Description of Grenada

Grenada is known as a nation of islands. This nation comprises of six little islands. These islands of Grenada are arranged in southeastern Caribbean Sea. This nation is understood for its vast mixed bag of flavors. The flavors like nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, cocoa and ginger. The flavors here are of best quality and are renowned over the world.

History, Map and Languages

Christopher Columbus found Grenada in 1498. The island was at that point occupied by the Carib Indians, who had relocated from the South American territory, executing or subjugating the serene Arawaks who were at that point tenants there. Throughout the hundreds of years, despite the fact that control of the island went from France to Britain (and quickly back to France once more), the name persisted with simply the smallest of modifications, evolving from "Granada" to "La Grenade" to "Grenada".

In spite of the fact that Grenada has seen numerous mobs and unrests The most recent 31 years have been a tranquil, law based and productive back to typical presence, which has included numerous new building structures and limitlessly enhanced framework.

Culture and Holidays

Carriacou is very popular over here. Despite the fact that French impact on Grenadian society is considerably less unmistakable than on other Caribbean islands, surnames and spot names in French remain, and the regular dialect is bound with French words and the neighborhood tongue, or Patois. More grounded French impact is found in the all around prepared hot nourishment and styles of cooking. Island society is intensely affected by the African foundations of a large portion of the Grenadians. The "oil down" is thought to be the national dish. There are many Grenada hotels in the country.

Climate and whether

Normal temperatures range from 24°C/75°F to 30°C/87°F, tempered by the unfaltering and cooling exchange winds. The most minimal temperatures happen in the middle of January and April. The driest season is in the middle of January and May. The blustery season is from June to December, where a few days out of the week may see downpour eventually in the day. By and large when it rains it doesn't keep going for over an hour on end.

Travelling and Tourism

There are many flights to Grenada that take off from the place. A substantial travel permit and return or forward ticket is needed. A portion of the nations is obliged to buy a visitor visa on an entry in Grenada and expenses EC$ 25. You can reach Grenada via plane or pontoon. The closest Airport is Maurice Bishop International Airport. There are numerous voyage ships accessible to reach Grenada.

Vacation and Destination

There area many great places to visit in the country. Waterfalls, Distilleries and other attractions make this country a must for tourists. There is such a great amount to see in Grenada  notable fortresses, lakes, waterfalls, zest domains - some of them still operational today, flavor gardens, flower gardens, rum refineries, estate houses, Amerindian petroglyphs, and so forth. Many Resort Grenada are available in the place.

Belmont Estate situated in the St Patrick just an hour's picturesque commute from the island's capital, St. George. Belmont Estate is an interesting and credible seventeenth-century ranch that offers visitors a chance to partake in and watch the workings of a completely utilitarian notable manor. Grenada Medical facilities are also very well known and widely popular. 


Some facts about Grenada

Population of country 107,818 people
Area of Grenada 344 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Central America and the Caribbean (NA)
Capital of Grenada St. George's
Currency at Grenada Dollar (XCD)
Domain Zone .gd
Phone country code -472
FIPS code of Grenada GJ

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More information about Grenada

Climate of Grenada:
  • tropical
  • tempered by northeast trade winds
Terrain of Grenada:
  • volcanic in origin with central mountains
Grenada also has such useful resources as: timber, tropical fruit, deepwater harbors.

Top cities of Grenada

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Saint George's 7,500 people Saint George 12.05644 x -61.74849
2 Gouyave 3,378 people Saint John 12.16667 x -61.73333
3 Grenville 2,476 people Saint Andrew 12.11667 x -61.61667
4 Victoria 2,256 people Saint Mark 12.19021 x -61.70677
5 Saint David's 1,321 people Saint David 12.03333 x -61.66667
6 Sauteurs 1,320 people Saint Patrick 12.21667 x -61.63333

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