Description of Guatemala

Guatemala is located on in the Central America region and has Belize, Mexico and Honduras on its borders. It is a very small country and has a Pacific coastline. It is a Guatemala facts also shares a tiny piece of Caribbean coastline to its east.

History Map and Language

The primary confirmation of human pilgrims in Guatemala about-faces to no less than 12,000 BC. Locales going back to 6500 BC have been found in Quiché in the Central Highlands and Sipacate, Escuintla on the focal Pacific coast. Archeologists separate the pre-Columbian history of Mesoamerica into the Pre-Classic period (2000 BC to 250 AD). El Mirador was by a wide margin the most populated city in pre-Columbian America. Both the El Tigre and Monos pyramids envelop a volume more noteworthy than 250,000 cubic meters.

Culture and Holidays

Guatemalan cooking mirrors the multicultural way of Guatemala, in that it includes sustenance that varies in taste contingent upon the district. Guatemala has 22 offices (or divisions), each of which has altogether different sustenance assortments. Case in point, Antigua Guatemala is surely understood for its confection which makes utilization of numerous neighborhood fixings natural products, seeds and nuts alongside nectar, dense milk and other conventional sweeteners. Antigua's sweet is exceptionally well known with voyagers.

The Classic time of Mesoamerican development compares to the stature of the Maya progress and is spoken to by innumerable destinations all through Guatemala, in spite of the fact that the biggest fixation is in Petén. This period is portrayed by overwhelming city-constructing, the improvement of autonomous city-states, and contact with other Mesoamerican societies.

Climate and Weather

Guatemala has a couple shock in its atmosphere. Since the nation is in Central America, the vast majority expect it has a tropical atmosphere; then again, in spite of the tropical area, Guatemala's mountains change the climate. While parts of the nation have an atmosphere run of the mill of a tropical nation, different zones really see temperatures underneath solidifying. Meteorologists partition Guatemala into three atmosphere zones, which incorporate tropical, calm and cool zones.

Travel and Tourism

Guatemala travel is done fundamentally by airplane terminal, La Aurora International Airport (GUA), is close Guatemala City. Worldwide flights arrive generally from other ( All the globe ), Central American nations and North America. The airplane terminal as of late experienced modernizing recreation. It is currently a glass-and-solid structure with present day shops and obligation liberates that you may expect in any vast city. Nourishment alternatives may be to some degree still constrained, nonetheless. American Airlines, Delta, and United all offer administration to Guatemala, yet at high costs. Iberia likewise serves Guatemala City. There are many flights to Guatemala, which operate on daily basis. Ther are many places of attraction in Guatemala that can be visited. People of Guatemala are very friendly and welcoming.

Vacation and Destination

Guatemala volcanoes are very popular, large portions of them more than 3,000 meters high. Volcán de Pacaya (2500m) - this is a dynamic spring of gushing lava around 30 minutes outside of Antigua. A few days it won't be available as the well of lava may be excessively dynamic, making it impossible to watch securely. Bring a coat since it will be breezy and frosty at the top (in spite of the fact that the ground will feel warm) and wear long jeans as the volcanic rock can undoubtedly give you a decent cut. Visit aides can be composed of Antigua. Guatemela Earthquake has also caused a lot of damages. Tikal is a very famous destination. 


Some facts about Guatemala

Population of country 13,550,440 people
Area of Guatemala 108,890 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Central America and the Caribbean (NA)
Capital of Guatemala Guatemala City
Currency at Guatemala Quetzal (GTQ)
Domain Zone .gt
Phone country code 502
FIPS code of Guatemala GT

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Guatemala video guide

More information about Guatemala

Climate of Guatemala:
  • tropical
  • hot, humid in lowlands
  • cooler in highlands
Terrain of Guatemala:
  • mostly mountains with narrow coastal plains and rolling limestone plateau
Guatemala also has such useful resources as: petroleum, nickel, rare woods, fish, chicle, hydropower.

Top cities of Guatemala

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Guatemala City 994,938 people Departamento de Guatemala 14.64072 x -90.51327
2 Mixco 473,080 people Departamento de Guatemala 14.63333 x -90.60639
3 Villa Nueva 406,830 people Departamento de Guatemala 14.52694 x -90.5875
4 Petapa 141,455 people Departamento de Guatemala 14.50278 x -90.55167
5 San Juan Sacatepequez 136,886 people Departamento de Guatemala 14.71889 x -90.64417
6 Quetzaltenango 132,230 people Departamento de Quetzaltenango 14.83333 x -91.51667
7 Villa Canales 122,194 people Departamento de Guatemala 14.48139 x -90.53167
8 Escuintla 103,165 people Departamento de Escuintla 14.305 x -90.785
9 Chinautla 97,172 people Departamento de Guatemala 14.70833 x -90.49944
10 Chimaltenango 82,370 people Departamento de Chimaltenango 14.66861 x -90.81667
11 Chichicastenango 79,759 people Departamento del Quiche 14.93333 x -91.11667
12 Huehuetenango 79,426 people Departamento de Huehuetenango 15.31972 x -91.47083
13 Amatitlan 71,836 people Departamento de Guatemala 14.4875 x -90.61528
14 Totonicapan 69,734 people Departamento de Totonicapan 14.91667 x -91.36667
15 Santa Catarina Pinula 67,994 people Departamento de Guatemala 14.56889 x -90.49528
16 Santa Lucia Cotzumalguapa 62,097 people Departamento de Escuintla 14.33333 x -91.01667
17 Puerto Barrios 56,605 people Departamento de Izabal 15.71667 x -88.6
18 San Francisco El Alto 54,493 people Departamento de Totonicapan 14.95 x -91.45
19 Coban 53,375 people Departamento de Alta Verapaz 15.48333 x -90.36667
20 San Jose Pinula 47,247 people Departamento de Guatemala 14.54611 x -90.41139
21 San Pedro Ayampuc 46,803 people Departamento de Guatemala 14.78667 x -90.45111
22 Jalapa 45,834 people Departamento de Jalapa 14.63333 x -89.98333
23 Coatepeque 45,654 people Departamento de Quetzaltenango 14.7 x -91.86667
24 Solola 45,373 people Departamento de Solola 14.76667 x -91.18333
25 Mazatenango 44,132 people Departamento de Suchitepequez 14.53333 x -91.5
26 Chiquimula 41,521 people Departamento de Chiquimula 14.8 x -89.55
27 San Pedro Sacatepequez 40,021 people Departamento de San Marcos 14.96667 x -91.76667
28 Antigua Guatemala 39,368 people Departamento de Sacatepequez 14.56111 x -90.73444
29 Retalhuleu 36,656 people Departamento de Retalhuleu 14.53333 x -91.68333
30 Zacapa 36,088 people Departamento de Zacapa 14.96667 x -89.53333

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