Description of Anguilla

Anguilla is located in the Caribbean Sea just north of Saint Martin. The capital of the island country is the Valley. Other villages include East End Village, West End Village, Sandy Ground, Island Harbor, and Blowing Point. Some of the other destinations on the islands include Silly Cay, Sandy Island, Scrub Island, Shoal Bay, Crocus Bay, Little Bay, Sandy Hill Bay, Rendezvous Bay, and Meads Bay.

About Anguilla 

English settlers colonized Anguilla in the year 1650. The islands were administered by the United Kingdom until the early part of the 19th century. At this time the island was incorporated into a single dependency of the United Kingdom along with Nevis and Saint Kitts. This was against the wishes of the inhabitants. There were several attempts made to separate, but these all failed. In the year 1971, just 2 years after a revolt, the country was given permission to secede. In 1980, this arrangement was recognized formally and Anguilla became a separate dependency of the United Kingdom. 

There are a few natural resources in the country. For this reason, the country relies heavily on the tourist industry for its economy. In addition, the islands rely on lobster fishing and offshore banking to help with the economics of the area. An increase in the tourist activity has spurred growth in the construction sector, which has also led to growth in the economy.


The country of Anguilla is low lying and flat. The island is 35 square miles. At the widest point it is 3 miles and the island is 16 miles long. Crocus hill is the highest point of the island and it sits at 65 meters high. Anguilla is made out of limestone, which provides many caves to explore in the area. The Big Springs located on the Island Harbor and the Fountain that is found in Shoal Bay is two of the most impressive caves on the island. There are also several great coral reefs that provide habitats for many types of marine wildlife as well as tropical fish. This makes snorkeling in the area very popular.

What to See in Anguilla 

When visiting Anguilla you will find everything that you would expect from an island located in the Caribbean. There are beautiful bays, some of the top white sand beaches of the world, tall palm trees, and the clear turquoise ocean everywhere. This setting is what draws many tourists to the island. If you are looking for the perfect place to sunbath and swim, you have found it on this island. Just outside of the coast you will find some great coral reefs. This makes the area perfect for both snorkeling and scuba diving. If you are not sporty and still want to see the gorgeous coral, you can take a tour on one of the many glass bottom boats in the area. Shoal Bay has one of the best reefs in the area and perhaps the world. Some of the other popular bays in the area include Little, Road, Rendezvous, and Barnes Bays. There are 33 beaches from which to choose in the area. Starting in April and running through November the beaches of Anguilla are the nesting grounds for many green, hawksbill, and leatherback turtles. Limestone, Captains, Meads, and Maundy’s bay provide you with the best chance to witness these great natural phenomena. 

If you want a chance to learn more about the locals, visit Island Harbor. Here you will find local sailors and fisherman at work. One of the few historic sites of the island can be found at Sandy Ground at the Old Salt Factory and Pump house. The only plantation house that has survived on the island is the Wallblake house. This house was built in the year 1785 and has been restored quite beautifully. If you want to learn even more about the culture and history of the island you will want to visit the Heritage Collection museum. The museum offers a nice collection of artifacts, photographs, and documents from the days that the Arawak Indians lived on the island to the present day. 

Crocus Hill sits at 213 feet above sea level and offers the highest point on the island. On this hill you will find some of the remains of the old court house. Perhaps more importantly, it is from the top of the hill where you will find a wonderful view of the underlying bay. This is especially spectacular when you are there for a sunset. The Old Valley is on the way to Crocus Hill and offers several important churches. 

There are several farms of peas, tomatoes, corn, as well as other crops on the island. To learn more about the animals and plants of the island you can visit the department of agriculture which is in the Valley. Anguilla National Trust provides information about the environment of the country and also will provide you with a tour. For those that are interested in gardening, the Hydroponic Farm and Organic Garden is a great place to visit located at the CuisinArt resort and spa. 

There is a lot to do while you are visiting Anguilla. If you want a place to lounge and dance and listen to music you can visit several of the great venues such as Elvis Beach Bar, Johnno’s Beach Bar and Grill, Rafes, Dune Preserve, Elodias, Rafe’s, Ripples, as well as many others. 

Some of the things that you may want to consider doing while on the island include hiking, taking art gallery tours, tennis, golf, horseback riding, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, glass bottom boat rides, festivals, the yacht regatta, the lighting of the Christmas tree every year, the festival del mar, moonsplash, the Jazz festival, and Anguilla summer festival are just some of the things that you should consider while on the island. 

The local currency is the East Caribbean Dollar. However, most places that tourists frequent will accept the American dollar and most will even price things in the U.S. dollar amounts.

Some facts about Anguilla

Population of country 13,254 people
Area of Anguilla 102 sq. kilometers
Located on the continent Central America and the Caribbean (NA)
Capital of Anguilla The Valley
Currency at Anguilla Dollar (XCD)
Domain Zone .ai
Phone country code -263
FIPS code of Anguilla AV

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More information about Anguilla

Climate of Anguilla:
  • tropical
  • moderated by northeast trade winds
Terrain of Anguilla:
  • flat and low-lying island of coral and limestone
Anguilla also has such useful resources as: salt, fish, lobster.

Top cities of Anguilla

City Name Population State Coordinates
1 Stoney Ground 1,225 people 18.21667 x -63.03333
2 The Valley 1,169 people 18.21704 x -63.05783

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