Description of Cyprus

Cyprus is an island located in the Mediterranean Sea. It is located just south of Turkey. It is the 3rd largest island located in the Mediterranean sea. While the island is geographically located in Asia, the political affiliations of the island are European. Cyprus is a member of the European Union.

Cyprus became independent from the United Kingdom in the year 1960. A constitution was written that guaranteed a share of power between the Turkish Cypriot minority and the Greek Cypriot majority. Despite this agreement the 2 populations, which were backed by the governments from Turkey and Greece, clashed in the year 1974. This resulted in Turkey occupying the north and the eastern 40% of the island. In the year 1983 this area that was held by Turkey declared that it was the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. This section of the island is only recognized by Turkey and all of the other governments of the United Nations only acknowledge the government for the Republic of Cyprus as ruling the entire island. A peacekeeping force is operated by the United Nations and there is a buffer zone between the 2 ethnic groups. Fortunately, there is very little open hostility found today and the 2 sides are inching towards a reunification of some type.

There are currently 6 administrative regions of Cyprus. Each of the regions is named for their capital. Since the year 1974 the entire Kyrenia district, a part of the Famagusta district, as well as the northern part of the Nicosia district have been occupied by Turkish forces. These areas are administered by the Turkish Cypriot community. Republic of Cyprus administers the Pahphos, Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca, and Famagusta districts.

Visiting Cyprus

There are several destinations in Cyprus worth visiting. The Akamas Peninsula is a popular destination. Ayia Napa is located in the far east and is often referred to as being the main party town of the country.

In the Troodos Mountains travelers will find a range of activities. There is agro tourism destinations located all throughout the mountains including 9 UNESCO world heritage sites. Some of the more prominent villages in the area include Spilia, Chandria, Palaichori, Platres, and Kakopetria.

Lefkara is called the Lace Village and is located at the foothills of the Troodos Mountains. this is a charming town with a lot of character. Protaras is predominately a tourist resort that offers waters that are clear and sky blue combined with gorgeous sandy beaches. The most well-known beach in the area is Fig Tree Bay.

What to See

There are several destinations that you should plan on visiting while in Cyprus. There are numerous antiquities and archaeological sites all throughout the area that date back to the new stone age through the Roman Empire. You will also want to explore the coastline as it offers gorgeous views.

Nicosia is the capital and offers a great amount of history including the Venetian walls that surround it. There are some great restaurants and bars in the city. Here you will also find the green line that divides the Turkish area of the country.

There are a number of hotels and apartments that can be rented during your stay. Some of the hotel chains include le Meridien, Elias Beach Hotel, Holiday Inn, and the Coral Beach Hotel. You may want to consider a restored traditional house for your stay as these are available all throughout the country and offer a unique and lovely place to stay during your visit.

Some facts about Cyprus

Population of country 1,102,677 people
Area of Cyprus 9,250 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Europe (EU)
Capital of Cyprus Nicosia
Currency at Cyprus Euro (EUR)
Domain Zone .cy
Phone country code 357
FIPS code of Cyprus CY

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Cyprus video guide

More information about Cyprus

Climate of Cyprus:
  • temperate
  • Mediterranean with hot, dry summers and cool winters
Terrain of Cyprus:
  • central plain with mountains to north and south
  • scattered but significant plains along southern coast
Cyprus also has such useful resources as: copper, pyrites, asbestos, gypsum, timber, salt, marble, clay earth pigment.

Top cities of Cyprus

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Nicosia 200,452 people Nicosia District 35.16667 x 33.36667
2 Limassol 154,000 people Limassol District 34.675 x 33.03333
3 Larnaca 72,000 people Larnaca District 34.91667 x 33.62917
4 Famagusta 42,526 people Famagusta District 35.125 x 33.95
5 Paphos 35,961 people Paphos District 34.76667 x 32.41667
6 Kyrenia 26,701 people Kyrenia District 35.34167 x 33.31667
7 Protaras 20,230 people Famagusta District 35.0125 x 34.05833
8 Morphou 14,833 people Nicosia District 35.19806 x 32.99139
9 Aradhippou 13,349 people Larnaca District 34.95 x 33.59167
10 Paralimni 11,836 people Famagusta District 35.0375 x 33.98333
11 Lefka 7,835 people Nicosia District 35.11056 x 32.85056
12 Yeri 7,639 people Nicosia District 35.1 x 33.41667
13 Ypsonas 7,348 people Limassol District 34.68844 x 32.95743
14 Dhali 6,085 people Nicosia District 35.025 x 33.42083
15 Xeri 5,498 people Nicosia District 35.075 x 33.32083
16 Livadhia 5,329 people Larnaca District 34.95417 x 33.62917
17 Dhromolaxia 5,240 people Larnaca District 34.87551 x 33.58684
18 Rizokarpaso 5,215 people Famagusta District 35.6 x 34.375
19 Lapithos 5,215 people Kyrenia District 35.3375 x 33.17917
20 Dherinia 5,161 people Famagusta District 35.06667 x 33.95833
21 Emba 4,519 people Paphos District 34.80833 x 32.425
22 Trikomo 4,490 people Famagusta District 35.2875 x 33.89167
23 Sotira 4,444 people Limassol District 34.72917 x 32.8625
24 Athienou 4,444 people Larnaca District 35.06667 x 33.54167
25 Avgorou 4,177 people Famagusta District 35.03688 x 33.84029
26 Liopetri 4,005 people Famagusta District 35.00833 x 33.89167
27 Pano Polemidhia 3,781 people Limassol District 34.7 x 33
28 Khlorakas 3,619 people Paphos District 34.80417 x 32.40833
29 Phrenaros 3,450 people Famagusta District 35.04167 x 33.925
30 Voroklini 3,446 people Larnaca District 34.98333 x 33.65833

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