Faroe Islands

Description of Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands consist of 18 islands that are located in the center of the North Atlantic Ocean. The islands sit about halfway between Norway and Iceland. They are a self-governing territory of Denmark. However, they aim to achieve a higher form of independence in the future. The population of the islands is around 50,000 and the people of the island have a language and a culture that is all their own. When you visit the islands you are never going to be more than 5 kilometers away from the coast. The country side offers steep mountains and about 70,000 sheep as well as over 2 million pairs of seabirds. The islands are home to the largest storm petrels colony of the world.

Visiting Faroe Islands

The tourist season for the Faroe Islands is short. It starts in May and is over by September. Many of the people who want to visit the islands will come between July and August. If you want to avoid the busier times consider planning your trip in the late part of May through the earlier parts of June.

One of the main reasons that individuals come to the islands is because of the nature and the scenery that the islands have to offer. During the summer the islands become quite green. This combined with the deep blue ocean, fresh air, green mountains with gorgeous valleys, and the glorious vertical sea cliffs are something that would amaze anyone that likes to be surrounded by nature.

There is a part of the culture that is grindadrap. This is a traditional whale hunt that occurs when the long finned pilot whales or the dolphins are seen swimming between the islands. This can occur at any time between June through September. It may happen on any of the more than 20 beaches of the island as well. Traditionally, this hunt is also referred to as the grind. The hunting consists of diving a pod of the dolphins or pilot whales to the beach using boats. Once the mammals get close to the shore they are killed using knives and hooks. The whole group will be killed, even the females that are pregnant and the babies. This will stain the sea red for many meters.

In addition, there are horse trekking, bus rides, boat trips, and mountain hikes that will allow you to see the magnificent landscape that the islands have to offer. There are times when a summer fog will make the landscape seem almost mystical.

If you are looking to escape from the madness of the big city, the islands are a wonderful choice. The people of the islands are rather laid back and they are not worried about being anywhere in a certain amount of time. If you decide you want to spend the night out on the town Torshavn will cater to all of your needs with some great bars, cafes, shops, and restaurants.

The islands are close to the Arctic circle so the daylight will vary based on the season. The sun will set every night in June offering several hours of twilight. During the winter season there are not days of complete darkness, but there are only about 5 hours of daylight that occur.

Some of the destinations on the islands that you will want to consider include Vestmannabjorgini. These are the bird cliffs that are located north of Vestmanna. The cliffs sit about a half of a kilometer high and are one of the highlights of many people’s trip to the islands.

Tinganes is a town that many people enjoy it was once Torshavn. There are also the coal mines located in Hvalba, Suouroy. You may also want to take the time to visit Mjokadalur.

Shopping and Dining

Many of the smaller stores on the islands are not open during the evenings, with many closing as early as 2 p.m. Almost every store on the island will be closed on Sunday. The best place for shopping is Torshavn, but there are also some great stores located in Klaksvik and Runavik where you will find nick nacks and other clothes.

Most of the traditional food of the islands will contain meat, typically fish or lamb. Some of the distinctive foods you may find on the islands include wild seabird such as puffins, skerpikjot, raest kjot, dried fish, whale blubber and meat, and rhubarb as it can be cultivated easily.

Some facts about Faroe Islands

Population of country 48,228 people
Area of Faroe Islands 1,399 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Europe (EU)
Capital of Faroe Islands Torshavn
Currency at Faroe Islands Krone (DKK)
Domain Zone .fo
Phone country code 298
FIPS code of Faroe Islands FO

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Faroe Islands video guide

More information about Faroe Islands

Climate of Faroe Islands:
  • mild winters, cool summers
  • usually overcast
  • foggy, windy
Terrain of Faroe Islands:
  • rugged, rocky, some low peaks
  • cliffs along most of coast
Faroe Islands also has such useful resources as: fish, whales, hydropower, possible oil and gas.

Top cities of Faroe Islands

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Torshavn 13,200 people Streymoy 62.00973 x -6.77164
2 Klaksvik 4,664 people Nordoyar 62.22655 x -6.58901
3 Hoyvik 2,777 people Streymoy 62.03407 x -6.78127
4 Argir 1,871 people Streymoy 61.99595 x -6.77154
5 Vagur 1,569 people Suduroy 61.47324 x -6.81185
6 Fuglafjordur 1,542 people Eysturoy 62.24398 x -6.81395
7 Vestmanna 1,284 people Streymoy 62.15639 x -7.16639
8 Tvoroyri 1,230 people Suduroy 61.55557 x -6.81109
9 Sorvagur 1,066 people Vagar 62.09726 x -7.3577
10 Kollafjordhur 1,049 people Streymoy 62.11167 x -6.91067
11 Midvagur 1,040 people Vagar 62.05111 x -7.19389
12 Sandur 608 people Sandoy 61.8425 x -6.80778

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