Description of Cameroon

Cameroon is located in West Africa. It has borders with Nigeria, Central African Republic, Chad, Gabon, Republic of Congo, and Equatorial Guinea. The country has English and French speaking sections, there are regions dominated by Christians and others dominated by Muslims, and the tallest mountain of West Africa is located here. In addition, there is terrain that includes desert plains, rain forests, mountains, and high plateaus.


The territory that is now Cameroon was settled during the Neolithic period. In 1472 Portuguese sailors made it to the coast. Over the next few hundred years Europeans regularized trade with the peoples of the coast and missionaries from the Christian faith pushed inward. 

During the early part of the 19th century, Fulani soldiers led by Modibo Adama conducted a jihad against those who were not Muslim. It was at this time the Adamawa Emirate was established. People who fled from the Fulani caused the population to be redistributed. 

In 1884, the territory was claimed by the German Empire. When Germany was defeated during WWI, Kamerun was named as a mandate territory by the League of Nations and was split into the British Cameroons and the French Cameroun in the year 1919. The French integrated the economy of the area with their own economy and improved the overall infrastructure of the area with skilled workers, capital investments, and a continued force labor. 

The British territory was administered through neighboring Nigeria and natives of the area complained that they were neglected. The mandates from the League of Nations were then converted to a trusteeship in the year 1946 and in French Cameroun independence became a pressing issue. The most radical political party was outlawed by France, which prompted guerrilla warfare. In the British colony the question became whether to reunify with the French territory or to join with Nigeria. 

On the first of January in the year 1960, French Cameroun was given its independence from President Ahmadou Ahidjo. On the first of October in 1961, the northern part of the British Cameroons became another area of Nigeria and the southern part of the colony united with what used to be the French colony.

Things to See and Do 

There are many things to see and do while in Cameroon. It is important to note that visitors from the west are at risk when visiting the country as there have been many reported kidnappings in the country of western people. Most of the people that visit Cameroon come from Belgium as this is not typically a destination that Americans will visit. 

If you choose to visit Cameroon, the Dja Faunal Reserve is a part of the UNESCO world heritage list and is worth visiting. You may also want to see the Korup National Park, Mount Cameroon, which is the highest mountain of West Africa, the Limbe Botanic Garden, National Museum of Yaounde, Kribi, and the Benedictine Museum for Mont Febe. These are all located in Yaounde and are designed for tourists. 

Making Purchases 

There are many great local crafts available throughout the country. Unless you are visiting a store or a restaurant, you will have to bargain for everything that you want to buy. You should offer about 20% to 50% of the first price that you are told. 

There are many great restaurants located throughout the city and you should be able to find a cuisine that you will enjoy. If you are on a low budget you may want to try Chez Kali, which is located in Bonapriso. 

When purchasing drinks you will want to make sure to check the best buy date as often times the bottles will be expired. Coca-Cola can be found in most areas and if you are looking for something a bit different one of the TOP sodas is a great choice. There are also plenty of great beers in the area because of the German and French influences.

Some facts about Cameroon

Population of country 19,294,149 people
Area of Cameroon 475,440 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Africa (AF)
Capital of Cameroon Yaounde
Currency at Cameroon Franc (XAF)
Domain Zone .cm
Phone country code 237
FIPS code of Cameroon CM

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More information about Cameroon

Climate of Cameroon:
  • varies with terrain, from tropical along coast to semiarid and hot in north
Terrain of Cameroon:
  • diverse, with coastal plain in southwest, dissected plateau in center, mountains in west, plains in north
Cameroon also has such useful resources as: petroleum, bauxite, iron ore, timber, hydropower.

Top cities of Cameroon

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Douala 1,338,082 people Littoral Province 4.0469 x 9.7084
2 Yaounde 1,299,369 people Centre Region 3.86667 x 11.51667
3 Garoua 436,899 people North Region 9.3 x 13.4
4 Kousseri 435,547 people Far North Province 12.07689 x 15.03063
5 Bamenda 393,835 people North-West Province 5.95266 x 10.15824
6 Maroua 319,941 people Far North Province 10.59095 x 14.31592
7 Bafoussam 290,768 people West Province 5.47366 x 10.41786
8 Mokolo 275,239 people Far North Province 10.73978 x 13.80188
9 Ngaoundere 231,357 people Adamaoua Region 7.31667 x 13.58333
10 Bertoua 218,111 people East Region 4.58333 x 13.68333
11 Edea 203,149 people Littoral Province 3.8 x 10.13333
12 Loum 177,429 people Littoral Province 4.7182 x 9.7351
13 Kumba 144,413 people South-West Province 4.6363 x 9.4469
14 Nkongsamba 117,063 people Littoral Province 4.9547 x 9.9404
15 Mbouda 111,320 people West Province 5.62578 x 10.25517
16 Dschang 96,112 people West Province 5.44559 x 10.055
17 Foumban 92,673 people West Province 5.7291 x 10.90011
18 Ebolowa 87,875 people South Province 2.9 x 11.15
19 Guider 84,647 people North Region 9.93417 x 13.94861
20 Foumbot 84,065 people West Province 5.50787 x 10.6356
21 Bafang 80,688 people West Province 5.15625 x 10.17882
22 Yagoua 80,235 people Far North Province 10.34107 x 15.23288
23 Mbalmayo 80,206 people Centre Region 3.51667 x 11.5
24 Meiganga 80,100 people Adamaoua Region 6.51667 x 14.3
25 Bali 72,606 people North-West Province 5.88724 x 10.01248
26 Limbe 72,106 people South-West Province 4.0242 x 9.2149
27 Bafia 69,270 people Centre Region 4.75 x 11.23333
28 Wum 68,836 people North-West Province 6.38333 x 10.06667
29 Bangangte 65,385 people West Province 5.14091 x 10.51975
30 Tiko 55,914 people South-West Province 4.0745 x 9.3699

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