Description of Haiti

Officially known as the Republic of Haiti, this country is situated on the island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean. On the same island, Dominican Republic is also situated.

History, Map and Language

The first day of the recorded history of Haiti is 5th December 1492 when Christopher Columbus landed on the island of Hispaniola. At that time, it was inhabited by Taino. Columbus claimed the island for the Spanish Crown and established a first proper settlement here using the timber of his wrecked ship. After that he went back and came again in 1493. On his arrival, he discovered that his settlement was destroyed. So, he continued traveling and settled another settlement on the eastern part of the island. This marched the beginning of Spanish empire there, which went on till 1625.

In 1625, French established their colony here. Slavery was the promoted by them. They discriminated people on the basis of color and created very poor conditions for the slaves. Finally, in 1791 the native people started the Haitian revolution for their freedom. In 1804, Haiti declared itself as independent and became the first country of the Caribbean to get independence. Haiti today has a stable semi-presidential government. In 2010, the country was struck by a drastic earthquake that caused a lot of damages. But the country recovered very quickly.

Haiti covers the total area of 27,750 km2 and has a population of about 10 million. It has the Dominican Republic as its only neighbor on the map. French and Haitian Creole are the official languages.

Culture and Holidays

People of many different cultures have settled here over the centuries. These include Africans, French, Spanish and the ancient natives Taino. Contribution of all those cultures can be seen even today. Paintings and other forms of arts have been, and still are, promoted here. Dance and music are very popular among the people. Haiti is very rich when it comes to food. There are literally hundreds of different dishes that originated here. Football is the favorite sport of locals. There are numerous football clubs that promote this game. Haiti celebrates a lot of holidays, both national and international.

Presently this country is popular for the Haiti Adoption programs. This is a very thoughtful attempt for finding new homes for children who have lost their families. Haiti Mission is another great cause for improving the standard of living here.

Climate and Weather

Most of the year, the country has a hot and humid climate. The rest of the year the weather is mostly dry. There is an annual rain of about 150 cm. In winters, the temperature is between 15 and 25oC and in summers it is between 25 and 35.

Travel and Tourism

Tourism is greatly promoted here. Haiti hotels are considered to be pretty good. The markets and beaches are nice for travel. And the food here is too good. If you like history, knowing about Haiti facts will take up all your time.

Vacation and destinations

For vacation, beaches are considered to the best destinations. Besides that there are a lot of beautiful historic monuments to see.

Some facts about Haiti

Population of country 9,648,924 people
Area of Haiti 27,750 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Central America and the Caribbean (NA)
Capital of Haiti Port-au-Prince
Currency at Haiti Gourde (HTG)
Domain Zone .ht
Phone country code 509
FIPS code of Haiti HA

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Haiti video guide

More information about Haiti

Climate of Haiti:
  • tropical
  • semiarid where mountains in east cut off trade winds
Terrain of Haiti:
  • mostly rough and mountainous
Haiti also has such useful resources as: bauxite, copper, calcium carbonate, gold, marble, hydropower.

Top cities of Haiti

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Port-au-Prince 1,234,742 people Departement de l'Ouest 18.53917 x -72.335
2 Carrefour 442,156 people Departement de l'Ouest 18.54114 x -72.39922
3 Delmas 73 382,920 people Departement de l'Ouest 18.54472 x -72.30278
4 Petionville 283,052 people Departement de l'Ouest 18.5125 x -72.28528
5 Croix des Bouquets 229,127 people Departement de l'Ouest 18.575 x -72.225
6 Jacmel 137,966 people Departement du Sud-Est 18.23417 x -72.53472
7 Cap-Haitien 134,815 people Departement du Nord 19.75778 x -72.20417
8 Leogane 134,190 people Departement de l'Ouest 18.51083 x -72.63389
9 Les Cayes 125,799 people Departement du Sud 18.2 x -73.75
10 Petit Goave 117,504 people Departement de l'Ouest 18.43139 x -72.86694
11 Jeremie 97,503 people Departement de la Grand'Anse 18.65 x -74.11667
12 Miragoane 89,202 people Departement de Nippes 18.44232 x -73.08758
13 Gonaives 84,961 people Departement de l'Artibonite 19.45 x -72.68333
14 Saint-Marc 66,226 people Departement de l'Artibonite 19.10819 x -72.69379
15 Thomazeau 52,017 people Departement de l'Ouest 18.65194 x -72.09472
16 Grand Goave 49,288 people Departement de l'Ouest 18.42889 x -72.77056
17 Verrettes 48,724 people Departement de l'Artibonite 19.05 x -72.46667
18 Kenscoff 42,175 people Departement de l'Ouest 18.45056 x -72.28694
19 Saint-Raphael 37,739 people Departement du Nord 19.43333 x -72.2
20 Ti Port-de-Paix 34,657 people Departement du Nord-Ouest 19.93333 x -72.83333
21 Limbe 32,645 people Departement du Nord 19.7 x -72.4
22 Gressier 25,947 people Departement de l'Ouest 18.55 x -72.51667
23 Hinche 18,590 people Departement du Centre 19.15 x -72.01667
24 Fond Parisien 18,256 people Departement de l'Ouest 18.50583 x -71.97667
25 Desarmes 15,594 people Departement de l'Artibonite 18.99167 x -72.38889
26 Dessalines 12,288 people Departement de l'Artibonite 19.28333 x -72.5
27 Saint-Louis du Nord 11,849 people Departement du Nord-Ouest 19.93333 x -72.71667
28 Fort Liberte 11,465 people Departement du Nord-Est 19.66778 x -71.83972
29 Trou du Nord 10,569 people Departement du Nord-Est 19.63333 x -72.01667
30 Ouanaminthe 10,118 people Departement du Nord-Est 19.55 x -71.73333

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