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Description of Cape Verde

Cape Verde is located in West Africa and is made up of several islands located in the Atlantic Ocean. It is a part of Macaronesia, located west of Senegal. Cape Verde is extremely elevated and remote with every island but 3 being mountainous. There are few natural resources in the area and there have been several devastating famines during the late part of the 20th century. Despite all of this, the area is considered to have one of the more stable democracies in all of Africa, including a higher standard of living than most other African nations. It is also one of the more politically liberal nations of the continent and throughout the world. 

Cape Verde is located around 500 kilometers off the coast of Africa. The islands were uninhabited until the 15th century when they were discovered by the Portuguese and then colonized. These islands became a trade center for African slaves and then an important area for coaling. The islands gained independence in 1975. Most of the people who live on the islands have both Portuguese and African antecedents.

Climates and Regions 

The overall climate is temperate, with the summer months being warm and dry. There are some islands that see no rain with Fogo, Santo Antao, and Santiago getting the most. 

There are 10 main islands that make up the country as well as around 8 islets. Each of the main islands offers different opportunities. On Santo Antao you will find great hiking and the island of Sao Vicente offers a cultural capital in Mindelo. You can visit Santa Luzia on a day trip as the island is uninhabited. For those looking for a relaxing and quiet getaway, Sao Nicolau is the perfect choice. There are great beaches and resorts found on both Sal and Boa Vista. Brava is another great choice for those that want to get away from everything. The first island that was settled in Cape Verde is Santiago Island. This is where the majority of the population lives and is also where Praia is located, which is the capital city of the country. 

Brava is the smallest island and it offers many unique floras throughout its misty forests. This is a great place to go if you are a flower lover. Pico de Fogo is an active volcano located on the island of Fogo. This volcano has created an extremely unique landscape that should be seen while you are in the area. The island is best explored either on horseback or by foot.

What to See, do, and Buy 

There are several things to see and do while you are in Cape Verde. You may want to try your hand at game fishing or kite surfing, there are also plenty of watersports including jet skiing. In Santo Antao you can go canyoning and you can also enjoy hiking on Fog. 

Make sure you purchase some of the world famous coffee from Fogo and try the wine from Cha das Caldeiras. You also want to make sure to try Grogue, which is the local term for the rum of the islands. 

There is a fantastic assortment of food available on the island, especially fresh seafood, with tuna being the most common. A lobster dish called lagostada is quite popular. One of the national dishes which are made from potato and maize is called Cachupa. Often this comes with either chicken or fish to add flavor. The tosta mista is a ham and cheese sandwich that is found in many places as well.

There are many guest houses and hotels located throughout the islands. During the past 10 years or so there have been a number of private resorts developed throughout the islands.

Some facts about Cape Verde

Population of country 508,659 people
Area of Cape Verde 4,033 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Africa (AF)
Capital of Cape Verde Praia
Currency at Cape Verde Escudo (CVE)
Domain Zone .cv
Phone country code 238
FIPS code of Cape Verde CV

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More information about Cape Verde

Climate of Cape Verde:
  • temperate
  • warm, dry summer
  • precipitation meager and erratic
Terrain of Cape Verde:
  • steep, rugged, rocky, volcanic
Cape Verde also has such useful resources as: salt, basalt rock, limestone, kaolin, fish, clay, gypsum.

Top cities of Cape Verde

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Praia 113,364 people Concelho da Praia 14.92148 x -23.50868
2 Mindelo 70,611 people Concelho de Sao Vicente 16.89014 x -24.98042
3 Santa Maria 17,231 people Concelho do Sal 16.6 x -22.9
4 Santa Cruz 9,488 people Concelho de Santa Cruz 15.13333 x -23.56667
5 Sao Filipe 8,189 people Concelho do Sao Filipe 14.8961 x -24.49556
6 Assomada 7,927 people Concelho de Santa Catarina 15.1 x -23.68333
7 Tarrafal 6,463 people Concelho do Tarrafal 15.28333 x -23.76667
8 Porto Novo 5,580 people 17.01969 x -25.06471
9 Vila da Ribeira Brava 5,324 people Concelho da Ribeira Brava 16.61667 x -24.3
10 Ponta do Sol 4,064 people Concelho da Ribeira Grande 17.19942 x -25.09192
11 Vila do Maio 3,009 people Concelho do Maio 15.13333 x -23.21667
12 Cidade Velha 2,148 people Concelho de Ribeira Grande de Santiago 14.91667 x -23.61667
13 Sal Rei 2,122 people Concelho da Boa Vista 16.18333 x -22.91667
14 Sao Domingos 1,850 people Concelho de Sao Domingos 15.02438 x -23.5625
15 Pombas 1,818 people Concelho do Paul 17.15026 x -25.02007
16 Porto dos Mosteiros 477 people Concelho dos Mosteiros 15.03333 x -24.33333

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