Description of Honduras

Honduras is the second most populous city of North America and is also the second biggest country of the region. This country is filled with cities of Mayan Influence, many different kinds of natural parks and colonial villages. Many water sports are also carried out in many coastal areas of Honduras.

History, Map and Language

Some of the facts about Honduras are during the initial millennium the country was mostly ruled by Mayan. Then Columbus came in to explore the city on the year of 1502 along with more four American nations. Independence of Honduras was achieved in the year of 1821 which formed the federation of all the Central American States. Then later in the year of 1830 Hondurus decided to leave the federation and become self-independent. There was also a political unrest that was seen the country in the period of early 1900 which resulted in the U.S Marines taking over the control of the region. Later, Dictator of the region, General Tiburcio Carias Andino formed a very strong establishment in the year 1932.

In the year 1969, a football war was broken between Honduras and Salvadorans which resulted in the El Salvador invading Honduras. In this was more than 5000 lives were lost and later because of threatening economy the Organisation of American States forced Slavador to withdraw from the region.

Climate and Weather

Honduras is situated in Central America, bordering the Caribbean Sea. The atmosphere changes from tropical in the marshes to mild in the mountains. The focal and southern locales are moderately more blazing and less damp than the northern coast.


The abundance of social expression in Honduras owes its inceptions basically to being a piece of Latin America additionally to the multi-ethnic nature of the nation. The populace includes 85% Mestizo, 8% Caucasian, 6% Amerindian, and 1% Black. This impacts all aspects of the way of life: traditions, hones, methods for dressing, religion, ceremonies, codes of conduct and conviction frameworks.


Open occasions in Honduras are focused on Christianity and the recognition of occasions in Honduran history. Every festival is essential to numerous families over this nation. They are regularly celebrated with more distant family individuals and companions. On a couple of the most critical occasions, for example, Independence Day and heavenly week parades and parades are held from right on time morning to later toward the evening or night.

Travel and Tourism

Honduras travel is not that difficult, citizens of countries such as India, Singapore, Malaysia, Switzerland and Singapore do not even require a visa to enter the region. As a tourist place, the region offers a lot for a citizen of every age. All the travellers should also carry Honduras currency with them. There are many flights to Honduras. Bay Honduras is one of the most widely travelled destinations.

Vacation and Destination

Cusuco National Park endeavors Cusuco Park can be gone by exhaustive private visits leaving from San Pedro or taking after the Cusuco hiking mountain course. Gone to 10 weeks of the year by Operation Wallacea, one of the world's top end investigative endeavor. Accessible exercises range for all gathering styles either searching for enterprise or only an unwinding mountain experience. Wilderness waterfalls, night trekking, smaller person backwoods and some of the adventures that are famous over here. Honduras, food and Honduras hotels, is also very popular. 

Some facts about Honduras

Population of country 7,989,415 people
Area of Honduras 112,090 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Central America and the Caribbean (NA)
Capital of Honduras Tegucigalpa
Currency at Honduras Lempira (HNL)
Domain Zone .hn
Phone country code 504
FIPS code of Honduras HO

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More information about Honduras

Climate of Honduras:
  • subtropical in lowlands, temperate in mountains
Terrain of Honduras:
  • mostly mountains in interior, narrow coastal plains
Honduras also has such useful resources as: timber, gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc, iron ore, antimony, coal, fish, hydropower.

Top cities of Honduras

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Tegucigalpa 850,848 people Departmento de Francisco Morazan 14.0818 x -87.20681
2 San Pedro Sula 489,466 people Departamento de Cortes 15.5 x -88.03333
3 Choloma 139,100 people Departamento de Cortes 15.61444 x -87.95302
4 La Ceiba 130,218 people Departamento de Atlantida 15.75971 x -86.78221
5 El Progreso 100,810 people Departamento de Yoro 15.4 x -87.8
6 Ciudad Choluteca 75,872 people Departamento de Choluteca 13.30028 x -87.19083
7 Comayagua 58,784 people Departamento de Comayagua 14.45 x -87.63333
8 Puerto Cortez 48,013 people Departamento de Cortes 15.83333 x -87.95
9 La Lima 45,955 people Departamento de Cortes 15.43333 x -87.91667
10 Danli 44,799 people Departamento de El Paraiso 14.03333 x -86.58333
11 Siguatepeque 43,141 people Departamento de Comayagua 14.6 x -87.83333
12 Juticalpa 33,686 people Departamento de Olancho 14.65 x -86.2
13 Villanueva 31,571 people Departamento de Cortes 15.31667 x -88
14 Tocoa 30,785 people Departamento de Colon 15.68333 x -86
15 Tela 29,325 people Departamento de Atlantida 15.78333 x -87.45
16 Santa Rosa de Copan 27,753 people Departamento de Copan 14.76667 x -88.78333
17 Olanchito 25,969 people Departamento de Yoro 15.5 x -86.56667
18 San Lorenzo 22,289 people Departamento de Valle 13.42417 x -87.44722
19 Cofradia 20,353 people Departamento de Cortes 15.4 x -88.15
20 El Paraiso 18,779 people Departamento de El Paraiso 13.86667 x -86.55
21 La Paz 17,555 people Departmento de La Paz 14.31667 x -87.68333
22 Yoro 15,774 people Departamento de Yoro 15.13333 x -87.13333
23 Potrerillos 15,707 people Departamento de Cortes 15.23333 x -87.96667
24 Santa Barbara 15,119 people Departamento de Santa Barbara 14.91667 x -88.23333
25 La Entrada 14,705 people Departamento de Copan 15.05 x -88.73333
26 Nacaome 13,929 people Departamento de Valle 13.53611 x -87.4875
27 Intibuca 13,741 people Departamento de Intibuca 14.31667 x -88.16667
28 Talanga 13,492 people Departmento de Francisco Morazan 14.4 x -87.08333
29 Guaimaca 12,899 people Departmento de Francisco Morazan 14.53333 x -86.81667
30 Santa Rita 12,869 people Departamento de Yoro 15.16667 x -87.28333

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