Description of Denmark

Denmark is located in Scandinavia and the main part of the country’s land consists of a Jutland, which is a peninsula that sits just north of Germany. There are also a number of islands that are a part of the country. This includes two major islands, Funen and Zealand.

Denmark is a prosperous modern nation and is a participant in the general economic and political integration of Europe. However, the country has chosen to not be a part of several of the Maastrict Treaty portions including the monetary system and other issues that concern internal affairs.

Denmark is the home of one of the most popular toys of the world, Lego. The country is home to the Legoland theme park and is one of the best places in the world to buy this great toy.


The highest point in Europe is located in Denmark, but what this entails is a bit uncertain. The highest natural point seems to be Ejer Baunehoj. This is located in the Lake District. Just 3 kilometers away there is the Yding Skovhoj, which is 2 meters higher because of an ancient burial mound. The actual highest point in the country is the Sosterhoj Transmission tower which is 213 meters tall.


Sports are quite popular in the country and football is the supreme sport. Football is considered the national sport closely followed by handball, gymnastics, and golf.

Hygge is another trait of the Danish culture. This translates to mean snug or cozy. Hygge typically involves a low key dinner at home with conversations over candlelight with close family and friends. The word is often used to describe social interactions that take place in the country.

Another important aspect of the Danish culture is modesty. This is prominent in the behavior patterns of the people as well as in the design of the cities and buildings. The designs are minimalistic and functional more than being flashy.

The country often receives praise for being one of the greenest in the world. Apart from the many bikes that are found on the streets, you will find that the Danish people are fairly nonchalant about the environment. They believe that environmentalism is a collective responsibility of the people. There have been several reforms put in place by the Social Democratic leadership that have made the country one of the most energy efficient of the world. This has resulted in the technological advancements being one of the largest exports of the country. Some examples include home insulation, wind turbines, and thermostats.

The green innovations do have an impact on those who travel to the country. There is a cost for plastic bags that is non-refundable so it is best to bring your own bags when shopping for groceries. Bottles and cans can be returned for a deposit. This is available wherever these products are sold. The toilets have a half flush and a full flush function. You will get to figure out which one you should use. There is about a 100% tax on gas, which makes the price around $8 a gallon and sometimes even more. In addition, most counties will require you to separate your waste into burnable and biological containers.


There are many great destinations throughout Denmark. Anholt is located between Denmark and Sweden and is a secluded island that offers the largest desert in all of northern Europe. Here you will find one of the largest seal populations in Scandinavia.

Ertholmene is a small group of islands that makes up the eastern part of the country. There is a large reserve for birds as well as several older defense installations.

Fano is an island that offers a large amount of different natural environments in a small area. There is heath, meadow, sand, and pine wood found on the island. Femo is famous for being a bastion for the women’s right movement. This area attracts feminists and lesbians from around the world.

Hirsholm is one of several small islands that are noted for the large amount of birds that live there. it is also the home to many great beaches as well as several bunkers that date back to the second world war.

Laeso is a great place to escape from everything. You can ride across the sand dunes on horses and see many unique farmhouses that have roofs made of seaweed.

Stevns Cliff is a 65 million year old cliff that is made of lime and chalk. It stretches across 12 kilometers of shore and is 41 meters high in some areas.

Some facts about Denmark

Population of country 5,484,000 people
Area of Denmark 43,094 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Europe (EU)
Capital of Denmark Copenhagen
Currency at Denmark Krone (DKK)
Domain Zone .dk
Phone country code 45
FIPS code of Denmark DA

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More information about Denmark

Climate of Denmark:
  • temperate
  • humid and overcast
  • mild, windy winters and cool summers
Terrain of Denmark:
  • low and flat to gently rolling plains
Denmark also has such useful resources as: petroleum, natural gas, fish, salt, limestone, chalk, stone, gravel and sand.

Top cities of Denmark

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Copenhagen 1,153,615 people Capital Region 55.67594 x 12.56553
2 Arhus 237,551 people Central Jutland 56.15674 x 10.21076
3 Odense 145,931 people South Denmark 55.39594 x 10.38831
4 Aalborg 122,219 people North Jutland 57.048 x 9.9187
5 Frederiksberg 95,029 people Capital Region 55.67938 x 12.53463
6 Esbjerg 72,205 people South Denmark 55.46667 x 8.45
7 Randers 55,780 people Central Jutland 56.46667 x 10.05
8 Kolding 55,363 people South Denmark 55.4904 x 9.47216
9 Vejle 51,177 people South Denmark 55.70927 x 9.5357
10 Horsens 50,074 people Central Jutland 55.86066 x 9.85034
11 Hvidovre 49,380 people Capital Region 55.65719 x 12.47364
12 Greve 47,671 people Zealand 55.58333 x 12.3
13 Herning 44,763 people Central Jutland 56.13932 x 8.97378
14 Roskilde 44,285 people Zealand 55.64152 x 12.08035
15 Silkeborg 41,674 people Central Jutland 56.1697 x 9.54508
16 Naestved 40,660 people Zealand 55.22992 x 11.76092
17 Charlottenlund 40,000 people Capital Region 55.75367 x 12.59181
18 Ballerup 40,000 people Capital Region 55.73165 x 12.36328
19 Fredericia 36,946 people South Denmark 55.56568 x 9.75257
20 Horsholm 36,670 people Capital Region 55.88333 x 12.5
21 Helsingor 35,048 people Capital Region 56.03606 x 12.6136
22 Viborg 34,831 people Central Jutland 56.45319 x 9.40201
23 Koge 33,885 people Zealand 55.45802 x 12.18214
24 Holstebro 32,072 people Central Jutland 56.36009 x 8.61607
25 Slagelse 31,896 people Zealand 55.40276 x 11.35459
26 Taastrup 30,977 people Capital Region 55.65173 x 12.29216
27 Rodovre 30,000 people Capital Region 55.68062 x 12.45373
28 Albertslund 30,000 people Capital Region 55.65691 x 12.36381
29 Hillerod 28,313 people Capital Region 55.92667 x 12.31091
30 Svendborg 27,553 people South Denmark 55.05982 x 10.60677

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