Description of Belgium

Belgium, officially called the Belgium of Kingdom, is located in Western Europe. It is a founding member country of the European Union, and it is also the headquarters of the European Union, as well as many other international governing bodies like NATO. Belgium covers an area of about 12,000 square miles, and it has a population of roughly 11 million people. 

Belgium sits in between Latin and Germanic Europe, and it is the home of two primary linguistic groups: the Flemish community (which constitutes roughly 60% of the population and speaks Dutch) and the Walloon population (which speaks French). There is a small minority of German speakers that are recognized in the country. Belgium’s two main regions are the Dutch-speaking area of Flanders in the northern part of the country and the French-speaking southern part of the country, which is Wallonia. The Brussels-Capital Region, which is bilingual, speaks mostly French, and it is located in the Flemish Region. There is a German-speaking Community in eastern Wallonia. Belgium has an extensive linguistic diversity and different political conflicts that are seen in its history and its convoluted system of government.

Tourism In Belgium 

Belgium is a popular tourist destination, and it is easily accessible from the rest of the Europe. It is a very popular tourist destination in the region, simple to get to from virtually anywhere in Europe. The tourist industry contributes roughly 3% to the GDP of Belgium, and it employs more than 3% of the working population. Over seven million people traveled to Belgium each year. Most of the tourists come from Germany, the UK, The Netherlands, and France. 

Like several national institutions in Belgium, there are separate tourist agencies based on regional outlines with a couple of tourist agencies. There is the Toerisme Vlaanderen for Flanders and Brussells and the Belgian Tourist Office Brussels & Wallonia for Brussels Capital-Region and Wallonia. 

Much of the tourism is concentrated on the coastline and in the Ardennes. Mechelen, Leuven, Antwerp, Ghent, and Bruges attract millions of cultural tourists each year. 

Tourists generate more than $10 billion each year in Belgium.

The Places To Visit In Belgium 

Belgium is a pretty tiny country - but it probably has a lot more to offer than most other countries. It has a ton of stuff to do. The best part is that it’s pretty easy to get around in. English is spoken throughout the country. 

As described above, the country is sub-divided into a couple of ethnic regions. There is Flanders, which is Dutch-speaking, and Wallonia to the south, which is French-speaking. There is an imaginary line that cuts the country in half at Brussels, and both claim it. It is a major political problem for people in Belgium, but it doesn’t have any effect on the traveler. 

Don’t think about the politics and concentrate instead on the varied culture, historic sights, and quaint towns and cities that you’ll see throughout the country. Brussels has been called the “Capital of Europe”, and it is a great place to start your European vacation. You should stroll around the Grande Place and check out the Magritte museum. Pay for a canal ride in Ghent and Bruges. Visit Liege, Spa (drawing in spa visitors since the 1300s) and Bastogne, which was made famous by a World War II battle. 

Belgium is world-renowned for its museums, but also for its cuisine. Its cuisine is widely regarded as some of the best in Europe. You’ll be able to eat well wherever you travel.

Some facts about Belgium

Population of country 10,403,000 people
Area of Belgium 30,510 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Europe (EU)
Capital of Belgium Brussels
Currency at Belgium Euro (EUR)
Domain Zone .be
Phone country code 32
FIPS code of Belgium BE

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More information about Belgium

Climate of Belgium:
  • temperate
  • mild winters, cool summers
  • rainy, humid, cloudy
Terrain of Belgium:
  • flat coastal plains in northwest, central rolling hills, rugged mountains of Ardennes Forest in southeast
Belgium also has such useful resources as: construction materials, silica sand, carbonates.

Top cities of Belgium

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Brussels 1,019,022 people Brussels Capital Region 50.85045 x 4.34878
2 Antwerpen 459,805 people Flanders 51.21989 x 4.40346
3 Gent 231,493 people Flanders 51.05 x 3.71667
4 Charleroi 200,132 people Walloon Region 50.41136 x 4.44448
5 Liege 182,597 people Walloon Region 50.63373 x 5.56749
6 Brugge 116,709 people Flanders 51.20892 x 3.22424
7 Namur 106,284 people Walloon Region 50.4669 x 4.86746
8 Leuven 92,892 people Flanders 50.87959 x 4.70093
9 Mons 91,277 people Walloon Region 50.45413 x 3.95229
10 Aalst 77,534 people Flanders 50.93604 x 4.0355
11 Mechelen 77,530 people Flanders 51.02574 x 4.47762
12 La Louviere 76,668 people Walloon Region 50.48657 x 4.18785
13 Kortrijk 73,879 people Flanders 50.82803 x 3.26487
14 Hasselt 69,222 people Flanders 50.93106 x 5.33781
15 Oostende 69,011 people Flanders 51.22339 x 2.91185
16 Sint-Niklaas 69,010 people Flanders 51.16509 x 4.1437
17 Tournai 67,721 people Walloon Region 50.60715 x 3.38932
18 Genk 63,666 people Flanders 50.965 x 5.50082
19 Seraing 60,737 people Walloon Region 50.58362 x 5.50115
20 Roeselare 56,016 people Flanders 50.94653 x 3.12269
21 Verviers 52,824 people Walloon Region 50.58907 x 5.86241
22 Mouscron 52,069 people Walloon Region 50.74497 x 3.20639
23 Beveren 45,179 people Flanders 51.21187 x 4.25633
24 Dendermonde 43,055 people Flanders 51.02869 x 4.10106
25 Beringen 40,930 people Flanders 51.04954 x 5.22606
26 Turnhout 39,654 people Flanders 51.32254 x 4.94471
27 Dilbeek 39,482 people Flanders 50.84799 x 4.25972
28 Heist-op-den-Berg 37,873 people Flanders 51.07537 x 4.72827
29 Sint-Truiden 37,859 people Flanders 50.81679 x 5.18647
30 Lokeren 37,567 people Flanders 51.10364 x 3.99339

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