elevated top on Hong Kong Island with height of 554 meters (1818 feet) and has been considered as a historic point of the island. Deals Hong for various places can also be acclaimed. It is the best spot to have a 10,000 foot perspective of the Victoria Harbor and the entire thriving island. Seen from the crest, the scenes are distinctive in the middle of day and night. Another fascination is Man Mao sanctuary. It is the most seasoned sanctuary in Hong Kong in the Mid-levels range of Hong Kong Island. It is a large portion of the path up Victoria Peak. In the sanctuary, two icons are worshiped, the God of Literature and the God of War.

Hong Kong is divided into four main areas - Kowloon, Hong Kong Island, New Territories and Outlying Islands. Kowloon and the New Territories are located on the mainland peninsula, on the north side of Victoria Harbor; Hong Kong Island is on the southern side of the harbor. New Territories have a 20 km land border with China.

The city itself is centered around Victoria Harbor. The Chief Business District is the Central one, located on Hong Kong Island. To the east of the Central District is the Admiralty commercial district; Wanchai, famous for its restaurants and clubs; and then the Kauzvey Bay - the main shopping area. Above all of them towers the Peak - Hong Kong's main view and residential area, which fortunately is very green. On the Kowloon peninsula there are Tsimshatsuy (on the southern tip), Jordan and Yaomatey – the districts of hotels and shops, while the Mongkok is a bustling residential and shopping district.

Some facts about Hong Kong

Population of country 6,898,686 people
Area of Hong Kong 1,092 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Southeast Asia (AS)
Capital of Hong Kong Hong Kong
Currency at Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)
Domain Zone .hk
Phone country code 852
FIPS code of Hong Kong HK

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More information about Hong Kong

Climate of Hong Kong:
  • subtropical monsoon
  • cool and humid in winter, hot and rainy from spring through summer, warm and sunny in fall
Terrain of Hong Kong:
  • hilly to mountainous with steep slopes
  • lowlands in north
Hong Kong also has such useful resources as: outstanding deepwater harbor, feldspar.

Top cities of Hong Kong

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Hong Kong 7,012,738 people 22.28552 x 114.15769
2 Kowloon 2,019,533 people 22.31667 x 114.18333
3 Tsuen Wan 288,728 people 22.36667 x 114.1
4 Yung Shue Wan 6,000 people 22.23333 x 114.11667
5 Sok Kwu Wan 2,100 people 22.2 x 114.13333

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