Description of Guam

Guam is situated in the western Pacific Ocean; it is the unincorporated territory of the United States. It has an established civilian government. There are five territories in U.S and Guam is one of them. ‘Hagatna’ is the capital of this country. It is also known as the largest of the country in the Mariana Islands which is situated in the southernmost of this island.


In the history of the Guam, there were ancient Chamorro, in that time the pre-contact society was developed. The Guam was developed by the seafaring people in the 200bc when they were migrating from the South East Asia. In the ancient time, the Guam had the culture just similar to many of the other countries like The Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia. The people who live at that time in Guam were the descendants of the Austronesian people.Then these people get converted into Chamorro people. After this the new age which has come that was advanced hunting and horticultural. They had much knowledge about weaving and because of this reason they have built the canons and houses in this place.

The Guam was divided into the three society when the Europeans came there the three society was metal known as upper class, a chart known as middle class and mana change which were known as lower class. Coastal villages were the places which were reserved for metal and the interior of the island were for the mana’chang as they were poor. 

Map and language

It is the place which is located in the western Pacific Ocean. Haganta the capital is located in the longitude 13.28 degree north, 144.45 degrees east. It has the highest point at Mount lamlam and the lowest point at the Pacific Ocean.

There are two languages that are speaking in this place that are English and second is Chamorro.

Culture and holidays

Navigators of early time and evangelists portrayed the native occupants of Guam. The men wore their hair free or curled in a tangle on top of the head; however there are likewise records of the men shaving the head, except for an area around a finger long, which they cleared out on the crown. Some of them were bearded. They likewise destroyed caps called akgak made of pandanus plant. Conveying a cut strolling stick was a style among young fellows. Men manufactured houses and kayaks and angled, chased winged creatures, natural product bats and crabs, and developed their own particular crops.

There are various of the holidays in the guam that are nationally declared that are new year day at 1st January, Martin lutherking day at 16th January, presidents day at Feb 20, game discovery day at March 5, good Friday on 6thapril, memorial day at 26th may, independence day at 4thjuly, liberation day at 21stjuly, labour day at September 1st, veterans day at Nov 11, thanks giving day at 22nd November, Christmas day on 25th December.

Climate and weather

The climate of Guam can be portrayed as a run of the mill warm, tropical climate with two unique seasons. The dry season is in the middle of December and April; the blustery season endures from April to December, with the best falls in the middle of July and October. Temperatures range between 26-32°C, with the water temperature sitting on an agreeable year-cycle 28-29°C.

Travelling and Tourism

It is one of the largest islands of the USA and also the southernmost island. It is the territory of the USA. Micronesia is made up by many of the islands and guam is one of that island.As being the biggest island, there are lots of places which are used for the travelling and people will definitely love to travel here.

Vacations and Destinations

it is the place in the America where the people would love to make their vacations and here are many of the thing which will be very much interesting and that people would love to do while spending their vacations they are visiting beaches, snowfalls, great sunsets, listening to the music, the culture and many more things.

There are various of the destination in the Guam that are very much interesting and which will be definitely loved by the people the places are as follow, tamuning, again,tumor, dededo etc.

Some facts about Guam

Population of country 168,564 people
Area of Guam 549 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Oceania (OC)
Capital of Guam Hagatna
Currency at Guam Dollar (USD)
Domain Zone .gu
Phone country code -670
FIPS code of Guam GQ

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Guam video guide

More information about Guam

Climate of Guam:
  • tropical marine
  • generally warm and humid, moderated by northeast trade winds
  • dry season (January to June), rainy season (July to December)
  • little seasonal temperature variation
Terrain of Guam:
  • volcanic origin, surrounded by coral reefs
  • relatively flat coralline limestone plateau (source of most fresh water), with steep coastal cliffs and narrow coastal plains in north, low hills in center, mountains in south
Guam also has such useful resources as: aquatic wildlife (supporting tourism), fishing (largely undeveloped).

Top cities of Guam

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Dededo Village 42,980 people Dededo Municipality 13.51777 x 144.8391
2 Yigo Village 19,474 people Yigo Municipality 13.53605 x 144.88855
3 Tamuning-Tumon-Harmon Village 18,012 people Tamuning-Tumon-Harmon Municipality 13.48773 x 144.78138
4 Mangilao Village 13,313 people Mangilao Municipality 13.44761 x 144.80109
5 Mongmong-Toto-Maite Village 10,500 people Mongmong-Toto-Maite Municipality 13.46857 x 144.78214
6 Barrigada Village 8,652 people Barrigada Municipality 13.46913 x 144.79901
7 Santa Rita Village 7,500 people Santa Rita Municipality 13.38608 x 144.67226
8 Yona Village 6,484 people Yona Municipality 13.40974 x 144.77697
9 Chalan Pago-Ordot Village 5,923 people Chalan Pago-Ordot Municipality 13.44741 x 144.75902
10 Agat Village 5,656 people Agat Municipality 13.38855 x 144.65852
11 Agana Heights Village 3,940 people Agana Heights Municipality 13.46559 x 144.74795
12 Talofofo Village 3,215 people Talofofo Municipality 13.35513 x 144.75835
13 Inarajan Village 3,052 people Inarajan Municipality 13.27363 x 144.74845
14 Sinajana Village 2,853 people Sinajana Municipality 13.46334 x 144.75406
15 Merizo Village 2,163 people Merizo Municipality 13.26584 x 144.66908
16 Asan-Maina Village 2,090 people Asan-Maina Municipality 13.47215 x 144.71654
17 Piti Village 1,666 people Piti Municipality 13.46256 x 144.69331
18 Hagatna 1,100 people Hagatna Municipality 13.47567 x 144.74886
19 Hagatna Village 1,100 people Hagatna Municipality 13.47279 x 144.75802

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