Description of Bermuda

Bermuda, also called the Bermudas and the Somers Isles, is a British territory in the Atlantic Ocean, located near the U.S. east coast. The closest landmass is 640 miles away. Hamilton is the capital of Bermuda. 

The first European explorer to discover the island was a Spaniard named Juan de Bermudez. The island is named after him. He discovered the island in 1503. He staked a claim to the islands for Spain. Even though he visited the archipelago twice, his ship never landed there, because he didn’t want to chance the danger of crossing the reef that surrounded them. Other Spanish and European explorers are thought to have let pigs go there, and they became wild and abundant there once European settlement started. In 1609, the English Virginia Company, which had set up Jamestown and Virginia in North America a couple of years before, set up a settlement there. It was established after a hurricane, when the crew of a vessel called the Sea Venture brought the ship into the reef to get on shore. 

The island was governed by the Virginia Company for five years, and then the Somers Isles Company was given administration of the island and managed it for 70 years. In 1684, the company’s charter was taken away, and the English government took over governing the island. The islands were designated as a British colony after the unification of England and Scotland, which formed the Kingdom of Great Britain. Bermuda is the most populous British Overseas Territory. Bermuda did not always have Hamilton as its capital. Its first capital was St. George’s, and it was founded in 1612. 

The economy of Bermuda is mostly dependent on insurance and tourism, which are the two biggest economic sectors. However, the global economic recession took its toll on the country. Bermuda has a climate that is subtropical. Bermuda is in the northern part of the Bermuda Triangle, an area of sea where, according to urban legend, several surface vessels and aircraft have been lost under mysterious or uncertain circumstances. The island is right inside the hurricane belt, and it frequently sees severe weather.

Bermuda’s Main Sights 

Bermuda has pink sand beaches and crystalline, cerulean blue ocean waters. Tourists flock from all over the world to see the amazing beaches and beautiful ocean waters. A lot of Bermuda’s hotels are on the south shore of the island. There are several sightseeing attractions in addition to the beaches themselves, although the beaches and ocean waters are reason enough to visit the island. 

Historic St. George’s is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Scuba divers and snorkelers can journey deep down into the sea to see lots of ship wrecks and coral reefs in pretty shallow water (about 30 to 40 feet), with almost unlimited visibility. A lot of closely reefs are easily accessible from the shore by snorkelers, specifically at Church Baby. 

The most popular tourist attraction in Bermuda is the Royal Naval Dockyard, and you will also find the Bermuda Maritime Museum there. Some of the other attractions include the Crystal Caves, Bermuda Aquarium, Museum, and Zoo, and the lighthouses. 

You cannot rent a car on the island. You can use public transportation, or visitors can rent out scooters as a private form of transport.

Some facts about Bermuda

Population of country 65,365 people
Area of Bermuda 53 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent North America (NA)
Capital of Bermuda Hamilton
Currency at Bermuda Dollar (BMD)
Domain Zone .bm
Phone country code -440
FIPS code of Bermuda BD

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More information about Bermuda

Climate of Bermuda:
  • subtropical
  • mild, humid
  • gales, strong winds common in winter
Terrain of Bermuda:
  • low hills separated by fertile depressions
Bermuda also has such useful resources as: limestone, pleasant climate fostering tourism.

Top cities of Bermuda

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Saint George 1,896 people Saint George 32.38167 x -64.67806
2 Hamilton 902 people Hamilton city 32.29149 x -64.77797

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