Description of Fiji

Fiji is located in the South Pacific Ocean. This is an island country that is made up of 332 islands, with a handful making up the majority of the land mass. There are around 110 islands that are not inhabited.

Fiji was the result of volcanic mountains combined with warm tropical waters. The coral reefs are majestic and one of the main draws of tourists today. These reefs were a nightmare for European mariners until the 19th century. Because of this Fiji has retained the land of their country and most of the noncommercial and sharing attitude of the people that live in vast extended families and have access to natural resources.


European involvement did finally come and when the islands seceded to Britain, the islanders were converted to Christianity. Other marks of the cession to Britain include the end of cannibalism and brutal tribal warfare, as well as the immigration of many Indian laborers, who now make up almost half of the population.

Fiji gained its independence in the year 1970 after being a British colony for nearly 100 years. there were 2 military coups in 1987 that interrupted democratic rule of the country. The coups along with a constitution written in 1990 cemented control of the islands to the native Melanesian. This led to many Indians leaving, which resulted in economic difficulties.  A new constitution was enacted in 1997 and this was more equal. There were elections held in 1999 that led to Indo-Fijian leadership. There was a civilian led coup that occurred in 2000 and this created a long period of political turmoil. Laisenia Qarase became prime minister during the 2001 elections. There was another coup in 2006.

Fiji today is one of the loveliest places in the entire world. It offers coconut plantations, rainforests, and hills that were cleared by fire. For a casual tourist it offers a place that is free of some evils such as landmines, malaria, or other forms of terrorism.

While the recent political events have led to a reduction in tourism, the industry has responded by offering lower prices and increasing the promotions of the main resort towns that are removed from the politics taking place around the capital city.

Traveling to Fiji

As mentioned, tourism has taken a hit because of the politics. However, the islands remain a popular destination for many visitors around the world. Tourism remains the backbone of the economy. The price to travel there is mid-range, which makes it a great choice for many people. There are some world class luxury resorts on the islands as well.

Honeymoons in Fiji are quite popular as are romantic getaways. There are several adult only resorts and couples only resorts that cater to the crowd that is looking for a bit of romance on their holiday. These resorts are typically smaller and located in more isolated areas in order to add to the romance.

There are several family friendly resorts on the islands as well. Many of these resorts will cater to families by offering kids facilities and clubs that can help parents relax on the trip as well. There are some resorts that offer a nanny service for the younger members of the family as well.

If you are a budget minded traveler you can find some great deals in many of the best locations on the islands. The gorgeous Yasawa Island and Mamanuca Island chains have several budget tourist resorts. You can access these islands using Port Denarau located on Denarau Island by using a ferry service that will stop on the different islands as it goes around the loop. Denarau Island is located just about 20 minutes from the airport. Coral coast is another option that is located on the south coast of Viti Levu, which is a main island of the country.

Must See Places

There are several places that you must see when visiting Fiji. The Garden of the Sleeping Giant was the garden of Raymond Burr, a famous actor. The Fiji Museum offers artifacts from the islands that date back as long as 3700 years.

Taking a helicopter tour of the islands is a great way to spend a few hours. You will be able to see some glorious views while you are flying above the islands. Another option is a jet boat safari that will take you down the Sigatoka River. You can stop in one of the villages for a tour that is unique and rewarding.

Some facts about Fiji

Population of country 875,983 people
Area of Fiji 18,270 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Oceania (OC)
Capital of Fiji Suva
Currency at Fiji Dollar (FJD)
Domain Zone .fj
Phone country code 679
FIPS code of Fiji FJ

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More information about Fiji

Climate of Fiji:
  • tropical marine
  • only slight seasonal temperature variation
Terrain of Fiji:
  • mostly mountains of volcanic origin
Fiji also has such useful resources as: timber, fish, gold, copper, offshore oil potential, hydropower.

Top cities of Fiji

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Suva 77,366 people Central -18.14161 x 178.44149
2 Nadi 42,284 people Western -17.8 x 177.41667
3 Lambasa 24,187 people Northern -16.41667 x 179.38333

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