Description of Georgia

Georgia is a nation in the Caucasus. It lies at the eastern end of the Black Sea, with Turkey and Armenia toward the south, Azerbaijan toward the east, and Russia toward the north.

History and Map

Georgia is an area with a radiant history and unparalleled characteristic excellence. Archeologists discovered the most seasoned hints of wine generation (8000 BC) in Georgia. Indeed, even numerous world explorers lamentably get the valuable little presentation to this stretch of the area between the Black and Caspian oceans. Be that as it may, this is evolving radically. After the Russian Revolution of 1917, Georgia announced freedom on 26 May 1918, amidst the Russian Civil War. The Menshevik Georgian Social-Democratic Party won the parliamentary race. Its pioneer, Noe Zhordania, got to be a head administrator.


Georgian is the official language of the country and even English also talk by many sections of the society.


The way of life of Georgia has developed over the nation's long history, giving it a novel national society and an in number scholarly convention in light of the Georgian dialect and letters in order. This has given an in number feeling of national personality that has served to protect Georgian peculiarity in spite of rehashed times of outside occupation.

Climate and Weather

The way of life of Georgia has advanced over the nation's long history, furnishing it with an one of a kind national society and an in number scholarly convention in view of the Georgian dialect and letter set. This has given an in number feeling of national personality that has served to save Georgian peculiarity regardless of rehashed times of remote occupation.

Travelling and Tourism

Reaching Georgia requires a valid passport and visa. Though there are many countries, that are given liberty to get a visa on arrival. Georgia Mountains are a very good spectacle and widely famous all over. 

Vacation and Destination

The cooking of Georgia is legitimately celebrated all through the district (guests to Moscow will have seen the measure of Georgian eateries). Prevalent "national" dishes incorporate "khachapuri" cheddar filled the bread, it more looks like cheddar pie) and khinkali (minced, spiced meat in a dumpling, served in tremendous amounts). While the khachapuri accompanies each dinner (and its extremely conceivable to become weary of this), khinkali is normally held for its own different supper, where Georgian men will down 15 tremendous dumplings like its no major ordeal.

Gold & Other kinds of Jewelry are very cheaply available over here. There are many different kinds gems which are very beautiful and available at a very cheap cost over here. Along with this Georgia is also very famous for its art and painting work. Georgian Painting are sold worldwide and are very widely popular. The work available over here is of very high quality and is often very low priced. Along with this different kind of Antiquities and other artefacts are also very widely sold in the area. Georgia also offers as many as 521 varieties of grape wine which are very excellent and rare. 

Some facts about Georgia

Population of country 4,630,000 people
Area of Georgia 69,700 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent
Middle East (AS)
Capital of Georgia Tbilisi
Currency at Georgia Lari (GEL)
Domain Zone .ge
Phone country code 995
FIPS code of Georgia GG

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More information about Georgia

Climate of Georgia:

  • warm and pleasant
  • Mediterranean-like on Black Sea coast
Terrain of Georgia:

  • largely mountainous with Great Caucasus Mountains in the north and Lesser Caucasus Mountains in the south
  • Kolkhet'is Dablobi (Kolkhida Lowland) opens to the Black Sea in the west
  • Mtkvari River Basin in the east
  • good soils in river valley flood plains, foothills of Kolkhida Lowland
Georgia also has such useful resources as: timber, hydropower, manganese deposits, iron ore, copper, minor coal and oil deposits; coastal climate and soils allow for important tea and citrus growth.

Top cities of Georgia

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Tbilisi 1,049,498 people K'alak'i T'bilisi 41.69411 x 44.83368
2 K'ut'aisi 178,338 people Imereti 42.24961 x 42.69974
3 Bat'umi 121,806 people Ajaria 41.64159 x 41.63593
4 Sokhumi 81,546 people Abkhazia 43.00697 x 40.9893
5 Zugdidi 73,006 people Samegrelo and Zemo Svaneti 42.5088 x 41.87088
6 Rust'avi 50,000 people 41.54949 x 44.99323
7 P'ot'i 47,149 people Samegrelo and Zemo Svaneti 42.14616 x 41.67197
8 Gori 46,676 people Shida Kartli 41.98422 x 44.11578
9 Ts'khinvali 30,000 people 42.22764 x 43.96861
10 Samtredia 28,748 people 42.1537 x 42.33517
11 Khashuri 27,811 people Shida Kartli 41.99414 x 43.59994
12 Senaki 27,752 people Samegrelo and Zemo Svaneti 42.27042 x 42.0675
13 Stantsiya Novyy Afon 26,636 people 43.08056 x 40.83833
14 Zestap'oni 25,891 people Imereti 42.11 x 43.0525
15 T'elavi 21,800 people Kakheti 41.91978 x 45.47315
16 Marneuli 18,755 people Kvemo Kartli 41.47588 x 44.80894
17 Kobuleti 18,600 people Ajaria 41.82 x 41.77528
18 Tqvarch'eli 17,847 people 42.84035 x 41.68007
19 Akhalts'ikhe 17,298 people 41.63901 x 42.98262
20 Tsqaltubo 16,736 people Imereti 42.34129 x 42.5976
21 Och'amch'ire 15,517 people 42.71232 x 41.46863
22 Tskhinvali 15,000 people 42.23 x 43.97
23 Kaspi 14,734 people Shida Kartli 41.9252 x 44.42568
24 Borjomi 13,825 people Samtskhe-Javakheti 41.85272 x 43.41284
25 Bolnisi 13,800 people 41.44794 x 44.53838
26 Tqibuli 13,201 people 42.35121 x 42.99874
27 Sagarejo 12,173 people Kakheti 41.73397 x 45.33148
28 Gali 11,861 people Abkhazia 42.62655 x 41.73808
29 Gardabani 10,972 people Kvemo Kartli 41.46054 x 45.09283
30 Khoni 10,796 people Imereti 42.3226 x 42.42061

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