Description of Ghana

Ghana is a sovereign country located down the Gulf of Guinea. In the East Africa region situated is the Atlantic Ocean. Here, the meaning of the word Ghana is “Warrior King”. This name Ghana is chosen for the nation after getting independence from the United Kingdom in the year 1957. The capital region of Ghana is “Accra”.


Ghana is known as the Republic of Ghana after the medieval West African Ghana Empire and it is known as Ghana Empire in the areas Europe and Arabia following its emperors Ghana. Following the conquest by Almoravid, the Empire has been broken up. After the rule of Almoravid ended the reduced Ghana kingdom existed and was incorporated into Sahelian Empires like Malia Empire.

Ghana also has oldest and the largest of 13 Ghanaian universities and the territory institutions that is, University of Ghana. It is found in the year 1948.


Land borders of Ghana are Togo towards the east, Ivory Coast towards the west, Burkina Faso to the north and Atlantic Ocean towards the south. The extreme points of Ghana include, Mount Afadjato 880 m in High and Gulf of Guinea to the low.


The official language of Ghana is English and the national languages include, Dagaare, Asante Twi, Kasem, Dagbani, Ga, Ewe, Gonja, Talent, Fante, Dangme Nzema, Akuapem Twi.


Ghana culture is a mixture of beliefs and practices of the various people groups of Ghana.

The most lived religions of Ghana are Hindus, Islamic and Christianity people.

Ghana gastronomy and the cuisine is different that includes soups, stews with a variety of sea foods. The soups are mainly prepared with fish, poultry, meat and vegetables. Fish is the main diet of Ghana people.

The literature of Ghana includes novels and arts such as poetry, Ghanaian theatre had good development with good poets and authors even at the national level.

People of Ghana used to wear traditional Adinkra cloths and other cloth fabrics previously, but the modern fashion includes both traditional as well as modern fabrics.

Ghana people have diverse music and dance forms in various regions of Ghana and in between various ethnic groups.

Ghana film industry has reached heights and in the Ghana movies the filmmakers will feature the Nigerian actors and actresses.

When it comes to sports of Ghana, Association of Soccer or Football is the most viewed game. Ghana soccer team has many champions. The team is known as Black Stars.


There are many public holidays in Ghana and they include, January 1st (New Year), March 6th (Independence Day), March or April (Good Friday, Easter Monday), May 1(Labour Day), May 25 (Africa Day), July 1(Republic Day), September 21(Founder's Day), 1st Friday of December (Farmers' Day), December 25 (Christmas Day), December 26 (Boxing Day), Variable Islamic days include (End of Ramadan, Feast of the Sacrifice).

Climate and Weather

As Ghana is situated only a few degrees from the north of the Equator, it has a warm climate. Mainly it has the tropical climate with two seasons namely dry and wet.

Travelling and Tourism

South Americans, Europeans, North Americans and South Asians visit the Ghana to see the various attractions of Ghana such as waterfalls, beaches, caves, mountains, rivers, etc. Ghana is known to have word’s favorite tourist places according to Worlds economic forum in the year 2010.

Vacation and Destinations

The tourist destination and vacation places of Ghana include, Accra (Beaches, Nightlife), Tema (Harbor), Tamale (Culture and Sports), Mole National Park, Aburi (Botanical gardens, mountains, and waterfall) and lots more.

Some facts about Ghana

Population of country 24,339,838 people
Area of Ghana 239,460 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent
Africa (AF)
Capital of Ghana Accra
Currency at Ghana Cedi (GHS)
Domain Zone .gh
Phone country code 233
FIPS code of Ghana GH

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More information about Ghana

Climate of Ghana:

  • tropical
  • warm and comparatively dry along southeast coast
  • hot and humid in southwest
  • hot and dry in north
Terrain of Ghana:

  • mostly low plains with dissected plateau in south-central area
Ghana also has such useful resources as: gold, timber, industrial diamonds, bauxite, manganese, fish, rubber, hydropower, petroleum, silver, salt, limestone.

Top cities of Ghana

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Accra 1,963,264 people Greater Accra Region 5.55602 x -0.1969
2 Kumasi 1,468,609 people Ashanti Region 6.69362 x -1.62179
3 Tamale 360,579 people Northern Region 9.40078 x -0.8393
4 Takoradi 232,919 people 4.88447 x -1.75536
5 Achiaman 202,932 people 5.7 x -0.33333
6 Tema 155,782 people 5.61667 x -0.01667
7 Teshi 144,013 people 5.58365 x -0.10722
8 Cape Coast 143,015 people Central Region 5.10535 x -1.2466
9 Sekondi 138,872 people Western Region 4.934 x -1.7137
10 Obuasi 137,856 people 6.20602 x -1.66191
11 Madina 101,207 people 5.68234 x -0.16413
12 Koforidua 96,266 people Eastern Region 6.09408 x -0.25913
13 Wa 78,107 people Upper West Region 10.06069 x -2.50192
14 Nungua 70,483 people 5.60106 x -0.07713
15 Sunyani 70,299 people Brong-Ahafo 7.33991 x -2.32676
16 Ho 69,998 people Volta Region 6.6 x 0.46667
17 Techiman 69,720 people 7.58616 x -1.94137
18 Bawku 56,830 people Upper East Region 11.0616 x -0.24168
19 Bolgatanga 54,430 people Upper East Region 10.78556 x -0.85139
20 Tafo 50,457 people 6.73453 x -1.61275
21 Swedru 50,293 people 5.53711 x -0.69984
22 Dom 47,260 people 5.65003 x -0.2361
23 Nkawkaw 47,162 people 6.55121 x -0.7662
24 Berekum 46,287 people 7.4534 x -2.58404
25 Gbawe 44,645 people 5.57714 x -0.31035
26 Winneba 44,254 people 5.35113 x -0.62313
27 Oduponkpehe 44,227 people 5.53302 x -0.4224
28 Ejura 43,403 people 7.38558 x -1.35617
29 Oda 43,399 people 5.92313 x -0.99507
30 Yendi 42,972 people 9.44272 x -0.00991

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