Description of Belarus

Belarus is officially called the Republic of Belarus, and it’s a landlocked country and a former Soviet republic. Belarus is located in Eastern Europe. Belarus is bounded by Russia, the Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia. The capital city is Minsk, and other big cities include Vitsebsk, Mahilyow, Homiel, Hrodna, and Brest. Over 40% of the country is just forest, and its biggest economic sectors are manufacturing and the service industry.

Sights & Attractions 

More than 100,000 tourists visit Belarus each year. Some of the things to see in Belarus include the following: 

  • Khatyn Memorial – This is one of several WWII memorials in the country. It is on the location of the former village, and it was opened in 1969. The last remaining structures from the original homes are the brick chimneys, which have bells that sometimes sound.
  • Mount of Glory – This hill has four bayonets at the top, and it was developed on top of the “Hero Cities” of the former Soviet Union and battlegrounds of World War II to pay tribute to the Red Army. It was created in the location of the last battle in the country.
  • Stalin Line – This is the museum of the biggest defense line built before World War II.
  • Minsk at Night – Minsk is the capital of Belarus. This sight was created to reveal the most important and gorgeous places in Minsk during nighttime. You can see the City Gates, the House of the Government, and the Red Catholic Church.


Some of the best food includes beef, bread, pork, and potatoes. Those are the staples of the Belarus diet. Most of the food and food products are organic. 

Modern Belarusian cuisine is based on national traditions in the country, and they have undergone a serious historical evolution over time. The most carefully guarded secrets of traditional Belarusian cuisine are never revealed to outsides. Potato is referred to as “the second bread” in Belarus. The Belarusian people honor the potato in song and dance. 

Meat plays a big role in the diet of the Belarusian people, especially pork. Pork is considered the favorite meat in the country. Salted pork fat is smoked and seasoned with garlic and onions. One of the favorite traditional holiday dishes is Pyachysta. That dish is actually roasted, stewed, or boiled sucking pig, fowl, or big chunks of beef or pork. Dishes made from meat are often served together with vegetables or potatoes like peas, black radish, cabbage, or carrot. 

The Belarusian people also like dishes from fish. The Belarusians like baked river-fish, galki, and yushka. Some of the most common seasonings for fish include pepper, dill, parsley, garlic, and onions. The national dishes are filling, satisfying, and tasty. Berries, mushrooms, and herbs are used liberally in cooking to add taste, flavor, and filling to the dishes. 

The only international chain restaurants in the country are TGI Fridays and McDonald’s. However, you shouldn’t just eat international chain restaurant food while you’re there. Take the opportunity to eat some tasty Belarusian cuisine.

Some facts about Belarus

Population of country 9,685,000 people
Area of Belarus 207,600 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Europe (EU)
Capital of Belarus Minsk
Currency at Belarus Ruble (BYR)
Domain Zone .by
Phone country code 375
FIPS code of Belarus BO

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More information about Belarus

Climate of Belarus:
  • cold winters, cool and moist summers
  • transitional between continental and maritime
Terrain of Belarus:
  • generally flat and contains much marshland
Belarus also has such useful resources as: timber, peat deposits, small quantities of oil and natural gas, granite, dolomitic limestone, marl, chalk, sand, gravel, clay.

Top cities of Belarus

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Minsk 1,742,124 people Minskaya Voblasts' 53.9 x 27.56667
2 Homyel' 480,951 people Homyel'skaya Voblasts' 52.43826 x 30.98227
3 Mahilyow 369,200 people Mahilyowskaya Voblasts' 53.9141 x 30.33764
4 Vitsyebsk 342,700 people Vitsyebskaya Voblasts' 55.19048 x 30.2033
5 Hrodna 317,365 people Hrodzyenskaya Voblasts' 53.67679 x 23.83029
6 Brest 300,715 people Brestskaya Voblasts' 52.09755 x 23.68775
7 Babruysk 220,517 people Mahilyowskaya Voblasts' 53.14122 x 29.20535
8 Baranavichy 168,772 people Brestskaya Voblasts' 53.12888 x 26.03096
9 Pinsk 130,777 people Brestskaya Voblasts' 52.12359 x 26.06981
10 Orsha 125,347 people Vitsyebskaya Voblasts' 54.5116 x 30.42658
11 Mazyr 112,137 people Homyel'skaya Voblasts' 52.04746 x 29.25314
12 Salihorsk 101,614 people Minskaya Voblasts' 52.78793 x 27.54349
13 Maladzyechna 101,300 people Minskaya Voblasts' 54.32052 x 26.86436
14 Navapolatsk 100,885 people 55.53628 x 28.64244
15 Barysaw 100,000 people Minskaya Voblasts' 54.23123 x 28.50485
16 Lida 98,036 people Hrodzyenskaya Voblasts' 53.89656 x 25.29242
17 Polatsk 82,258 people Vitsyebskaya Voblasts' 55.48592 x 28.77556
18 Zhlobin 73,089 people Homyel'skaya Voblasts' 52.8946 x 30.02948
19 Svyetlahorsk 71,250 people Homyel'skaya Voblasts' 52.63322 x 29.74382
20 Rechytsa 65,400 people Homyel'skaya Voblasts' 52.36191 x 30.39177
21 Slutsk 62,228 people Minskaya Voblasts' 53.02836 x 27.55326
22 Zhodzina 61,007 people Minskaya Voblasts' 54.09658 x 28.3341
23 Slonim 51,434 people Hrodzyenskaya Voblasts' 53.0923 x 25.32105
24 Kobryn 50,691 people Brestskaya Voblasts' 52.21859 x 24.35359
25 Vawkavysk 47,300 people Hrodzyenskaya Voblasts' 53.15524 x 24.45844
26 Kalinkavichy 37,190 people Homyel'skaya Voblasts' 52.13173 x 29.33861
27 Smarhon' 36,900 people Hrodzyenskaya Voblasts' 54.47906 x 26.3934
28 Rahachow 34,700 people Homyel'skaya Voblasts' 53.08858 x 30.05016
29 Asipovichy 34,591 people Mahilyowskaya Voblasts' 53.30616 x 28.63878
30 Horki 33,897 people Mahilyowskaya Voblasts' 54.2861 x 30.98424

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