Description of Aruba

Aruba has the slogan “One Happy Island” on its automobile license plates, and there’s a reason that Aruba is one of the most visited islands in the world. It’s just three hours away from Miami by airplane. The sandy beaches, cactus-marked terrain, fun seaside cafes, and casinos really draw in people time after time. 

Aruba is an island that’s 20 miles long. It is roughly 17 miles from Venezuela. Along with Curacao and Bonaire, it completes a bunch of islands called the ABC Islands. As a group, Aruba and the other Dutch islands in the Caribbean are sometimes referred to as the Dutch Caribbean. 

Aruba is one of the four nations that form the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Aruba is sub-divided into eight regions, and its capital city is Oranjestad. 

As opposed to the rest of the Caribbean region, Aruba has an arid, dry climate. This climate has helped contributed to the tourism increase. Visitors will find sunny, warm weather. It has a land area of roughly 70 square miles, and it is very densely populated. It is outside of the hurricane belt.

Tourism In Aruba 

About 30% of the GNP of Aruba is earned through tourism-related activities. Most of the tourists are from the U.S. (mostly from the northeastern part of the U.S.), South America, and the Netherlands. Since Aruba is one of the countries that form the Kingdom of Netherlands, it makes sense that there would be a lot of visitors from the Netherlands. 

Citizens of the Netherlands can travel with ease to Aruba. There is no visa requirement for Dutch citizens, just a passport, and travelers will need to exchange their Euros at a bank for Aruban Florins.


On March 18th, Aruba has the celebration for its National Day. In 1976, Aruba unveiled its Flag and National Anthem.

Aruba has a rich culture. There are people from 92 different nations living on the island. The island is 20 miles long, but it has over 90 nationalities living on the island. There is still a lot of Dutch influence on the island, and the Queen’s Birthday is celebrated.

New Year’s Eve and Christmas are celebrated with the common songs for Christmas and the New Year, and there are foods like “poncho crema”, “ayaca”, and ham served.

Outside of Christmas, the religious holidays of Good Friday and the Feast of the Ascension are celebrated on the island.

Carnaval is another important holiday celebrated in Aruba, just like it is in several Latin American and Caribbean countries, and just like Mardi Gras, it is celebrated for several weeks.

Tourists from the U.S. have recently increased, and there is now a celebration for Thanksgiving Day and Halloween on the island.

Visit Aruba Once In Your Life

Aruba is where Caribbean flavor meets Dutch sophistication and American convenience. The island has a mix of dozens of different nationalities and cultures, and it’s so small that you can explore most of it on a visit. There’s a big reason that people keep going back year after year.

Some facts about Aruba

Population of country 71,566 people
Area of Aruba 193 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Central America and the Caribbean (NA)
Capital of Aruba Oranjestad
Currency at Aruba Guilder (AWG)
Domain Zone .aw
Phone country code 297
FIPS code of Aruba AA

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More information about Aruba

Climate of Aruba:
  • tropical marine
  • little seasonal temperature variation
Terrain of Aruba:
  • flat with a few hills
  • scant vegetation
Aruba also has such useful resources as: white sandy beaches.

Top cities of Aruba

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Babijn 40,627 people Aruba 12.53333 x -69.98333
2 Oranjestad 29,998 people Aruba 12.52398 x -70.02703
3 Angochi 29,442 people Aruba 12.51667 x -69.95
4 Arasji 14,649 people Aruba 12.61667 x -70.06667

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