Description of Ecuador

Ecuador is located in South America. It has a coastline on the Pacific Ocean. Ecuador shares a border with Columbia and Peru. The country lies on the equator.

The highest active volcano is Cotopaxi, which is in the country. There are several UNESCO world heritage sites listed in the country as well. One of the best known places of Ecuador is the Galapagos Islands. Cuenca is a city that is well-known as well.

Ecuador was one of the 3 countries that came out of the collapse of Gran Columbia which occurred in 1830. The other 2 countries were Venezuela and Columbia. From 1904 through 1942, the country lost several territories during conflicts with neighboring countries. There was a border war that flared up with Peru in the year 1995 and was finally resolved in the year 1999.


There are many great destinations throughout Ecuador. Maguipucuna is a pristine rainforest near Quito and a cloud forest reserve. Canoa offers a small beach town that offers a quiet place to get away. One of the more popular beaches located in the country is Esmeraldas.

Quito is the capital of the country and offers a city with a great amount of history. You can take a walk downtown and enjoy the gorgeous colonial buildings. There is a cable car that takes passengers from the highest mountain of the city. This allows for some spectacular views of the entire city. Additionally, you will find some great cafes and dancing clubs that are open each weekend, often as late as 5 am.

Guayaquil offers the wonderful Malecon that opened in the year 2000. This area is similar to Navy Pier, which is in Chicago, Illinois in the United States. You will find shopping, boat rides, food, and a gorgeous view of a river. The prices in the area are quite affordable, but it is important to note that most of the things that are sold with a brand name are going to be knockoffs. The area is quite safe and well patrolled. If you are looking for a real adventure you should visit the more authentic Bahia. You should only go to this market if you are with a native as it is not safe otherwise. Here you will be able to purchase almost any knock off there. There are numerous pirated movies and video games for purchase. You can also find gaming systems. You should make the sellers show you that the movies play and the games work before you buy one. While at the Bahia market you will need to haggle for every item.

If you are an outdoor or extreme sport enthusiast, Banos is the city for you. There you will find mountain climbing, backpack excursions, rafting, and other types of excursions. You can find a guide who speaks English. You should also make sure that you get all of your vaccinations before your trip as you can get some extremely bad infections from being exposed to the water for a long amount of time. In Banos there is also a mineral bath in a hot spring. Admission is cheap and the water is wonderful. There are several more expensive baths as well, but they are all fed from the same water. You should try to arrive when it opens as this is when the water will be the cleanest and the freshest.

Cuenca was founded thousands of years ago and is a World Heritage City. It is located at a 5 river junction and offers some of the best examples of Colonial Spanish architecture of the world. The Old Town is made of cobble stone and extremely clean. The restaurants of the town are first class and there is also a symphony orchestra. Cuenca offers a great blend of several cultures and time frames. There are outdoor farmer’s markets throughout the city as well.

If you are looking for the best place to see the Amazon Rainforest in the country, Cuyabeno Wild Life Reserve is a good choice. The reserve offers a high amount of biodiversity where nature lovers will be in paradise. This is a great way to meet one of the local shamans and discover some of the indigenous communities of the country.

Ibarra is about an hour and a half driver from Quito and there are some great touristic activities available in the area. This includes adventure tours such as swing jumping, rafting, trekking, kayaking, etc. Some of the places that you should visit while here include Cotacachi, Intag, Otavalo, and Ibarra.

All of the beaches in the country are quite amazing including Bahia de Caraquez, Salinas, Crucita, Manta, San Clemente, and San Jacinto. Each of the beaches has inexpensive accommodations, friendly people, and great food. There are some upscale establishments in these areas as well.

Ecuador is one of the most bio-diverse countries in the entire world. Galapagos Islands are famed for the wildlife. However, there are many great things to see in the mainland as well. There are over a hundred types of hummingbirds as well as thousands of varieties of orchids. Some of the best places to view them include Mindo, Cuyabeno Wild Life Reserve, and the San Luis de Pambil.

Montanita Town is located on the coast about 3 hours away from Guayaquil. This town is growing and has many different things to offer, which makes it fun to visit. It has a nice beach, great surroundings, and the people who live there are wonderful.

Some facts about Ecuador

Population of country 14,790,608 people
Area of Ecuador 283,560 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent (SA)
Capital of Ecuador Quito
Currency at Ecuador Dollar (USD)
Domain Zone .ec
Phone country code 593
FIPS code of Ecuador EC

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More information about Ecuador

Climate of Ecuador:
  • tropical along coast, becoming cooler inland at higher elevations
  • tropical in Amazonian jungle lowlands
Terrain of Ecuador:
  • coastal plain (costa), inter-Andean central highlands (sierra), and flat to rolling eastern jungle (oriente)
Ecuador also has such useful resources as: petroleum, fish, timber, hydropower.

Top cities of Ecuador

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Guayaquil 1,952,029 people Provincia del Guayas -2.16667 x -79.9
2 Quito 1,399,814 people Provincia de Pichincha -0.22985 x -78.52495
3 Cuenca 276,964 people Provincia del Azuay -2.88333 x -78.98333
4 Santo Domingo de los Colorados 200,421 people Provincia de Pichincha -0.25 x -79.15
5 Machala 198,123 people Provincia de El Oro -3.26667 x -79.96667
6 Manta 183,166 people Provincia de Manabi -0.95 x -80.73333
7 Portoviejo 170,326 people Provincia de Manabi -1.05 x -80.45
8 Duran 167,784 people Provincia del Guayas -2.2 x -79.83333
9 Ambato 154,369 people Provincia del Tungurahua -1.24908 x -78.61675
10 Riobamba 124,478 people Provincia del Chimborazo -1.66667 x -78.63333
11 Quevedo 119,436 people Provincia de Los Rios -1.03333 x -79.45
12 Loja 117,796 people Provincia de Loja -3.99313 x -79.20422
13 Ibarra 108,666 people Provincia de Imbabura 0.35 x -78.11667
14 Propicia 95,630 people Provincia de Esmeraldas 0.93333 x -79.68333
15 Babahoyo 76,279 people Provincia de Los Rios -1.81667 x -79.51667
16 La Libertad 75,881 people Provincia del Guayas -2.23333 x -80.9
17 Latacunga 51,717 people Provincia de Cotopaxi -0.93333 x -78.61667
18 Velasco Ibarra 48,754 people Provincia del Guayas -1.05 x -79.61667
19 Ventanas 46,708 people Provincia de Los Rios -1.45 x -79.46667
20 Pasaje 44,860 people Provincia de El Oro -3.33333 x -79.81667
21 Chone 44,751 people Provincia de Manabi -0.68333 x -80.1
22 Salinas 43,862 people Provincia del Guayas -2.21667 x -80.96667
23 Santa Elena 42,214 people Provincia de Santa Elena -2.23333 x -80.85
24 Rosa Zarate 42,121 people Provincia de Esmeraldas 0.33333 x -79.46667
25 Santa Rosa 41,816 people Provincia de El Oro -3.45 x -79.96667
26 Balzar 40,115 people Provincia del Guayas -1.36667 x -79.9
27 Huaquillas 39,757 people Provincia de El Oro -3.48333 x -80.23333
28 Bahia de Caraquez 37,056 people Provincia de Manabi -0.6 x -80.41667
29 La Troncal 36,353 people Provincia del Canar -2.4 x -79.33333
30 Jipijapa 35,901 people Provincia de Manabi -1.33333 x -80.58333

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